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Underworld Office: Story game MOD APK v1.4.0 (Unlimited Money)

Underworld Office: Story game
NameUnderworld Office: Story game
DevelopersBuff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
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Underworld Office: Story game - Are You Bored? Play our Masterpiece Mystery Story, Visual Novel, Adventure Games

What's new in latest version 1.4.0

- Minor bug fixes

About Underworld Office: Story game MOD

Buff Studio, the independent developer behind the hugely popular Seven Days, is back with the Underworld Office game. The game is like a novel, with the latest images for Android and iOS platforms. This is the adventure game that many people have recognized as a masterpiece. Millions of users have gone down in its history, and so can you.

An interactive story where the plot and action take place in the afterlife. There are many mysteries and irregularities in it. In this game, the player will be tasked with saving the hero Eugene, who has come to the afterlife – where he will meet monsters. You will have to help him find many secrets and get out of that terrible place.

Introduction about the game

Underworld Office is a great interactive story with an interesting storyline. The main character accidentally finds himself in the afterlife, where he almost falls victim to supernatural monsters. Salvation for him is Ghost whose service is required from character testing.

The whole story will develop in the form of a messenger, and the user will choose scenarios each time. The key is not to make mistakes, or else you will end up with the consequences. Eventually, he will be able to come to one of the seven endings, and each end contains something extraordinary.

So when you join the game, you will have 7 different endings. And a series of interesting things are waiting ahead. Besides, in the game, there will be the appearance of more than one hundred beautiful illustrations for you to explore.

The fascinating and mysterious plot

You read a book but you get bored with it. You like playing interactive games with visual storylines and novels, or games with mystery stories and ghost games. But if you are bored with old stereotypes, try a mystery novel through a very engaging game. It’s a free interactive storytelling game called “Underworld Office” in the world of adventure games.

All stories in the game have compelling storylines from mysterious novels. The game is a visual novel that is filled with thrilling and conversational stories. This is a completely peerless visual novel and a story about ghosts. This will be the best novel game you will ever play, as it is specially created for smartphone users.

The game is a mystery story like a ghost game. The main character is Eugene, who accidentally falls into the world of ghosts, and he is nearly killed by monsters. Join the game, you will be a mysterious ghost to save Eugene. In return, you will ask to work at the Underworld Office.

Underworld Office is an interactive chat-style storytelling game with a fascinating universe. Here, you will experience mysterious but touching episodes with various ghosts. This is a game with other original stories after seven days. Moreover, it’s a masterpiece with over 4 million downloads worldwide!

What are your options?

In this mysterious adventure, many different experiences will make you choose. Choose carefully, because your story will depend on what you choose!

In this novel game, you directly control the flow of the story. Your choices are very important. Therefore, choose carefully how to react and what to do in different situations.

Thousands of people love this game, and it’s the fastest-growing collection of interactive stories. This is where you will choose your own destiny. Try to experience the mysterious stories in this fascinating ghost game.

Main features of the game

Light Novel Mystery Letter: The light novel of a mysterious and intuitive text adventure game.

Special characters: Attract characters in this hidden story game with special characters.

Image: Enjoy a different world with about 40 short animations and 150 illustrations.

Options: Find all 7 different routes by making different options

Title: Collect all 25 titles and 60 illustrated albums in the adventure game and enjoy it.

Highlights to enjoy

Adventure games for free: You can enjoy visual novels through fascinating ghost games completely free. You can play anywhere, anytime with just one smartphone.

Meet unique ghosts in the game: You can see many ghost images from cute to extremely horror at the same time.

Play unique puzzles in the game: Enter the ghost store, you will join this puzzle game with mysterious stories. Your story will depend on what you choose in this visual novel.

More interesting stories will come: With many mysterious stories, this adventure and ghost game will let you experience many different levels of emotions.

The graphic design

The game has a 3D design with extremely beautiful images. The character design has both a whimsical atmosphere and a good POP. Besides, the animation staging is also very impressive. However, you must watch the promotional video to expand the story in the game.


Underworld Office is an engaging chat-style interactive storytelling game. Experience the mysteries but thrills with many different ghosts. In this mysterious adventure, you will have many different experiences and options. Choose carefully, because what you choose will influence the story you will follow.

Share this ghost game and mystery stories with your friends and family. At the same time, let’s enjoy the exciting moments that this game brings. We believe that if you like adventure and mystery games, you will definitely enjoy this one. Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and do not forget to leave your review of the game! Download game and app for android!

Reviews from google users

Cait Harb: I rarely ever rate apps, but this one is worth it!! Gorgeous story; pretty short to get through, but with all the endings, has lots of replay value! I'm still obsessed trying to get the achievements lol. There are a few small jumpscares in the first chapter, and the final chapter can get pretty freaky depending on what you choose, but I think it's handled very well and isn't too scary. Pro tip, pay the $3 to get rid of the extra ads; you can play fine for free, but it's worth it for the story

Dani :D: I love this game and quickly got addicted to it. It's really good and I would suggest it to anyone who likes interactive story's. I love how when you get one ending (I got the saved the kids ending for example) it gives you a title for it and it also reveals the friendship level with each character. I also appreciate that if you go back to get a different ending it doesn't get rid of your titles. There are a few ads but it's quite cheap to get rid of them. Great game!

Anica John: Just finished chapter 2! I love it so far! The characters I've met so far seem pretty interesting, although the one I most want to help is Eugene. Hopefully he too gets a character arc. I really liked how emotional the first story was for me! One thing I would add at the beginning is that it is recommended to play with an internet connection, along with the request to turn the volume up. I thought for a second that the game broke until I noticed it was fine when the internet came back ?

AnimePuppies 123: First off, the game gives off a nostalgic, but that could be me. The artwork for the game is wonderfully done and gives the game a good touch. The plot of the game seems to have been thoroughly developed and thought out. The only thing I've noticed about the game that would bug people is having to obtain more tickets and the ads. Though this is highly understandable since it's a free game that is trying to make money.

MightyMuxly: This game was truly something, start to finish. Sure, the need for tickets to choose certain options was inconvenient, but it didn't get in the way of the game itself too much. Really easy to get invested in the characters and their stories. Between the art and the flow of dialog, it really hits you in the feels sometimes. A true masterpiece in its own right!

jaiden prather: Absolutely love this little game, 100% recccomend. My main issue with games like this is usually being forced to wait for events to happen in real time or having absurd currency costs. While this game doesn't passively give you currency like some others, watching an ad is always available and gives you plenty of tickets for you to have time to get invested in the story between ad breaks. And boy, did I get invested. I absolutely love all of the characters, and the ending feels complete

Briella: Really great game! It has good gameplay and the story is really interesting. It keeps you interested and I have been playing it a lot! The only thing some people may look at as a downside is there is ads on some parts of the game (like getting tickets for actions), but they aren't super accesive and you get rewarded pretty highly for them (40 tickets, which actions take 5.). It is mainly based on reading as well. Overall, the game is really good, and definitely helps pass time.

Phoenix Sassafras (Teal Kitsune): All I can say about this game is to just play it. It has a beautiful story to it. The graphics and drawings are sweet and calming with the exception of a couple of them in the beginning (slight jumpscare). I thought this game was going to be something totally different from what it really is and I'm so glad that it ended up breaking my expectations and then exceeding them. Removing the ads is super easy and inexpensive. And gaining tickets to make choices isn't unfair or hard. Thank you devs.

Ray: Honestly one of the best visual novels I've played, it has a really great artstyle and animations, as well as an original and compelling plot with great characters. The resources to keep playing are super easy to get too! It's a fun, small story to read, I really enjoyed playing it. I almost wish there was a movie or another game that goes more in depth with it because of how cool and original the story is, if there were, I would definitely pay money for it. Really great game.

Maylin Ervin: This game is honestly amazing. The music is amazing as well as the pictures. The storyline is so creative. A lot of text based adventures I've played before were boring or you needed to pay real money. The ticket system with this game makes it easier to move forward in the story without watching a ton of ads. All in all, the devs did a wonderful job!

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