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Torque Burnout MOD APK v3.2.7 (Free Shopping)

Torque Burnout
NameTorque Burnout
DevelopersGrease Monkey Games Pty Ltd
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Updated on March 26, 2023
Torque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque BurnoutTorque Burnout

Torque Burnout - Push your ride to its limits and reign supreme as the BURNOUT KING!

What's new in latest version 3.2.7

COMPACT comes sliding into Torque Burnout!

COMPACT with its Supercharged Small Block Chev absolutely screams on the burnout pad!

- New real world driver car, COMPACT!
- Fixes issues with Online Multiplayer and Tournaments.
- Various performance improvements.

About Torque Burnout MOD

Torque Burnout is a new and cool racing game on mobile, thanks to a skillful combination of many different elements in the mobile speed game series. Torque Burnout is not a racing game in the true, because the task of gamers is not to control the car over the opponent to finish the goal. Instead, gamers will show their virtuosity skills through drifts like a pro racer.

Unlike the classic car racing games like Need for Speed No Limits or Real Racing 3, Torque Burnout does not develop in the style of street racing or rank competition, however, it tends to show the technique and other highly qualified driving principles.

Game modes

In Torque Burnout, you will have the opportunity to own super-powerful racing cars, appearing on a race track with lots of cheering audience cheers. The player’s task is to perform both basic and advanced driving techniques to show the surrounding crowd. Thanks to the realistic 3D graphics platform and impressive visual effects, Torque Burnout stands out as an epic car show with a series of performance techniques. Not everyone can do it!

Torque Burnout is high-tech, so players will implement vehicle control techniques encapsulated in a small stage. On the screen, there will be virtual buttons corresponding to the left and right turn, foot brake, hand brake, and accelerator. The game is designed on a horizontal screen, so the player can hold the device firmly in his hand and use two thumbs to press the left and right button clusters. Demonstrate the techniques of turning the car (donut) with the forward/back button combined with a left/right turn, … to receive the endless applause of the fans grave on the field.

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To score an impressive score, Torque Burnout players need to upgrade a few important parts. Use the money earned from the previous performances to upgrade the engine to more powerful, change tires, and many other accessories. For a limited time, continuous high-speed driving techniques and goal fulfillment are required to increase the score and rank higher than the opponent.


  •  Simulate authentic driving techniques with the effects of road braking, flying smoke, and ignition engine.
  •  Provide many modern racing car models with diverse customization capabilities.
  •  The engine sounds like thunder, creating excitement for each display of driving techniques.
  •  Tournament mode is where players compete for each score screen art mobile driving his.
  •  Expanding the types of stadiums increases the challenge for the driver.
  •  Integrating the achievement system.

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MOD money

Besides the Torque Burnout version provided by the League of Monkeyscale publisher. We will bring you the modified version. Torque Burnout mod apk will change a little bit. So players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive unlimited in-game money and can buy all items in the shop.  You can completely upgrade to more powerful engines, change tires, and many other parts without worrying about the price. Along with the Torque Burnout mod apk perform both basic and advanced driving techniques for everyone to enjoy.


Torque Burnout has breathed new breath into the speed racing game in particular. The game is a private stage for you to freely perform your advanced driving skills. With visual effects couldn’t be more realistic. Although there is an IAP package costing a high price, it does not affect the ultimate driving technique in the game

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Reviews from google users

Mahlatse Stevovo: This game is pretty amazing and I enjoy playing it over n over everything it's super but it needs to improve to change other cars

Bailey Entermann: Absolutely LOVE the details and design of this game. Pleaseeee create a good drifting circuit track in the next update???

Mason Day: Would be nice if I could replace my blown tires right after I finish the round, instead of needing to go to the menu or watch an add to replace them, I think we need and option after our score is calculated that reads "pay fee to replace tires now) And I can start a tournament which is really cool, but after the first round it just shows the loading symbol not stop, I cannot even claim the prize, so I have deducted 2 stars for this flaw I also think we need a wider range of mods, Exhausts, etc

thasith ronal: Nice game. I like it.there are lots of cars.and there's a interesting you would like is you can customize your car. Every cystomizing parts are there.but I will give three stars because I need to spend my money for entering some tracks.?only one track is free.But i need to spend money when I select obstacles for better fun.so if I do this on other tracks,i need to spend twice than track cost.due to this,it's hard to buy new cars,installing upgrades and customizing and repairing.pls solve issues

Ronsley De klerk: I love the game because we in south africa have started the spinning sport.. and it is very very much close to reality or realism of spinning.. i would say there are a couple of things that could do with a few tweeking.. different mods on the cars, sounds of the engines, better courses.. better cars to spin.. we in South Africa dont "DRIFT" we spin.. so if you guys could make more variety of cars better sliding more spinning and less drift cars.. feel free contact to help with upgrades :)

Joel Stingell: I have been playing the game for a long while and still love it, i really enjoy all the different cars that are available only thing i probably would change is the ways to customize your cars by adding brand decals and being able customize the engine and mods to suit your own tasts (Like the real cars you can purchase to make them feel like your own). But other than that this is a great game would highly recommend to anyone who love burnouts

A Google user: Great concept, execution however is bad. The game is great. But the me u system is atrocious. You can't seem. To tap to select. And the repair menu is so complex. Much more than needed. To spend all the time making a burn out game and yet fall flat at the outside game control is sad. 2 stars is well earned. I give one but the game is on track. Just the menu system is shocking.

A Google user: After latest update when you do a run and the timer runs out nothing happens. You can just keep driving and driving. Also hitting the pause button wont do anything and the only way out of the game is to hit your phones home button to get out. Please fix this issue as before this update the game was working.

A Google user: The best damn game I've seen so far. It's definitely worth it. As for online, not bad. Is there a possibility you could make it easier to connect with mates without having to go through Facebook? Maybe allow us to create a gamer tag and connect with others in that way. Apart from the game occasionally freezing up on me, that's my only issue. Hopefully you guys will eventually be able to make it available on gaming consoles and PC.

A Google user: The game is perfect, But one huge problem, It's extremely hard to get money in and why do you have to pay to tune your car ? It doesn't make sense... Please developers Either make it easier for gamers to get money or make things cheaper like cars and parts ... It takes forever to buy a second car if you're a casual player Please please please But other than that it's an amazing game well done to the developers

Download Torque Burnout MOD APK for Android

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