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Twitch: Live Game Streaming MOD APK v14.6.1 (Premium Unlocked/VIP/PRO)

Twitch: Live Game Streaming
NameTwitch: Live Game Streaming
DevelopersTwitch Interactive, Inc.
Updated on March 25, 2023
Twitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game StreamingTwitch: Live Game Streaming

Twitch: Live Game Streaming - Multiplayer games, live esports, and gaming chat. We saved you a seat.

What's new in latest version 14.6.1

New look, who dis? We’ve rebuilt the app from the ground up to improve stability and your overall Twitch experience. The updated look and feel comes with performance enhancements as well as improved VOD playback controls for easier navigation.

About Twitch: Live Game Streaming MOD

If you are a lover of action games or online sports games and want to meet your gamers, then download Twitch: Livestream Multiplayer Games & Esports to your phone today. This is an application to watch live videos of games, sports, or any IRL broadcast with unique new features that make it easy for you to chat with your gamers. This app will stream your favorite FPS, strategy, raid, MMO RPG games with fresh content. In addition, you can meet famous athletes with exciting matches in the arena. You will get a smooth and enjoyable experience because the publishers have optimized the application effectively.


Various game genres like Minecraft, Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA, League of Legends, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Apex, WildRift, Garena Free Fire, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and many more gamers present in Twitch for you to choose from. You have the option to watch any of your favorite gamers playing single or multiplayer games online and get a clear view of their playing strategies and unique playstyles to learn from. Plus, you can stream online content from MMO RPG, MOBA, strategy, and FPS games to any device and watch exciting sports tournaments right on your phone.


With this smart and convenient app, you can chat live with your favorite gamers in any of their broadcasts or live videos with ease. In addition, Twitch offers live sports or IRL shows so you can watch the day on your phone without having to spend time searching the internet. The app also allows you to connect with your favorite streamers using the online commentary feature. You will be able to chat with them directly by typing your comment to receive their comments. What’s more, you can connect with your fellow gamers and stream while fighting together so you can discuss strategy and gameplay plans.


You can stream GTA on Xbox One, take down your enemies on PS4, or join WildRift on your mobile device so other users can watch and connect with you directly. Not only famous people or good players can live stream on this app, but you can also live stream the game you are playing to gain followers and become more famous if you have a smart playing strategy. Plus, you can connect and battle directly with your friends right on Twitch with popular games.


In addition to the above features, Twitch also offers unique options to give players more fun and special experiences. You can search for streaming videos other than gaming videos like live discussions about your favorite sports to gain more insight, listen to podcasts, or watch concerts attractions of famous artists and many other unique programs. Especially, you can chat in the community with this app without necessarily watching the online players. This is a place where you can easily connect with your favorite gamers and join heavy opponents to bring you new fun. Besides, the application allows you to stream live videos very simply with high speed.


You can customize the mode of your gamer chat sessions to dark mode if you are watching late at night to protect your eyes. If it’s daytime, you can turn off dark mode to use normal mode if you don’t like it. With the app’s simple and intuitive navigation, you can quickly explore multiplayer games and IRL videos. The application configuration is elegant, with many collapsed folders. The video playlists will be organized by topic, and you can easily find what you want to watch easily with the search engine that can be available. In addition, online gaming programs or videos are all played in very sharp and detailed HD quality.

This is a utility application and is very interesting for many people because it makes it easier for users to reach and chat with their gamers. This app plays a variety of game and sports themes for players to choose from. In addition, users can stream interactive games with exclusive content. This application will help you connect with millions of heavy gamers and is the place to connect through your favorite games, giving you moments of great entertainment.

Reviews from google users

Marc: The new version of the app for Android TV is almost unusable. When watching any stream at a quality above about 720p the whole screen flickers black frequently and also the stream plays at a very low frame rate and is very choppy overall. I never had these kinds of issues with the previous version on the TV. Before I could watch 1080p streams and now it's unwatchable.

Stephen Glotzbach: I love the ability to stream, but there are a lot of glitches in Twitch's software... especially in the transitioning to ads. Even besides that, I constantly have to refresh my screen while watching streamers because I'll get black screen video and network errors. I found out recently that I am not alone, either.

Marisa McKinney: The predictions don't work anymore, they don't show up until I exit the stream and re-enter. Chat disappears if I minimize the app for a minute and come back. I always receive an error when trying to redeem channel points. Not sure what happened in the last month or so, it wasn't like this before.

Eric Swisher: This app used to work just fine, but since the new UI update it runs horrible on Android TV. A single button press takes seconds to register, streams only stream at 720p or lower without constant buffering or flashing images. It's a shame because I used the app regularly and now I don't want to watch Twitch streams on my TV anymore because of it.

Kat: It'd be nice if I actually got sent along with the raid instead of being stuck in a stream that's ended. Also, pinned messages and polls don't show up unless I exit the stream and rejoin. Then there's the fact that I can't seem to remove pinned messages for myself, but they only allow me to see 2 comments at a time at best, which is very annoying. Just incredibly buggy overall

CWP: The Android TV version of this just got an update and it's buggy. The streams crash every 20 minutes or so. Only way streams start working again is by doing a force quit. I can't filter searches any more and when searching a category all the streams don't load. The prior version of the Android TV app was way easier to use and navigate.

Tiffany A: Works okay unless I switch away from the app while casting to any device, like Chromecast or a smart TV. If I'm casting, Twitch drops the quality, no matter what I selected. And when I switch back to the app, it interrupts the stream for about 1.5 seconds. This is on Android 13, and it's a really terrible experience. I can't have the app on screen 100% of the time, but that seems to be what Twitch expects. Awful experience for watching DJs, which is my primary use.

Yomar Diaz: The amount of ads is beyond annoying. I thought Hulu was bad but this takes it to a whole new level. I couldn't get to watch 2 minutes of a streamer because the first time I come in there's 3 ads. No big deal. The next minute I had to sit through 6 of them. Not short ones, long ones. I truly never thought any app would be as bad as Hulu with adds but this took the prize.

Chris G: Everything about this app is terrible. I can't claim channel points, the chat is all messed up. When I go to send a message in chat, there are times the message does not send. When I close the app completely the audio continues. I haven't force stopped it yet so I don't know if that stops it but I have restarted my phone and that gets it to stop. Just overall this app can use some work

Dallin Porter: Pretty awful app to be honest. No low-latency mode. No BTTV support. No customization. Very bare bones app, with plenty of bugs that come along with it. Edit: Still bad, maybe worse than it used to be. Channel bets barely work, it buffers constantly on gigabit internet, basically not worth using at all. None of my previous problems have been fixed either.

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