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Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War MOD APK v0.182 (Unlimited Bullet)

Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War
NameSteel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Bullet
Updated on March 24, 2023
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Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War - Dynamic PvP shooter with fighters from whole world. Make tank or robot from cars

What's new in latest version 0.182

● Fixed bugs
● Performance improvements

About Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War MOD

Steel Rage is an online car combat shooting game. With the most modern cars in this shooter, you can fight players from all over the world for free. Download Steel rage mod apk to experience extremely engaging shooting battles right now!

How to play the game

In the game Steel Rage, you will have to use different weapons to fight. For example, you can mount up to 3 different guns and create one gun from all of them. Or use tactics and shoot any of them at the right time.

Protect yourself with energy shields and stop the enemy attack with a series of machine guns and artillery shells. Launch missiles from cover and use stealth to hide, or use nitro boosts to quickly defeat enemies.

Besides, you can choose the machine, the case, the weapon to fight, and the power before starting the battle. Overhaul and tweak your machine according to your preference and fighting style. To become a boss of this best shooting war game, download Steel rage mod apk on your android phone right now!

Full customization feature

Choose the bodywork, chassis, military weapon, and operability to match your fighting style. Add some color and camouflage to make your vehicle more popular in PvP. Create fast game action vehicles, a secured rage machine, or a mech robot. Everything you can choose for yourself.

Choose battle car

In the game, you can admire a huge car warehouse with many different types. In it, each type of car is equipped with its own weapon. It will be used appropriately in each of your combat tactics because it is designed with many different battlefields. Therefore, you need to carefully consider the information of each type before deciding to use them for the most suitable battlefield.

For example, in battlefields that are prone to rugged hilly terrain, you should definitely choose an SUV. Because it has a higher grounding advantage than a Sedan. Therefore, if you choose an SUV, you will find it easier to move on difficult roads. Choosing the right one helps you win the battles more simply.

Choose the high-end weapon

Not only has a huge car inventory, but the game also equips you with a similar arsenal. From light and medium military weapons to heavy weapons. For example, automatic rifles, AP shotguns to missiles. You need to consider choosing weapons in your combat strategies, to avoid waste while still destroying your target and winning.

Use a chassis for all driving styles

Choose a special chassis for any car you have. Use sport suspension for improved speed or SUV suspension. Or even use a vehicle with 6 wheels to be able to cross rough terrain. In addition, choose tank rails and steel robotic spider appendages to expand maneuverability.

This choice depends on the situations you are in, and they will help you get through it all. Only when you come to the Steel rage mod apk game, can you experience these extremely exciting driving styles.

Equipment for tactical capabilities

Complete your world-class combat vehicle with incredible operational abilities. Wear life shields for added protection and use nitro assistance for strategic moves. To perform a good strategic retreat or when attacking from a trap, make your vehicle barely discernible. In addition, use your abilities at the right time to change the outcome of the war and outdo your opponents.

Choose multiple battle locations

In the game, you will adventure into many battles in different locations. From dense forests with immense trees to modern cities with great works. All will be the places where you and other players fight together to win.

With the above locations, driving skills, as well as the strategy of using vehicles and weapons, are very important to help you win. You need to quickly explore the battle locations on the map to find the combat position that best suits you. This is the place to help you develop your strengths and reduce weaknesses. Moreover, in this place, you can limit the enemy’s fighting power and attack.

The feature of Mod version

In addition to the basic features in the regular version of the Steel rage game, our Steel rage game Mod apk version will give you the Mod feature with unlimited money. That gives you the money to equip any type of weapon, as well as the most powerful combat vehicles and chassis.

Because in the regular version, when you need to equip heavy weapons or a chassis with many special features, you will have to buy with money. But with the Steel rage game Mod version that does not limit money, you can rest assured about this. Therefore, download Steel rage mod apk with unlimited money to quickly win in any fascinating gun battles.


Steel Rage MOD APK is an uncompromising fighting game, you will win or you will become a loser. Don’t let yourself become a loser in those battles. Download Steel rage mod apk right now and experience exciting battles. With our unlimited money mod version, it will be easy for you to be a winner. Thanks for visiting site maxdroid. Have a nice day everyone!

Reviews from google users

Michael McLaughlin: I love this game, truly. However: 1) You guys owe me a TON of tickets! At least 40-50 tickets haven't shown up since the game started glitching more. It'll say I earned another 5 tickets, but rarely do I actually receive them. 2) What are the rules for ads? I actually like watching them for more tickets and especially X2ing my battle money. There doesn't seem to be a regular time when and how many times ads can used. Update 3-20: Thought fixed, but just now never got 5 tickets I was supposed to!

Lawrence JC Dela Fuente: The reverse sometimes doesn't work when you accidentally get stuck in some part of the map. Only 2 game modes. And 3 skills. Wish they'd add more for excitement, and fix bugs. Oh, and also it'd be better if there's some type of communication for better teamwork since it's a 5v5 gameplay.

Stanley Derochea: 3 stars because of it pay to win and having absolutely zero hit detection. Playing and all of a sudden blow up because i had no idea i was being shot at. At least make my screen shake a little and give a red area on screen to give direction of attacker. Now since i purchased a battle pass i cant make it through a single battle without multiple connection issues. Im on my wifi and every other game stays connected. And this game is loaded with hackers also and the devs dont do anything about it

A Google user: Game works quite well. It i feel is still in its early stages, and will keep improving so long as the devs keep up. The controls need some tweaking and there are some lag issues but overall is a good game. Keep working devs and you have a winner! A update to this, i feel the drive controls should not spin with the vehicle keep forward forward amd backward backward its to confusing with everything spinning all the time. Also the cars shouldnt slide so much, at slower speeds they should just turn.

A Google user: I've been playing this game for about three days, and so far I'm liking it! It reminds me of the PC game "Crossout", which I didn't realize how much I missed until I started playing Steel Rage. Even though this game is great, I feel like it's missing some minor features; such as more maps and more tiers of Shield to choose from. I also don't quite like the way that there are a lot of premium weapons that require Gems, and that Gems aren't a part of battle rewards.

A Google user: I love the game. But it has many things missing. There should a social tool so you can play with your friends online. The price in this game is too high. The upgrades could have some balancing. An issue I have different from previous versions is, there is a perfomance issue after a recent update. I use two devices and both have the issue. It is noticeable. I hope you will get it fixed. This game has potential to be a very great and fun game. :)

A Google user: Ok graphics and controls. Horrible matchmaking. You play vs people that can 4 hit you but it takes you 20+ shots to kill them since they are all upgraded way more. The rewards you get are minimal at best. This has been the case for over 20 battles now so nice try. Extremely pay to win. No friends list, so you can't group with friends, that's a basic necessity.

A Google user: Game controls are terrible, fights are unfair the moment you start playing. No communication or strategy since all players can see eachother, missiles have an extremely limited range compared to straight shot weapons, even if a vehicle is highlighted, the targeting system is terrible up close. The vehicles seem exceptionally slow as compared to what you'd expect from a twisted metal like game. The more vehicles you own, the more lives you have, which is bad for new players. Game has no chance.

A Google user: Best auto combat game since the interstate series, definitely best on mobile. The in game music is great, very fun game play with no lag. Works great on my Galaxy S4. The only suggestion is to make the cars slightly faster, not too much though or it'd be hard to control. I'd recommend higher top speed but slow acceleration. Auto aim is very good, control sensitivity is perfect also.

A Google user: What can I say I love the game. I'm glad I pre-registered. But one thing needs to change to make this the best game on the store in this category. The earnings percentages. We'll never be able to buy a decent car or two and up grade the vehicles, the suspension, the weapons etc. That change and 5 stars, easy.

Download Steel Rage: Mech Cars PvP War MOD APK for Android

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