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Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs MOD APK v6.14.16 (Premium Unlocked)

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs
NameUltimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs
DevelopersUltimate Guitar USA LLC
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Updated on March 26, 2023
Ultimate Guitar: Chords & TabsUltimate Guitar: Chords & TabsUltimate Guitar: Chords & TabsUltimate Guitar: Chords & TabsUltimate Guitar: Chords & TabsUltimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs

Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs - Unlimited access to 1.400.000 tabs & chords for guitar, bass or ukulele!

What's new in latest version 6.14.16

Thank you for sharing your music journey with Ultimate Guitar!

Upgrade to the latest version of the app to check out the newest content in our extensive catalog of tabs, shots, and video courses.

Our team works hard to improve the learning and performing experience for every musician out there.

About Ultimate Guitar: Chords & Tabs MOD

Ultimate Guitar will be a great choice in teaching people how to use the guitar perfectly regardless of different levels of expertise. It also comes with a wide variety of songs specially designed for guitar covers and a wide range of comfortable customization. Not stopping there, it also has a user-friendly community where people share or find new knowledge to improve their guitar skills.


Every lesson or dedicated instruction from Ultimate Guitar gives the user great opportunities to improve their guitar technique. However, the application will have a simple test to determine the user’s level, but it still allows everyone to enjoy all the free lessons. The good thing is that the lessons are divided into every single genre or category to suit everyone’s guitar styles.


Guitar lessons come with many specifics like pictures and sounds to keep the user up to date. Depending on the level of the songs, their tempos and details are complicated, but thanks to the dynamic interaction, the user can slowly follow everything with perfect harmony. In addition, the application will use the device’s microphone to recognize sounds from the user to evaluate their learning progress.


In addition to the specific instructions, Ultimate Guitar will have a vast library containing countless guitar songs for users to immerse themselves in those fascinating experiences. Thanks to the vastness of the library, it will have a variety of genres, styles, and tastes for everyone and comes with a flexible and easily interactive filter for easy search. The application will also regularly recommend suitable songs for users according to their favorite genre, taste, and author.


Depending on the user’s level, the lessons will have separate ways to track progress, assessing each person’s ability. Based on that rating system, they can access memorable songs with more serious difficulty and more complex guitar instruments. In addition, some new content will also come to them through various random ways to enhance the atmosphere of guitar education.


Everyone can use the recording feature in Ultimate Guitar to listen to their moments or spot mistakes while making songs. Guitar compositions have their charms, and pros can spot the flaws in each tune enough to make a song go bad. Of course, the app also has a sharing function for everyone to make friends or improve their guitar skills together.


The application will support more tools and functions for users to design or popularize new songs with guitar skills. The built-in recorder automatically recognizes and rewrites the entire song in special formats, letting the user know the association or coordination between the melodies. People can share them with the community or save them for personal enjoyment, depending on individual decisions.

Ultimate Guitar is the best companion that users need for their entire guitar training. It adds a lot of fun content for everyone to explore, makes friends widely, and joins vibrant communities dedicated to fans or guitarists only.


  • Learn how to play guitar with the best efficiency.
  • Million of songs to play based on personal tastes, styles, and favorites.
  • Interact with other users in bustling and friendly communities.
  • Record and analysis records with detailed and high-quality sound sensors.
  • Compose new songs with endless imagination and supports.

Reviews from google users

Chris Klassen: Good app but all "Shots" videos will not stop playing, ever, even when leaving the app... they still play in the background. There's no way to stop them, even reopening the same video to try and see if there's a stop button restarts the same exact song looping over the currently playing Shots song leading to an ad infinitum of musical chaos. Honestly probz the closest I've ever been to Hell. Plz fix!

Alex Newhouse: It's a solid app with a lot of knowledge to offer, but man those Shots are absolutely broken. There's no way to pause or just listen to a single one without all the others playing over eachother, and the only way to fix it is to completely close it. It's not a deal breaker for me, but I would enjoy being able to see the talent and progress of others again. That was a suprisingly wholesome feature I sorely miss

Joshua Nagy: This app is not great. In order to change what instrument the tab shows I need to turn my phone sideways, if I try to do it vertical the options just shake up and down and I can't select anything. If I change apps while looking at a tab the tab location will reset to the beginning of the tab. Overall I find myself frustrated whenever I use the app.

Franny Spinuzzi: This app is fantastic! It's got some great features, I spend probably an hour a day playing at least one of my instruments and this app has been really helpful in finding chords to play my favorite songs. You can use this app without purchasing anything which is really nice and the only thing you can't access are the Offical tabs and Lessons. Update- I've had some major problems with the Shots Feature. They keep playing after I've left the app. I'm really irritated by these recent glitches.

Zach Naatz: The content is decent and the courses are pretty good. But there are some bugs that make the app difficult to use. Whenever I play a "shot", the sound will continue playing when I close that shot. Open 3 shots, now I have 3 different shots playing on loop in the background and the only way to stop it is to completely close the app. Also whenever I press "play" to follow along with a song, it works the first time but then when I try to play again, a gray box covers the lyrics/chords.

Haley: Its always been a glitchy app, especially with the shots feature. Recentley, whenever I click off a shot, the audio from it does not stop playing, even when I move to the next one. I have to close out of the app to stop the videos, which really sucks because opening the app takes a minute too. Website works better, I recommend using that one instead

L C: This app has potential, but it is super buggy. Search fails to recognize input at times, sometimes I can't save selections as favorites, and although I purchased the pro version, I still get tons of pop ups asking if I want to purchase a separate subscription for lessons. If these issues persist, I won't be renewing my subscription.

Bronwen Elisabeth: I really like that I can play songs and see other people's covers, but when I watch them, it continues the audio from the previous shot into the next one. I also have been trying to post shots, and the app crashes every time I try. I've uninstalled the app and am reinstalling it to see if that helps.

JEAN BAPTISTE: Specifically for the lesson, so I've signed up for the lessons specifically. The lessons are pretty decent, and could easily offer 6 months to a year of practice which is fair for the price. However, the main issue for 3 stars is that the interface is horrible. Videos constantly crash. There is not a way to save a course for later other than just starting it and leaving in your "continue" section. You really have to do a lot clicking to get back to where you were. Hopefully they can fix this.

Annie Kern: No complaints about the tabs whatsoever (although it's really weird that you've also formatted the piano tracks as guitar tabs). But you asked for my feedback on the new vocal feature, so that's what I'll critique. It really needs work, guys. Sustaining a note gets an accurate result, but any time I change notes, the detected note fluctuates wildly by octaves at a time, and a lot of the songs have lyrics out of sync with the music. Those two issues combined make most songs near impossible.

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