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World Cricket Championship 2 MOD APK v3.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

World Cricket Championship 2
NameWorld Cricket Championship 2
DevelopersNextwave Multimedia
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2World Cricket Championship 2

World Cricket Championship 2 - WCC - World's Leading Cricket Game Franchise. Home of Mobile Cricket!

What's new in latest version 3.0.8

1V1 Multiplayer bug fixed

About World Cricket Championship 2 MOD

World Cricket Championship 2 is a famous and highly regarded sports game of Nextwave Multimedia. Not only is it evaluated in terms of players, but World Cricket Championship 2 also receives titles from great prizes. In 2017, the game received the best game award in the “Most Social” category for three consecutive years, on the Google Play online store. Based on the above reviews, among the numerous games in the mobile gaming platform, World Cricket Championship 2 deserves to be on the top list of the most worth playing games.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a sports game modeled after the famous Cricket game. Starting the game, you can truly live in the vibrant and full of spirit Cricke world, not only with the playing team but also with a booming auditorium. This will be an authentic experience like the professional tournaments that you dream of participating in.

Not only stop at the observation experience but the gaming experience is also built very carefully. The features and game modes in World Cricket Championship 2 are extremely diverse, and will not make you too boring.

The features of the game

World Cricket Championship 2 is a game that can be played both online and offline. This creates flexibility when enjoying the game. Thanks to this feature, you can use this game for entertainment when being in places without the internet.

The weather effects, external factors, or injuries of players are integrated most realistically. Every time the weather changes good or bad, it will affect the competing psychology of the game.

The game has many flexible game modes, helping you get the most diverse play, depending on your competition skills.

The game is like a screen with more than 40 cameras scattered throughout the playground. This gives you a multi-dimensional and impressive visual experience.

Not just limited to a specific shape, you can optionally create your own. You can change almost every stat or outfit on your body. For example, you can choose your face, skin color, eye color, hairstyle, eyebrows, and play costumes. As for the outfit, you can choose the favorite number on your shirt. Besides, you can change the pattern, texture, and color of the shirt. This makes you very confident when playing with your favorite costume, right?

Practicing mode

As soon as you start playing, you cannot immediately try in the challenge or team modes, but you should try to practice first.

In this mode, you will have specific instructions from the game in different ways of fighting. There are many interesting types of fighting, if you do not participate in the practice, you cannot acquire skills.

In addition to specific instructions on how to play, the game also shows you the direction of the ball on the screen. You can practice a skill for as long as you like until you feel you’ve mastered the skill, you can press skip. At this skill, in the gauge on the right of the screen, you can also know when your ball force is ever the best.

Team mode

After mastering the basic skills in the practice, you can choose a team, and experience the feeling of real competition on the stage with the stands.

Before playing, you will be given the nationality and color of the shirt, and shirt texture. After that, you can also choose your own favorite football field.

When you enter the stage, each team will have 11 members coming out, and you will immediately feel the lively atmosphere in the stands. After the game, you will be instructed specifically on the custom buttons on the screen, such as the run button, the force gauge, or the number of hits, … Pay attention to the instructions and follow them!

Play with friends mode

In this mode, the gameplay will be no different from the two gameplays in the above mode, however, you will be able to play with your friends and together create a true team. This is very special and can help you enjoy the feeling of playing with friends, even though the reality is not near each other. This mode helps to connect friends with similar interests and hobbies together.

To play in this mode, you should connect your account to social networks. And for now, send gaming invitations to your friends.

Graphic design and sound effects

World Cricket Championship 2 has an extremely eye-catching and realistic graphic style. With modern and detailed 3D graphics, the game brings a feeling no different from real experience. Not only that, the movement of the game brings a sense of smoothness and is incredibly flexible. The steps of running or hitting the ball are very natural, varied, and generous, not limited to a certain frame. Besides, the background motion of the game brings a vibrant feeling and enhances the spirit of the competition for the player.

In addition to the graphic style, the sound is also a notable plus point of the game. The game builds a mix of sound and images that are extremely subtle and impressive. The sounds with a standard time and volume, from the way to hit the ball or the referee’s direction.


This is a team sport, so if you are passionate about the game, you can hardly play the game regularly. Understanding that, the World Cricket Championship 2 was born. This is also an effective method for you to experience the game anytime, anywhere, without being limited by any kind. All these great things will be waiting for you to discover just by a simple game app. So do not hestitate anymore, download, and try to experience this interesting game right now! Thanks for visiting https://maxdroid.net/

Reviews from google users

SANDEEP GOPALAKRISHNAN: There is no doubt that this is one of the best games available in cricket today. In a game full of good quality, good matches and high challenges, the other services are very poor. If we can play online, we get sad performances. The game is designed to maximize the opponent's victory. Tricks that work well in normal play will not work when you try to play online. Then why such a system is included in it.This game was very good before the update. But now it's terribly boring.

Dave 8221: I am playing WCC2 from last few years and this is the game i play the most. But now some changes that game requires and that is like, to add:- 1) Women's Cricket (All formats). 2) Availability of all the players, Men's and Women's. (Old as well as New). 3) New Batting Stances. 4) Control Six meters and catching (Slip in spin etc..) All the changes will make a game super cool. And mainly in Test all the above changes should be done as it is required...

Adeel Khalil: Hello! I'm using Infinix Smart 5 running on Android os 10. I'm playing this game for months but after recent update it's being crash again and again. I wiped out it's caches and storage but still crashing. I uninstalled it even format my cellphone but all in vain. Can you please fix it. I'll be thankful

James Paul: I think this game needs an update. We have all seen fast bowler or medium pace bowler bowling and the edge going to the slips in this game . But while the spinner is bowling it never happens. I would like you to add this feature that while spinner is bowling there should be an edge which should go to slips. And if you can add some new bowling actions as well it will really improve the game. Thank you!

BRittO Alosious: First few months I got addicted to its liquid flow of graphics and appropriate difficult levels, and thought it was the one of the best cricket games ever. But later I realised so many lag is there. Can't even finish one shot due to the lag and going out for doing nothing. The timing meter shows late because too lag respond of the game. First I thought it was my phone's problem but I uninstalled and reinstalled several times. It doesn't changed anything. please fix it.

Sameer Ban: This game is good. But in the expert level the opposite computerized batsman doesn't give a high score they just take singles. That's so boring. Please increase there performance. And also some times the players lost their stats. So please solve this problem.

Dinesh L: Worst worst game ever played. Not even able to complete one match. It's ok to have adds in between, but can't even get back to the match. For every over I need to close and open the app again. Also too much adds, add glitch, add is playing but screen is blank. Game is good, but work on add and glitch part or just demolish the app. Worst experience ever had. Uninstalling the app right now.

Noman Khan: TouchGo World Cricket Championship 2 was recently reviewed on TouchGo, where they explain in detail about the realistic features in the game which makes it a ?complete cricket game?. With special mention to the various customization options, the difficulty levels and the 360 degrees shot in the Revolutionary Pro mode, World Cricket Championship 2 becomes the ?perfect idealization? for the hardcore cricket fans. To quote TouchGo ?The best good looking thing about the game is the animation for th

Imad: Gameplay is great no competition with other cricket games but The only reason I'm giving 1 star because your ad policy is too bad. There is an ad after every over. Imagine the person playing, getting a long ad after every over is disgusting. Please do something about that. Also not adding more bowling options keeping that old version of game. Atleast there should be different modes, different bowling options, improvements in fielding. In short you are not making it intresting and fun.

LA Lakers: This game is good but needs a lot of work on gameplay. Please make the game realistic.. shots looks really awful. Remove the tail from the ball. Make it look realistic Please!! Even in big stadium when you hit a six, It reaches the stands way too quickly, it makes no sense. Plus commentary needs a lot of work, it's absolutely terrible and repetitive. Pleaseee make the changes and fix the issues.. I'll change my rating to 5 stars.

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