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Silent Castle MOD APK v1.4.9 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked All)

Silent Castle
NameSilent Castle
DevelopersBEP1C STUDIO
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Unlocked All
Updated on March 24, 2023
Silent CastleSilent CastleSilent CastleSilent CastleSilent Castle

Silent Castle - Challenge to be the last survivor in the Silent Castle.

What's new in latest version 1.4.9

- Add Christmas mode
- Fix known bugs

About Silent Castle MOD

Silent Castle is a puzzle game combined with intense role-playing elements. To discover the special things about this game, immediately read the article below. The latest analysis from Wbc2020 will surely bring you a lot of useful information.

Introduction to the game Silent Castle

Silent Castle is developed by BEP1C STUDIO. Your task in this game is to find hidden objects and build defenses. Because you are becoming a victim of the hunt, with just a little opening, you will be drained of blood by the devil.

This game warns that it can be physically and mentally uncomfortable. Because Silent Castle brings players scary images, and you always have to run away from the demons that eat souls. If you have neurological, cardiovascular and blood pressure related diseases, you should not participate.

The plot opens with a dark castle and something is breaking into this cold space. You need to be careful because those are the demons that are lurking everywhere. They come here to find souls, plunder and drain their blood.

The horrifying sound outside the door proved that the appearance of demons was becoming more and more obvious. You have to try to close the doors, breathe softly, hide in the bed and start to deploy troops around to defend.

Throughout the game, you will fight in the old and dark castle. Don’t let the bloodthirsty demons discover your whereabouts because they will come and swallow you whole. Just a second of negligence and loophole, you will become the unlucky person with a lost soul immediately.

Ready to experience many different game modes

Silent Castle brings you many different game modes. The special thing is that you can become the only survivor or transform into the demon Soul Reaper.

No matter what position you transform into, you will be equipped with powerful props and equipment. You can choose to hunt or defend at your own discretion. When completing the task, you will receive more attractive rewards.

Transform into the only survivor

When you transform into a human in Silent Castle, you’ll notice a red countdown timer. At that time, you must quickly leave the corridor to avoid the attack of the demons.

Besides, you should not follow anyone because each bed and room is just enough for a single person. If you walk into a space and see someone on the bed, quickly run out to find another empty room. If you hesitate, the demons will come and drain your blood.

Once you find an empty room, you need to go to bed right away. During sleep, you will receive gold, the better you sleep, the more money you get back. At the same time, you can use this money to buy new weapons and equipment for yourself.

You should remember that, for whatever reason, you shouldn’t get out of bed. The more you hear the door banging outside, the more you have to lie still. All you need to do is lie still and let the defense structure work its way.

If a monster can break through the door, you still sit on the bed. At this point, the player needs to find the remote and press the repair button to fix the problem.

Know the rules of the game

Silent Castle opens up to the castle scene with many secret rooms. If you walk into this room and see something wrong, hurry and leave the room immediately. You should not use the money to exchange for an item in the castle because this will make the devil mad.

In the castle, photography and filming are prohibited. If you are caught doing this, you will never return.

In addition, when you run across a certain room and see the light is off, don’t be curious. At the same time, stealing the item also costs you dearly. You should remember these things to play Silent Castle more effectively.

Besides, you need to know the rules of the game in Silent Castle. This game is unlike any other entertainment game, so keep the following things in mind:

Use the right tools and equipment

When playing Silent Castle, you need to establish a solid defense line. To do this, gamers must use tools and equipment to fight the devil. The game gives you many types such as removal shovels, cash trees, tomatoes, industrial fans, etc.

Some of the equipment you can use is free, but for others, you need to spend money to buy it. Each tool will bring a unique feature to help you fight the evil forces most effectively.

In the process of participating in the game, you need to calculate and weigh every decision. You need to install a solid defensive door and constantly repair it if it is attacked. From there, you can survive and avoid the pursuit of the dark forces.

Impressive graphics and sound

In addition to the attractive gameplay and storyline, Silent Castle also impresses the players with its ghostly graphics. The colors used in the game are dark colors. This has realistically described the dark and ghostly castle space.

Besides, the sound also creates a creepy feeling. You will feel the cold from the howling wind and the devil’s breath as if wandering around here. Since then, players are always in a state of suspense and no less excitement.

In addition, the game layout is presented scientifically to help players easily perform functions and capture information. Typically, the amount of money accumulated, HP bar, playing at what level, etc.

Download the Silent Castle mod version  – Unlimited Money right now

Silent Castle requires players to accumulate a lot of gold to buy many items. However, with the devil’s resistance, this becomes more difficult than ever. To fix this, immediately download the Silent Castle mod version – Unlimited Money.

The feature of the Silent Castle mod version allows players to own an unlimited source of money. From there, you can easily buy all items and upgrade equipment to fight more effectively.

Overall, Silent Castle is a puzzle game that combines role-playing elements that you should experience today. This game has a scary image but is no less attractive. If you are not faint of heart, quickly download it right away.

Reviews from google users

Hannah Wedde: The game itself is super fun, I would've loved to keep playing it, but it would constantly crash the game while watching an ad. I would watch an ad to upgrade my door, and after I would watch it, the app would freeze and close out. So, I had to start my game all over again.. Multiple times... Offer your no ads option for a more reasonable price, bc 10 dollars is a bit.. or fix this bug please, and I'll be back, until then, I wouldn't bother with this clickbate, pay to play, or watch to play bs..

Christian S.: Could be a REALLY good viral game. But buggy and crashes. After watching an AD . The entire game crashes. Can't beat game without watching an AD.. but when you watch it.. it crashes. Fix the bug issues and refine this game and it will do well .. Edit: crash crash crash. I have 30 seconds left before beating the level I watched an ad for assistance and the entire game crashes. This happens.. all the time.. Crashes bugs.. this game is terrible. The devs won't fix it.

Alex Souza: I downloaded this game almost when it first came out and loved it from the beginning. Instantly bought no ads package. Sure some bugs here and there but that's to be expected in any new game. Had the entire game beat except the last level due to the glitch preventing the enemy from dying. Just waited hoping for an update. Just came back to test it out again and decided to start from scratch. Only current issue is even though I paid, there's still ads. once that's fixed I'll give it 5 stars.

Dinesh Dahal: Well there were a lot of problems. First, it's not online. Second, after we tap survival mode there is no back button. So, either play or restart app to get to home menu. Also, while playing offline (no internet), we can't claim reward. Finally, in offline, the ghosts only attack you. And without watching ads you can't complete the level.

zachariah bagwell: The game is an ad grab, it is cheaply made and not worth paying money for. Uninspired, unoriginal, a waste of potential. while it was unique in it's setup, it fell short in its execution. I will play this again in the future, I am eager to see where they may go with their development. But as it stands, this is one of the most short-lived games on my device.

Tim Mastny: Fun concept overloaded by ads. Ad after every round. Multiple points per round where you can watch an ad to get a little boost. Unless the bad guy ignores you, you'll almost definitely need to watch an ad to not lose. Unlockables cost resources that come in, in a slow trickle, unless you spend money or watch more ads. And it asks you to rate it, without the option to refuse, after every round. Here's your rating.

Atlas Phelps: I love the actual game, if it were accurate. Every game is full of bots, non stop ads, the ai of the reapers is just boring, using spells when charged, random targeting. Playing the actual game is so much fun but having to play around constant ad rewards is not. Not to mention the insane difficulty after a certain point. Every air drop reward is needed to beat some levels, meaning 45+ seconds of ads. And no I don't want to pay 10 bucks to play a game that's advertised as free. Dropped the ball..

Elijah Soosemea: It could be a 5 star game if they made it winnable without ads. The strategy itself is fun, but they make it impossible to win without watching ads. They could really make this game fun and a top app in the gamestore. You die before you even have a chance to build your base up which is the whole fun part. It forces you to watch an ad just to be able to build a little. As soon as you're close to getting your base set up the way you want, you lose. So close but yet so far :/

Anthony Mickendrow: Overally a really good game. 1) Has an ad at the end of every 10 minute game, and you can watch ads in game for things. So there is a really good ad to playtime ratio. 2) The game is fun/creative in its unique defense/attack mechanisms too. =there are some things I would like fixed though= 1) the x is a dark red, so it's hard to see when you can close out of things. 2) after going into the night 1...2...etc thing, you are unable to go back (so pls add a back button there if u see this)

Raven Thompson: Really want to like this game. Concept is fun but the biggest issue right now is that once I watch an ad, the game crashes. And unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to advance the game without watching ads. So many ads. Also wish it were truly a multi-player game but it can't be unless they remove some of their ads. The CPUs are weak so half of the time, all the other "players" are already dead with 3 minutes left, so the monster is only attacking me.

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