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Woodturning MOD APK v2.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023

Woodturning - One lathe to rule them all

What's new in latest version 2.9.0

-bug fixes
-perfomance optimizations

About Woodturning MOD

Do you think you can become a wood artisan in just a few minutes? That is not a fantasy, but quite practical. And of course, the Woodturning game will bring you these experiences.

Woodturning is built by the famous game publisher Voodoo. Speaking of Voodoo, anyone who is passionate about the “supernatural” game is no longer strange. Basically, all Voodoo games bring a simple feel without being boring. Some famous games of Voodoo up to now can be mentioned: Crowd City, Helix Jump, Hole, Paper, Draw Climber, … Overall, Woodturning is not an exception. However, Woodturning has a breakthrough. It is a game built as a creative game with craftsmanship. Thanks to these new and old features, Woodturning has received a lot of attention from the gaming community. Only on the Google Play store, the game has earned more than 50 million downloads.

How to play Woodturning

Woodturning is inspired by the art of wood making, more precisely woodturning. Unlike other carpentry jobs, woodturning is visualized close to the art of making pottery. To be able to create such a product, the craftsman must have a certain level of skill.

In fact, woodturning needs some indispensable tools. The first is the spindle. This point is said to be quite similar to pottery. The pivot helps you balance and symmetrical the sides of the object. Through the pivot, you can shape the original specimens. The second is a knife for woodturning. Various types of knives are available for turning wood, and they are flexibly used according to the desired shape. In addition, after performing rough processing with the two tools mentioned above, the product will be brought into the decoration stage.

Not far from reality, the Woodturning game simulates the stages and tools of woodturning in a very realistic way. In the game, you will have a feeling no different from the actual woodturning.

To complete an in-game product, there are a total of 3 stages. The first is rough processing, followed by sandpaper to smooth the wood, and finally the decoration.

Types of knives for turning in Woodturning

Use the woodturning tools that are integrated at the bottom of the screen. You will have 3 different types to customize to the desired shape. The basic types have the same usage, they differ only on the head for turning wood. The first type has a square head. It is well suited for samples that have multiple right angles. The second type has an obtuse angle head. It helps to bend the corners to become more rounded. The third type is triangular, with the head gradually smaller. It is suitable for parts that have small and narrow wooden spaces.

First, you should use the square-headed lathe in the original design. Because this type of lathe is suitable to go through the most general lines on the sample. You can then use the other two types of the lathe to be more accurate.

How to roughing in Woodturning

As soon as you enter the game, you will receive designs to do your task. There are many different designs. The shape of the design will be printed on the frame right on the wooden bar that you are equipped with. Every time you play, you will get different samples. And these samples will increase difficulty through rounds. This means that the later, the more detailed the samples will be, and the more meticulous it is.

For rough, you need to use woodturning. Use these types by the following. First, you need to carefully observe the specimen printed on the wood. Then you need to determine which location to use the appropriate type. Once you’ve decided on the type of lathe to use, drag your finger to hold the lathe and pull it towards the piece of wood. The piece of wood is always rotated on the pivot, so with just one contact, you can completely cover the remaining sides.

Smoothing and decorating of samples

After roughing, your sample has a relatively certain shape. However, because lathe tools are predominantly angled, sometimes the lines moving from one part of the sample to another are unnatural. To overcome this drawback, you need to smooth the sample.

You will own the tool as a sanding pad to roughen the surface of the sample. You can change the size of the sandpaper to fit into the sample space. This makes the wooden surface look better. Thanks to that, you will get the finished woodworking products.

Next is the decorating stage. You can use the paint can decorate the specimen. There are many different types of colors for you to customize. You can choose from the available colors like orange, yellow, green, silver, purple, red, blue, and black. Or to be creative, you can mix these colors together to create other colors.

After the coloring process, you can also create patterns on the pattern. The pattern will also be an arbitrary choice.

Evaluate samples and complete quests

After going through the aforementioned stages, you will come to the sample evaluation step. If the evaluation results match or closely match the original sample frame, you will succeed. Your level of success is based on the percentage of jobs completed.

After successful evaluation results, you will complete the product. And then, you will get other specimens at the next level. If not, you must try again.

Graphic design

Woodturning has a graphic design with a modern but minimalistic 3D style. The movements in the game are relatively compatible with the touches you create on the screen.

Overall, the graphic design of the game is not too excellent. Because basically, the game doesn’t focus too much on the graphics. Thanks to that, the capacity of the game is relatively light.


If you are passionate about art and creativity, Woodturning is a game worth experiencing. This is an offline game, so you absolutely can experience even when the device is not connected to the network.

In addition, after playing Woodturning, you will also accumulate an understanding of the art of woodturning. Thanks for visiting Wbc2020.

Reviews from google users

Tasha Bryant: The concept of the game is nice and when it works I enjoy playing it. However, you take your time to carve out these shapes and then you sometimes lose all of your work. Each step of the process you have to click the next button and when you do you get an ad. Sometimes when that ad is done the screen goes black, the game freezes which causes you to restart it and lose all of your progress.

Daniel Phillips: I really love this game. It's fun, easy to use, and very forgiving to errors. There is a good handful of different shapes, but they will become repetitive after not too long. Many chisels you won't use except for on a few shapes that require a precise narrow grooves to be dug out. As far as I can tell, all the sponges/sanders act the exact same way, and sometimes they sand out details you didn't mean to sand out. Spray paint feature is a great idea, the execution is okay at best.

Mr Prime Numbers: Horrible. Your finger is moving away from the tool your holding ten times faster than the tool is moving. No zooming in so you can focus on your work. There is an AD after every single step on every single project. Because of lack of control from your finger moving across the screen faster than the tool your thumb or finger is going to be strained. NOT GOOD AT ALL!

Chelsea Garner: To many adds. After every move you make there is an add. I enjoyed the actual game, but the 6-30 second adds got old. I spent more time waiting for the adds to be over than playing the game. The graphics were OK. The tools were easy to use. I wish the line to show you the shape was black instead of white. It would buzz really loud when I 'messed up but was clearly on the line. It would then ask you if you wanted to repair. If you repaired the object then your subjected to another 30 second add.

vv vv: This game has a lot of potential. It is a good time killer and puts your precision to the test and even improves it. Although these are good traits for a game, it can improve on a few settings. It's difficult to get into small areas with fat chisels and you accidentally round a edge that isnt suppose to be smooth. It would also help to be able to have more advanced painting for more precise colors and lines. The ads every step tend to get annoying at times.

A Google user: I enjoy this app. It's relaxing but.... The tools are slow - doesn't match your movement. i.e. to move the chisel 1/4 inch, you have to drag finger a full inch or more. Hard to be accurate. The top to bottom symmetry is off. On the bottom, chiseled right up to the outline, but at the top, there's more to be chiseled - wood still extends outside of the outline. Would like to be able to zoom in more. Also would like to be able to select "Repair". I do like this app, but needs fine-tuning.

A Google user: Overall I enjoy the game. It's relaxing and fun to figure out. There's no sound, which is a plus for me as I like to listen to music as I play games. The ads are constant though, they play after each step. Even though they tend to be shorter 5-15 second ones, its still annoying. The options for tools, colors, and stencils also should be increased as it gets repetitive. The stencils also make the painting step make no sense as most of the paint gets stripped away anyway.

A Google user: Too many ads. 30secs to move from 1 stage of the "build" to the next is a bit extreme. I can understand an ad between levels for a free game, but 2 - 4 per "level" is ridiculous. Thought it would be a fun time-waster / stress-free game to play once in a while, but after 4 levels, I'm out. Unistalling and moving on. C'mon Voodoo, we expect a bit better from you.

A Google user: I like this game a lot, the graphics are super cool. But the paint cans glitch out a lot on me, getting stuck in one spot and not moving until I totally reset the game. And it's nice getting money, but it's pretty useless since there's nothing to buy.. maybe add different shape tools that can be bought? Or additional spray can colors etc.

A Google user: A semi decent start to a game... The concept is good. But there's nothing to it... You get money for each item based on how accurate you were in carving whatever object. But there's nothing to spend it on?? And then you have 5 basic color options to spray paint it. Maybe if there were orders to fill, and something to spend the earned money on, it could be better. Much better. But for now, uninstalling.

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