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Timestamp Camera Pro MOD APK v1.216 (Patched)

Timestamp Camera Pro
NameTimestamp Camera Pro
DevelopersBian Di
MOD FeaturesPatched
Updated on March 29, 2023
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Timestamp Camera Pro - Add date and time watermark to photos and videos

What's new in latest version 1.216

- Support save files to "Pictures" or "Documents"
- Bug fixes

About Timestamp Camera Pro MOD

Timestamp Camera is a user-friendly camera but comes with a customizable and flexible AI to give users many impressive improvements. It is also specialized in adding information such as location, shooting time, and maps to photos in a detailed and neat manner. In short, the application helps users have good quality photos but also helps to show important informations about the geographical location of every photo or video.


The first feature in Timestamp Camera is the improvement in the camera for users to create the most immersive and vivid pictures. The AIs automatically adjust the perfect colors and brightness based on user-specified preset, giving them more creative ideas for more artistic content. Fortunately, the camera enhancement system has extensive customization for everyone to alter or personalize their shooting experience.


Improvements in the camera will also apply to the recording function for users to create the most impressive and flawless videos. The nice thing about the video recorder is that it will use the built-in presets, causing them to change the color or everything inside in real-time to create novel results. Fortunately, its customization is extensive and varied, giving users more ideas to shoot the most eye-catching and sophisticated videos.


While recording, Timestamp Camera will provide a function that allows users to snap important frames that they need to save quickly. That will directly extract the image in the video instead of converting it back and forth, keeping the video continuing with the recording process but still giving the user a picture from the inside. The good thing is that the images are all style or essence from the presets used in the video, so their quality and resolution are unchanged, even without blur or other issues.


Besides improving video quality, users can add additional information such as text, emoji, and more lovely things in real-time. Fortunately, the process of adding or removing is convenient and can be done while recording, making video content more lively and fun. Users can also customize presets and add content later during editing or polishing the record.


Timestamps are markers that show information such as time, location, and more within the contents of photos or videos. Also, Timestamp Camera will have comprehensive customization for users to enable or disable additional information to add photos or videos later. All location information formats will be widely used in this application, allowing everyone to diversify the information given in the content.


The recording or capture modes that come from the application are all automatic and applied continuously during the user’s capture. That includes tweaking portrait or landscape style, shutter speed, resolution, and image quality. Those are important factors determining the quality of each content, such as photos or videos, so users must always use them wisely to create masterpieces.

Timestamp Camera works like an average camera but with many improvements and unique supports to give users the most satisfying results. That also includes changing the location where they took the photo and providing more for each place filmed or photographed.

– Enhanced camera quality for high-resolution results.
– Quick snap while recording with unchanged quality.
– Add emojis, quotes, and stickers freely with a precise editor.
– Detailed timestamps format for diverse information.
– Multiple filters and presets for capturing magnificent scenes.

Reviews from google users

james hultman: Outstanding. I've been using this app to document activities every day

K: Oddly the only video recording app that timestamps within the video of the recording

Eddie Jeffery: Fantastic app, got the full version and works great. Use it for work photos that allows me to give easy reference for each. Highly recommend

miker: probably the best at what it does. however I'd rate it full stars if it could be made to support galaxy fold flex mode.

Uncle Benny: Best app, EVER! Import tags & click order works great! I can build filenames w/ tags instead of only custom text... Need {truly}{custom}{filenames} & .xcf GIMP image layers... Please reuse tag order code and write a custom file name builder... specifically looking for {customtext}_{tags}_{datetimestamp} order with custom field separators... Please tie the custom text field to speech-to-text microphone button to record audio/text field notes to each picture before snapping... Great update!

krysti bush: It is easy to use, takes very clear pics & videos! I never have trouble with Timestamp Pro- well worth the 4.99 to be able to document the meds i give and the food I cook!! The only minor problem (but it doesn't bother me) is the address is just a little off. Since I'm not wanting my address out there, if i do post a Timestamp pic- it really isn't a negative to me. All in all, I highly recommend this app!

Kiat Som: Very useful of its function. All situations no matter it happen, I can find out and show to other people. For example, a car accident, before the surveyer comes to the place, the photoes can be showed all infomations, such as date, time, map attitude, name of the place, car speed will be shown only online with internet. Why not try and proof by yourself. Seeing is believing !

Paul Mellers: The ONLY camera you should use for evidential photography. Automatically watermarks date time and location and you can add logo too. Also free text option for more information before taking pics / vids. I use that for serious occurrences but take 30-50 pics a day. Only requests I have is option to add what 3 words as a location format. Edit: I have since discovered you can change the directory photos are saved in.

A V: Highly recommend paying for the upgrade. This one app allows me to create a batch of photos that I send to a desktop folder and not only type in site info but also create a watermark, size it, adjust the transparency and also color code the text to easily separate daily photos from day to day, month to month. Very user-friendly.

A Google user: I take many photos as part of my work record - sometimes as many as 300 in a week. Any text I put in a picture can be searched for on my pc allowing me to easily sort and file them. The camera part of the app stopped working properly once after I pointed the camera at a very bright light source but a reload sorted that out. A good useful app.

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