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SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs MOD APK v2023.02.24-release (Premium Unlocked, AD-Free)

SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
NameSoundCloud: Play Music & Songs
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked, AD-Free
Updated on March 30, 2023
SoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & SongsSoundCloud: Play Music & Songs

SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs - Discover songs & build playlists on the world’s largest music streaming platform

What's new in latest version 2023.02.24-release

About SoundCloud: Play Music & Songs MOD

The best music player of all time – SoundCloud. With this app, you can listen to the best songs on the market. This is the fastest music update application, the hottest songs, and no other music application that can meet the needs of finding music and keeping up with the best trends like that. It’s great that this application allows you to listen to countless music. You can add any playlist of your favorite music. Most of all, it is always updated with new and unique sounds.


Not only is it popular among users for its beautiful design, but almost everyone is fascinated by the features of this application. Let’s start looking for your favorite sounds and music. If you are a music lover and want to find hot songs on the market today, maybe this is the application you cannot ignore. Because of its variety and many facilities, you can explore a wide range of music content with the widest variety of content.


A top-notch music player app – SoundCloud, is not only an online music player. You can also be the one to post your own music on this global forum. Thanks to these apps, you can discover countless artists and authors of your favorite songs. This is where our talented people make millions of great sounds, and you can be one of them yourself. Trending sounds, popular songs, and many artists, DJs, so you can be the first to discover them all.


This application will bring you more convenience than ever, and it is a great application for those who love real music. Users can add themselves to a favorite playlist just by lightly touching the heart in each song. The songs you add to the playlist that’s what you can listen to when using offline without any music connection. It’s great and convenient, and it doesn’t take long to download the songs you like, just a light touch. You already have the song in your playlist.


Many great songs will be discovered, pondered by you, and comment on those songs yourself. An application that owns various music from hip-hop, rock, bolero, lyrical music, and more. They will be classified and divided into categories for you to search and explore easily. More specifically, you can also discover the chart of each song on this application. This is a cool and simple way for users to discover the best songs and podcasts.


It can be said that this is a popular music player globally because of its diversity and utility. This can be said to be a space for music lovers to connect. You can be a creator too, and it’s a safe space for you to connect, chat with your fans and without any hiccups. What’s more, the most famous artists in the world have their own songs on this app. You can connect with your favorite artists and support each song they release.


The app automatically updates your music searches, and it really understands what your favorite music is. This top music player will continuously recommend great songs based on your searches. Who knows, after so many times, you don’t have to work hard to find other songs. You will receive many recommendations for attractive music, and as a result, your knowledge of songs in that genre will increase significantly.


With just a few simple taps, you can create your own favorite songs into the right playlists. With certain games, you will create many playlists for holidays, special anniversaries, or simply favorite playlists for a day of love. Any holiday should have supporting songs, and SoundCloud will be the right app to help you more.

There will be many curated playlists, and that’s the start for you to find music faster. You can find new music faster based on our recommendations. Best of all, thanks to this app, you can be the first person to follow and support your favorite artist. Or, based on this application, you can find out which new artists are worth following.


Sometimes you come across excellent songs and sounds that make you admire and praise. You feel that those songs are too good to need many people to admire and enjoy, or you want your loved ones to hear those wonderful sounds. With SoundCloud, share your great songs with everyone. You can send them through many different social networks, isn’t it great?

Reviews from google users

Elizabeth Lazo: Recently the app has been stopping the music for no reason. I've been getting errors (including ones blaming my internet connection, which has been fine for everything else) as well as it just... Stopping. Sometimes it takes several force closes to get it to start up again. Something's definitely not right.

G Galaxy: I like it. It has a lot of song options and the comment section feature is fun to read through. Only issue is that sometimes app buffers in the middle of the song making me exit the app and returning (its not the biggest issue but kinda annoying). Also most of the popular songs are locked behind premium (go+) but most of the time another account will upload the song for free so it's not that big of a deal.

?hello there?: its great for listening to music i use it all the time, i have 2 problems though, the ads which arent so bad because you need them to help make money but i get them after listening to the first song i put on. now the next one, this one really annoys me, it plays random songs that arent on my playlist and i just dont want to listen to new songs since then I'll have to skip them when i just started to sleep to music. so please make a feature without making us to pay to stop playing random songs

Zachary Bousquet: I really like Soundcloud. I've been using it for a few years now and it's become my main go-to for music of all kinds. The only downside is the ads can be a little annoying (two ads playing back-to-back, ads in a random language like french, etc.). Otherwise I love soundcloud and will probably keep using it for many years to come!

Isaiah kinchen (Soul Evans): The buffering on this app is significantly worse than I remember (The results are the same on wifi or on 4g full bars). It's worse than youtube, which makes no sense because its just playing audio, no video. Often times it will just stop playing a song at around 18 seconds in and then buffer for a whole minute. This happens about every third or fourth song. It's driving me nuts. Pair that with the long ads and the breaks between each song and it starts to feel like cable television.

tinfoilhat: like all the other reviewers, the app will play a few songs and stop. i haven't tried the methods other users used because there is no good outcome. but regardless, app used to be better. it'll play 1-4 songs, sometimes stopping multiple times in between, then completely stop playing music all together. it'll also say that my phone isn't connected to any internet, meanwhile it will be. ive been using this app for years and it's basically never done this. please fix in your next update.

The Second Controller: I've used this app as my primary music provider for 6 years. I've subscribed to Soundcloud Go+ for 2. Gradually, over time, it has gotten worse. Have spotty reception and want to play your music? Better wait for your liked Playlist to load; even though it instantly loads with data turned off. Want to listen to that bumping album you saved a year ago? Cross your fingers, because once you click on it there's a high chance it will disappear from being geolocked. Abhorrent service.

Ukin Blome: I'm a bit confused at this point. I was riding this bus free. Every hour or so, the music would stop and 5 bells would ring then the music would start again. Also, there were many tracks I couldn't access. So I joined SoundCloud go. When I joined the site stated I would get access to all tracks. Now it states I have to upgrade the SoundCloud Plus to access all tracks but the tracks I can't access state Not Available in Your Country. This app was better when it was free.

Taylor Shoup: Great music app!! Absolutely love It! New update causes songs not to play. I have the song showing that it is being played, but no sound. No music. No nothing. This has been going on when connected to Bluetooth, wired connection, and straight through the phone. I have restarted my phone, and that seems to help l... However this needs to get fixed asap. Update! Still the same issues. Can't get through 5 songs without 3 of them cutting out. Doesn't pause. Just completely silences the music.

Allison Laney: When I'm either bored, or drawing in my sketchbook, I would like to listen to some music to help me be inspired and I usually listen to stuff on YouTube so this app does the trick when it comes to that. You can also save the songs that you're really love to hear often if the Wifi gets tooked away. It will automatically save it to the next time you want to hear it. It works really well and nice. LOVE THIS APP!!!!

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