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Wrestling Empire MOD APK v1.5.5 (Pro Unlocked)

Wrestling Empire
NameWrestling Empire
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Updated on March 25, 2023
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Wrestling Empire - Let's take it outside...

What's new in latest version 1.5.5

- Mid-air collisions when 2 flying attacks meet!
- Double clotheslines when 2 running attacks meet.
- New big attacks include: Spinning Back Kick, Spinning Back Elbow, Shove.
- Big attacks can be launched directly from a crouching position.
- Big attacks can be used to knock incoming opponents out of the air!
- Alternative dash forwards outside of fist-fighting mode.
- Alternative standing straight stance.
- Alternative referee voices.
- Various bug fixes & balancing.

About Wrestling Empire MOD

In Wrestling Empire Mod APK, battle 350 opponents from 10 different squads in the most spectacular shared world.

Wrestling Empire is an entertaining wrestling arena simulator, but there are many elements of tension and complexity for players to understand this sport better. Moreover, its simple and vivid 3D graphics use perfectly optimized engines to provide the smoothest and most fluid action. Not only experience the sport of wrestling, but players can also create their own company and business to develop themselves and enjoy all the flourishes.


Wrestling is a widely loved sport, and Wrestling Empire emulates it in every detail in its refined and polished gameplay. All elements or mechanisms are also integrated and seamless for players to be more creative and flexible when using any movement. Besides, the arenas have funny designs and diverse sizes so that each wrestling fight can take place with a large number of wrestlers at once for an atmosphere.


Every player entering this career must design the desired wrestling model through a versatile character customization system. Each element, content, and body stats are freely editable through its slide bars, giving players plenty of freedom to design any abomination or weird character. However, the character’s stats and performance will be diverse and constantly changing to make gameplay and player experience more realistic.


Players’ wrestling careers will be continuously promoted by participating in shows or matches arranged by Wrestling Empire. The match and standoff building system are both random, so the rewards will be diverse for players to start new debuts for themselves. In the future, the big tournaments will also be the perfect opportunity for players to get more benefits for their professional wrestling careers.


The gameplay or development direction of players will not stop at a wrestler’s status, but they can build their own business with this industry. Managing a business is complex, but players can start from the basic steps to gradually develop fully. Meanwhile, they need to build rosters and create more matches to get more revenue or expand the program’s influence.


The exciting thing about Wrestling Empire is the interaction of wrestlers during and before the match starts. It’s a form of provocation, but it makes the game more interesting when players can hear each dialogue’s irritable and provocative voice. Players can even design their unique dialogue series, thereby using them in matches or while talking to business and more.


The most familiar feature of wrestling is using objects in the environment as weapons to take down opponents. That is also simulated in this game, and it will have a wide range of interactable objects, like a chair, stair, a quacking chicken, etc. The damage of each item is different, but they will add to each wrestler’s performance points if using them to hit the enemy’s dangerous positions or entertain the spectators.

All gameplay and content in Wrestling Empire are mainly for entertainment and fun as they use many illogical things in every match. It is also an opportunity for players to experience managing a business or hosting wrestling shows, thereby becoming successful with this type of program.

Reviews from google users

Derrick Icon: I LOVE, and I do mean love, this game. As a long time MDickie fan, I must say this is one of the most successful and enjoyable games I've ever played. From the realism, to the deaths, championship wins, to sometimes experiencing BETRAYAL OF FRIENDS! The only issue id have is that the updates on the switch aren't on mobile. Other than that, amazing time killer. 11/10 regardless

Yaboichris124: This game is one of the best mobile games I've played. I remember playing the original 2D Wrestling Revolution when I was younger, and Broke by Sick Logic is such an iconic song because of that game. This game is the perfect sequel to the original, with smooth game play, free roam being added in the iconic MDickie style. The stories are random, but that makes them all more fun. I feel it accurately simulates how a wrestlers life would be. Not to mention few ads, and how cheap it is to upgrade.

Jamall: Months of not playing this game I finally give it another shot and I gotta admit its definitely better than before, its actually playable. Still some glitches when there is alot of things happening on the screen but its enjoyable at least. I love free roam mode but I do have a complaint. Could you reduce the amount of interactions with NPCs like handshakes and such? Also make it so they dont follow you around so much. It creeps me out and then the interaction happens when walking past them.

Brennan Memering: A great game but instead of adding more stuff you need to start fixing stuff. The balancing needs fixed, you get hit with a body slam it takes 10 seconds to get up, you hit them with a finisher and they kick out at 1 and get right back up. They do more damage regardless of stats and all they know how to do is backup and auto fire unblockable strikes as soon as you get in their range. Extremely difficult just means they spam reverse anything you attempt. A good game but very frustrating.

XxSoulReaperSwordxX: I loved the game, it was a good extension of Wrestling Revolution, and alot more realistic. However, the only problem I have only one problem in the game. I'm not sure if it's because I play on a phone, but the game kinda moves from step by step and it runs slower. Once again I play on phone so please help fix that thank you.

Andrey Jones: I like it so far, but since update, my character mysteriously freezes in mid match or sometimes the opponent, also runs slow, except when I have backstage confrontation then it runs just fine and fast, also would like it more if we had option to just create own player, instead of having to modify someone already on the roster, also wish we could add our own them like in Wrestling Revolution, but all in all I still think it's pretty awesome!

Ashton turtle: Seeing and playing from their last game from prison sim to now. This would be their first game that seem to be made for a free to play style. No longer you feel like your lock out of content like other game. In this game you can achieve anything that pay player would have but in return you'll have better and satisfying experience once you do. Yeah you could alway buy yourself into having all of the achievements and play on easy mode, but your losing out on the journey on getting to that point.

Richard Miller: I love it, however, I wish there was an option like how it is in 'Wrestling Revolution' where you can put your own theme. Other than that, the only problem I hate is that if I go days or weeks without playing, my game mysteriously for whatever reason decides to auto-reset and I have to make a new character every single time. First time sucked the worst as I was Inter, Tag Team and World Champion simultaneously for a promotion and all that hard work basically went down the drain. Please fix! :)

Opemipo Thomas: The game has major bugs which needs to be fixed as quickly as now. My character lags with every movement and button I press. Aside from that I like the rest of the game so far. Starting from the wide arsenal of moves to the interesting scenes. I hope they work on the bugs as soon as possible

Octavious Ray: Game is good overall but they need to add in the ability to choose which stipulations for a match, when you go to request a match / championship from someone. Fix the explosives, because just randomly grabbing them can cause you to lose a match. Also , if other wrestlers were able to confront you on different shows, that'd be dope. Otherwise its great

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