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Wildscapes MOD APK v2.3.1 (Unlimited Money)

MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023

Wildscapes - Build your dream zoo with dozens of adorable animals & solve fun puzzles!

What's new in latest version 2.3.1

What's new:
Bug fixes and improvements.
Please update the game to the latest version.

About Wildscapes MOD

Wildscapes is a fun casual game with zoo management and decorating jobs. How adorable the animals are around this place! Not only are you allowed to visit and observe the zoo, but you can also build and develop this place. In addition, the game is a combination of the unique intellectual game genre. Match – puzzle games will help you earn more income to build your own zoo.

Wildscapes is released by Playrix. The game is considered the third installment in this genre of the Playrix game series. The two previous games of Wildscapes are gardenscapes and Homescapes. Although having the same gameplay, in terms of content and ideas, this game is made very different. Here, Wildscapes left the house and garden in the two games to come to a whole new area. It is a zoo.

Wildscapes receive a lot of support from the players. The game achieved 5 million downloads quickly since its release. In addition, this game is rated up to 4.5 stars on the GG Play app. Currently, the game is being released for free on both platforms Android and iOS.

The story

Basically, Wildscape is a mere entertainment game. Therefore, the game is built with a light and simple story.

A zoo is a gathering place for many cute and different animals. However, recently the zoo has become sluggish. The animals have mostly been moved, and the trees have also become wilder. Therefore, your main task in this game is to build and redesign this place as completely new. This helps attract more visitors to the zoo.

In order to earn money to rebuild the zoo, as mentioned above, you need to perform related puzzle games. For each zoo setup task, you will probably have to make a match game. In these match games, you also need to play at different levels. The higher the level, the more difficult you will be able to perform. And if you overcome these challenges, you also get some bigger rewards.

Play the match game in Wildscapes

Like other classic match games, you need to collect all 3 adjacent jigsaws to eliminate them. Each time you succeed, you will score a certain number of points accumulated. If you achieve the goals set, you will win. If you complete the puzzle more than 3 times, you will get worthy rewards to help destroy more blocks. For example, block 4 can remove an entire row or a column. And block 5 can remove all the blocks with the same color you choose.

The blocks in Wildscapes are quite special, these are models that simulate the fruits and food of the animals. They are shaped very beautifully and pictographically. Sometimes, between puzzles, you’ll come across rocks or trees that hinder your work. This is also considered a way to increase the difficulty of the game.

The goals given to you in each round are different. These may be certain points of accumulation, but they can also be unique missions. For example, at the door for elephants, you may have to collect bananas. In the bear round, you need to harvest apples.

Decoration in Wildscapes

To have a beautiful and eye-catching zoo, you need to have a certain plan to build your zoo. First, you need to set up barns and camps for the animals. There are many animals that you can choose. One of them can be mentioned some outstanding animals such as panda, koala bear, tiger, elephant, giraffe, hippo, …

Once you have established your plans and locations, you can build all the designs that come to mind. Animal lodging is most important because they are the main character in your zoo. So when building, pay close attention to the meticulous and careful.

In addition to the main designs, you can buy additional designs such as fences, small trees, and surrounding figurines. This will make your space much more open and fresh. You can also buy paving stones and uniform accessories for the zoo. However, you also need to study the specific characteristics to select the necessary decorations.

All of your decorations will be purchased with gold or played directly through the match game.

The graphic design and sound

Wildscapes has an extremely beautiful and impressive 3D graphic design. The game not only satisfies the easy-going young audience, but it also has the ability to convince the most demanding game players. The game has constantly moving backgrounds that make the game scene lively and attractive. The motion of the game is quite smooth. Experience visuals in the game like you are watching an animated movie and interact directly.

In terms of sound, the game has a perfect sound system. The game music highlights the lightness and gameplay of the game. Game music is like leading and drawing us closer and spending more time with it.


It can be said that, with Wildscapes, the layout of the game is very good and unique.

Match games always have their own interesting points that few people can resist. The colors of the jigsaw are always showy and full of harmony. Therefore, you always feel comfortable and relaxed when immersed in this colorful world. In addition, you can unleash your creativity in the task of building a zoo.

Besides, if you are an animal lover, you can observe and watch them all day. Enjoy the best thing in the game! Thanks for visiting Wbc2020, and have a nice day.

Reviews from google users

Ethan Wibben: I love this game and it's unique qualities and I also love your other game, Township! But one thing I really don't like is the level difficulty. As you get into the hard levels, it becomes nearly impossible to complete the level on the first try. You need to use so many power-ups to get past them at that stage. It sometimes takes me more than 5 tries to complete 1 level!

Andrew Foor: After a certain point, the levels are almost unbeatable. I know, "none of the levels are unbeatable" but they have made it so difficult that its hard to enjoy the game. And some of the boosters are a complete joke and useless. Very unsatisfied with this game overall. Its one thing to be challenged, but for it to take sometimes 15 tries to beat a level is ridiculous.

Sue Price: Fun and frustrating It is a fun game with beautiful graphics. The frustrating part is when it takes days to beat a level. I am on level 579. I truly believe that many of the puzzles they give you are impossible to beat until you randomly get one that has a winning combination. I don't think it should be this difficult!

A Google user: Too difficult. Levels take way too long to pass, not enough "lives" to pass. Have to wait 30 min until given addtl life. Not enough moves to pass level. Been playing game for 2 weeks now it seems each level takes hours. Graphics are nice, game concept is cute. When first advertised I was playing another game when an ad popped up showing a game where turtles were crossing the path, almost like Frogger. Not once have a seen a level like this. Only building a zoo with match_3 games. Deleting.

A Google user: Upsetting. I was really enjoying the game but I've been stuck on the same level for days and its literally impossible to beat. So let down I finally took it off my phone. Almost considered re downloading it just to play til I get stuck again.... edit: well that's too bad! There's no way to start over. Stuck on level 73, literally impossible to beat. Not even moves, I can never seem to reach the other half of the board to clear it. I hope it can be fixed, I would love to keep playing.

A Google user: It's incredibly difficult to beat levels without lots of power ups at the start. Since the power ups only work when matched with the same color when they're by themselves they aren't useful unless you have multiple power ups to merge together. I also don't like the lack of a narrative. It's very boring. It also makes it seem as if you can customize the place but the smaller decorative items are so overpriced it's almost impossible to get things you like.

A Google user: I like the game, and play other games of there's such as Cooking Craze and Township. However, the levels even on the first few are way too hard to beat for a game that uses lives. If I get frustrated In the first week of play, it doesn't show much hope that the fun will outweigh the frustrations of the limitations of the game going forward.

A Google user: Wildscapes is a very cute game and its a really neat idea but its really starting to get boring. Ive been looking at the same things since i started playing and it really needs more exciting things to happen. It needs more ways to get boosts and more challenges and competitions!! The game is getting harder but im not winning anything extras to keep up. And the animals are way too expensive!! Me and the friends that i talked into downloading it will be finding something new soon. Thanks!!

A Google user: As much as I yell at the baby elephant, It's very fun and addicting. I personally enjoy the mechanics of the puzzles and the missions; the quests the characters give you also helps to keep you busy. I also enjoy the fact you can decorate your park however you want. I do have one problem, I think we should be able to move the animal enclosures if we want. Besides that it's a good game in all rights, with just one minor set-back.

A Google user: Like the other have said it's exactly like all their other games. It's not very dynamic, and I agree that the levels are easy then jump to extreme difficulty. While you CAN beat the levels without powerups, you do need luck because it's going to feel like the game knows you're about to win and then itll screw you with placement. Fun waste of time but not very engaging, will probably only play for another few days.

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