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Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival MOD APK v360 (Drone View, Show Enemies)

Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival
NameThetan Arena: MOBA Survival
DevelopersWolffun Pte Ltd
MOD FeaturesDrone View, Show Enemies
Updated on March 25, 2023
Thetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA SurvivalThetan Arena: MOBA Survival

Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival - A play-to-earn PvP MOBA game to Team up, Battle & Earn! Survival of the fittest.

What's new in latest version 360

- Fix bugs
- Update new content
- Optimize game performance

About Thetan Arena: MOBA Survival MOD

Thetan Arena Mod APK owns the MOBA-genre characteristics and combines interestingly with many famous modes. You’ll find a variety of characters, engage in skirmishes for points, and execute creative strategies.

Thetan Arena is a game that brings together many different game modes, and their common point is associated with MOBA mechanics. You will utilize the power of different characters by increasing the effectiveness of your skills and engaging in skirmishes with other players. At the same time, you can also show off different skills through exciting modes in the game.


In Thetan Arena, players will come with a graphic that gives them a specific impression of accessing many different levels and environments. Players will find the characteristics of the MOBA genre and combine them with other gameplay to create uniqueness. At the same time, the perspective of this game is entirely comprehensive to help you move quickly, be suitable for tactics, or attack the enemy in front of you.


Players will find four main game modes with characteristics similar to a MOBA game and other objectives that they must complete in Thetan Arena. The first mode is Battle Royale, and at the start, the player will be sent to any location. At the same time, they will see gifts that they can break and gain experience to level up skills and attack enemies. The environment will have a constantly shrinking safe zone that players will need to move and choose the right strategy to become the ultimate winner.


The next mode is Superstar mode, and its rules are straightforward, try to earn points by picking up stars on the field. They will periodically spawn that you can track on the timer that always counts down to move to the center of the field and grab them before an enemy attack. Therefore, players will need to gain experience and engage in team fights with their teammates.


In Thetan Arena, players will find a Team Deathmatch mode with the simple goal of earning points in levels. Players continue to gain experience to increase levels because that is the characteristic of MOBA mechanics. At the same time, you will need to pay attention to the number of points you get after making a kill. After each time, the number of points corresponding to one kill will increase, so you must carefully coordinate with your teammates to increase points for the opponent.


The final mode in Thetan Arena also brings the closest feeling to the MOBA genre when its goal is to destroy the opponent’s tower. You will try to let the robot summoned after a period of charging attack the enemy base without letting their counterattack.


Players will often think of the character diversity factor when it comes to the MOBA genre. You have access to many characters with different skills that you will discover and choose the right hero. At the same time, each hero has three skills, including a normal attack skill and two special skills, and you will need to pay attention to the level-up sequence for them. Indeed you will find many valuable strategies when using different characters.

A set of exciting modes can be found in this game:

  • You will enter a world with impressive graphics with heroes possessing superhuman skills that you will accompany.
  • A battle that takes place in MOBA style, and the goal is to become the last survivor with skills and teammates.
  • Players will easily be able to use powers to kill enemies to earn points and contribute to victory in Deathmatch mode.
  • Superstar becomes a target that any player wants to own, and it only appears for a fixed period.
  • Tower Destroy mode will bring you to intense battles when helping giant robots attack enemy facilities to win.

Reviews from google users

AB: Very pay to win and very greedy rewards. Only positive I have to say is that the game is very well optimized.

Shamclone: Can't collect my welcome box and it takes ages to find matches. You can't search for matches in the background which is also annoying.

irns ong D.: Hi, before all is good.. But lalety this new update i cant play new maps.i was dissapointed. I Always got hanged my phone.and I always turned on my phone. Pls update this new version or fix this bug pls. Thank you

Microo Wnzall: I play with an Android phone and I updated the game today and there is a big problem that the game lags in the new update! I asked my friends that those who play on the phone have the same problem, but those who play on the computer do not have much of a problem. Please fix it quickly because it is not playable at all

Peace: There was no need to put timers on the game modes. I enjoyed Solo but now i have to wait for it unlock after a certain duration of time. Duo is also a good option anyways.. Good game

A Google user: this game is nice and cool but every match im always lose because I ALWAYS have newbie team and all my enemy got silver rank,gold rank and platinum rank and my team's got rank like Recruit rank and private rank so my rank bronze to silver bronze to silver it's so hard!! but sometimes my team is pro but sometimes so please fix my problem because I want peace please

Paul Valenzuela: The game was great! You put a lot of effort in this, even if it's a copy of brawl stars still it's awesome! Well I wanna rate it 5 stars but I rate 4 because the characters don't have facial expressions And it kinda annoys me so please animate their faces in the next update and I will give 5 stars, thank you.

A. K. Muhamad Ab Aziz: This game is so bullsh1t..not even worth 1 star..please fix your matchmaking.. its impossible to play solo rank.. the matchmaking is much more bullsh1t than mlbb..your teammate will all be full of noobs while your enemy was having all premium heroes. when you have finished your daily premium battle with 0 winning, the exact next game your team suddenly will be all pros and using premium heroes..so bullsh17

jitzmaster: The gameplay is so slow it's like it's playing in slow motion. You have to speed up gameplay like 2x.

Mehdi Poorhossein: Since 1 month ago, i have a strange problem! I use vpn and my ping is 148, but it dosn't find any match! After 8 minutes it says "there is no battle at the moment,please try again!" This problem suddenly starts. I change my vpn and test with different internet operators but the problem still remaining. Also I reinstall the game but it doesnt help! Can anyone help me with this problem?

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