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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom MOD APK v3.7.0 (Unlimited Money)

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
NameSonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
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Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom - Ready, set, RUN!

What's new in latest version 3.7.0

Various bug fixes and improvements

About Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom MOD

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is part 2 of the Sonic Dash apk game. This is a famous non-stop running game, released by the famous game firm SEGA. The game takes players into the endless race of a cute green hedgehog, with an effort to collect the most rewards.

Summary information

Compared to the first Sonic Dash version, version 2 has been pretty much improved in terms of image, sound, and content. Sonic Dash 2 promises to be a worthy competitor to the Subway Surfers blockbuster or the Temple Run series before. With nearly 200 million downloads as of this moment, the Sonic Dash game is one of the most successful games in the endless mobile action game series. Following the series of newly launched animated series Sonic Boom, part 2 of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom will give players challenging running paths. The game has a smooth control mechanism, and a diverse system of characters and items.

Control characters in the game

Basically, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom retains the same gameplay as Sonic Dash, meaning that in the game, the blue hedgehog still has to run non-stop in an effort to collect lots of gold rings. You will help this hedgehog avoid obstacles on the way and other enemies. In the game, Sonic will run through the environment automatically, and you just swipe left or right to move between 3 different running lanes. Swipe the screen down to activate the vortex mode, it will help you destroy the opponent. Swipe the screen up to jump. The publisher has created gameplay with very flexible, accurate, and responsive operations.

Collect loot on the run

You will have to collect gold rings on the road to the shop and innovate for your character. Not hard to find, it will be right on the map you run. Sparkling gold rings.

The more gold rings you earn, the more chance you will have of exchanging more useful equipment. You can buy upgrade items and additional strength for the character. In addition, you also have to use your power to jump over dangerous objects, dodge them and use speed to pass through the rings. If not, you will be lagged behind your opponent.

Competition mode with 3 characters

Different from its previous version, Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is outstanding with Team Play Mode. This is where gamers control Sonic to participate in the race with 3 other characters, and the control mechanism Enerbeam. It allows you to tilt the device to help the character run faster through contexts. During the competition, you will have the opportunity to unlock much new equipment such as Amy’s hammer, and the” divine ” jumps of the character Knuckle. Or the clever flicks of Tails and Shadow. In addition, there are many things for you to explore, such as a magic item called Sprites to speed up the race, shooting fireballs to overcome obstacles easily, and many other interesting items.

Equip your character

Improvements to the appearance of the character, such as Tail with windproof glasses, tool bags, and always carrying a wrench. Knuckle with a muscular body, Amy becomes sexier, and Sonic is equipped with trendy scarves. All make the character more beautiful. In addition, you can challenge your friends on the leader rankings, or invite them to join via Facebook to prove that you are the best runner.

Beautiful graphic design

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom has a relatively impressive graphics platform. 3D images and many different levels, but still retain the inherent brightness of the game. The Sonic image is preserved with an innocent and mischievous appearance. The bright and colorful context creates endless inspiration for players. Besides, the game has vivid sound effects but is equally fun. With the above advantages, surely the game will not disappoint players.

What’s in Sonic Dash 2 mod apk

Most players will know the original Sonic Dash 2 APK with the experience the developer gives. But Sonic Dash 2 Mod Apk is a great thing you should try with the following notable advantages. Normally, you will have to overcome many stages to get more money. Instead, in Sonic Dash 2 Mod Apk, you will be given a lot of money, so you can spend as much as you like. With this version, you can buy everything in the shop, as well as use all the features in the game without thinking about the price. Together with Sonic Dash 2 overcome all obstacles, and get in the first position in the rankings.


Overall, the gameplay of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is simple but addictive. All is done through simple finger manipulation, swiping up and down to avoid obstacles scattered along the way. Do not forget to collect gold rings, earn money to upgrade characters, and much other useful equipment. Download the game freely to your device and play it right now! Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and Download games mods and apps for android now!  Thanks, and have a nice day.

Reviews from google users

Elton Walker: Incredible fun comes with Incredible glitches apparently. I'm attempting to complete the mine blasting event. however, when I fail and press watch ad to revive, it makes a glitch where it goes to the pause screen. After i select resume, it freezes then goes back to the revive screen. It says it's waiting for an ad to load, yet after waiting a minute, i hit x, wasting a ticket, then IMMEDIATELY seeing an ad. A little fishy, not having an ad for a revive and making me watch one anyway?

Adam Vest: Game is riddled with bugs. While the occasional update comes out, it's also clear the game is being left behind in favor of the main dash game (and forces), as there is never any new content added, and the events are always the same ones on repeat. Once you have the short list of playable characters unlocked, the game is effectively over. Aside from that, it is pretty fun up to that point. Which is too bad, since I like the way this game plays compared to the main dash game.

Daniel Eduardo Cotto Santiago: The game lets you watch ads to gain benefits such as a single free revive per run, double Rings at the end of a run, or an increased score multiplier for 1 hour. However, the ads sometimes fail to load properly, wasting my time and denying me the benefits I want. This is worst when I crash during a run, as it can block me from continuing and make me lose my progress. Also, why don't we get options on where off-ramps lead, like in Sonic Dash 1's springs? I want boss fights outside events, too!

Cat Cat: The overall game is good and all, but I do have an issue... the issue is that when I play an event and collect whatever I need in order to win a skin or somethin' it restarts for no reason and I don't get the prizes, plus it doesn't save my progress; it just restarts me, but in the leader board it does have my progress... So please fix this!!!

DayWeek7: I played this game in an IPhone 7 for years and it didn't give me issues. I had everyone maxed out. Now I changed to an android and now runs really bad. This game laggs so hard that the game freezes and crashes all together. When an event appears, I use all the tickets and loose all of my progress on that run. I've tried three times and it gives me the same results. This update is garbage! Don't play this!

Dave Rau: I liked the previous Sonic game (Sonic Dash) more than this one. This game is fun but compared to the previous it is more repetitive and gets boring faster. There's not nearly as much to build or improve, for instance the only way you can improve your characters is to increase the amount of points you can earn, and points are useless so what's the point in building characters? Also red stars are far too easy to spend accidentally.

Benjamin Eisenbraun: I love this game, but hate it at the same time. In part because some of the challenges and missions are too difficult, especially the missions involving enerbeams. Also, the high price of characters is too high. I wish they could be lowered to a better price. And I wish some of the challenges could be a little easier. Also, the dash effect doesn't fit at all; Sonic and friends run way slower than they should.

A Google user: I enjoy this game, but Sonic Dash is better in four ways: 1. Bosses, I'm really missing it in this game 2. More Characters, I know there are way more characters in Sonic Boom than available . 3. Changes in road, where are the loopde loops, going underwater, etc? 4. More tracks, only three tracks? Really??? I also had a problem with the controls. I would swipe somewhere, then when I swipe to jump it changes my lane. Besides that, Sonic Boom is an enjoyable game, which I say... Download It!!!!!!!!

A Google user: The game's mechanics is good, but it can be repetitive if you are NOT trying to make an in app purchase. It Takes A LOT of playing and suffering through ads to get an extra revive, but in many ways the sprites make up for some of that. The upgrading system needs A LOT of work in my opinion. It's definitely overpriced which forces the players to think about spending their money. Can't forget this app is designed to keep the players playing in spending money. Overall it is a good game.

A Google user: The game is pretty fun and addictive, certainly an improvement over the first Sonic Dash. There are a few optimization problems and moments of serious hang, but those are few and far in between, so it isn't too big of a problem (plus it might just be my phone itself, so this may not even be a problem for others). I wouldn't really change up any core mechanics, and getting useful items like red rings or sprites through event and mission grinding doesn't feel grueling. Recommended for sure.

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