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Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover MOD APK v2.0.1203255 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover
NameShining Nikki-Fashion Makeover
Updated on March 25, 2023
Shining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion MakeoverShining Nikki-Fashion Makeover

Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover - Beauty Works Miracles. Next Gen Dress-up Game.

What's new in latest version 2.0.1203255

1.The new feature - Reverie Moment and a bonus event will go live after the update. Hop in to share outfit ideas and interact with other Stylists!
2.The [Autumn Moon] rerun will start after the update. Let's enjoy the bright moonlight together!
3.The limited-time benefits event [Pleasant Night] will kick off after the update. Come and join in the great event!
4.COLOURS Newsroom Issue 13 will be updated.
5.Timed Memory Booth will be updated. Join to get previous clothing pieces and poses.

About Shining Nikki-Fashion Makeover MOD

If you are a fashion enthusiast and dream of becoming a talented and famous designer, look to Shining Nikki. This is a modern fashion game with beautiful characters. It will help you freely enjoy and show your talent through unique and new designs. Be creative and design the most stylish and modern dresses and clothes on the market.


To have a beautiful character, you must make up and beautify your main character. Makeup them meticulously and carefully, highlighting the strong points on that pretty face. At the same time, buy them gorgeous party dresses of all shapes and colors. Thousands of tailor-made outfits will fill your wardrobe. Thanks to that, every day you will have the opportunity to bring a unique style and become the most fashionable girl. Make your dreams come true in a fun and happy way.


In Shining Nikki, you will have the opportunity to become a model with beautiful fashion photos. Your photos have been taken to make newspaper covers or movie posters, lovely fashion portraits with a beautiful face and standard shape. Take pictures and record these memorable moments with your camera and give players a blockbuster with compelling and unique episodes related to fashion content.


After the splendor of perfect costumes and mysterious stories unfold. In designing and creating, you always have to fight and face many other designers to protect and save Miraland from death. Coming to the game, you will receive and listen to stories about fashion design. It’s not as easy as you think. This takes a lot of time and effort to give the model the most gorgeous and perfect outfit.


Hop aboard the Ark with your friends for a chance to sail to the Ocean of Memory. Besides, you can go to the concert hall to enjoy music, or go to the stage at Starry and famous nearby theaters to experience how chill life is. All the shows here are always happening, and they will never end. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to attend the Party regularly. Be the center of attention at the party, be a beautiful, charming and talented character.


In Shining Nikki, you will witness her development and efforts every day. Besides, you also have the opportunity to watch movies, go shopping together and join fun parties with friends, you even have the chance to travel with her. You should approach and get to know her daily life as a friend who is always available when she needs it. Not only that, but you can also witness her sad, happy, or happy moments. Be a good friend; always share and go through all the difficulties, stories, and ups and downs in life with her.


The manufacturer has given players a series of fantastic character images, and every little detail is meticulously and carefully sketched, creating unique highlights and attracting players. Many people need to see it for the first time and fall in love, and want to join this game right away. Each character is designed differently, with each character’s name and role being very diverse, avoiding confusion between the characters. Along with the harmonious combination of realistic and vivid graphics, this game has become a perfect picture. You will be amazed when you see its interface.


This game is for all ages. If you have a passion for fashion and want to show off your design talent, why not join immediately. At the same time, this is also a free game. After receiving user comments and suggestions, we have identified some errors and promptly updated and corrected them. The mistakes that cause a black screen when you log in have been improved and upgraded to be more perfect. If you have ever participated in the game, please rate your satisfaction below as well. If you have any comments or suggestions, please comment to let us know!

Reviews from google users

Rin: The devs are so greedy. They rush events like crazy. For now, I've uninstalled. I'll still keep an eye on this game, but for now, Life Makeover looks the most attractive to me. It even has more features and character customization, different body types, housing that you can customize, and you can even change the colors of your items. Unless this game gets better, I'll just keep waiting for Life Makeover instead. Update: After playing Life Makeover for 6 months, it's definitely better than SN.

Haiden Lennox: Customer service is very kind and prompt in fixing game issues specific to the player. I've had issues in the past with game play and account bugs and they have helped me fix all the issues. I felt the need to edit my review as my experiences have changed positively. I enjoy the game play and all the cute events! I hope to see more events like the Halloween one in the future. Shining Nikki is definitely my favorite mobile game.

mei: The story and graphics are beautiful!! However, I have not played long so it becomes a bit too overwhelming to remember all the different parts of the game. I wish there was a permanent guide that can assist the player on what to do throughout the entire game until they get the hang of it. (Or maybe that's a bit unreasonable.. haha.) Other than that, I really admire the amount of effort into developing this game.

Andrew Pyzdek: Fun and beautiful, but full of predatory monetization. Dressing up Nikki in a variety of outfits is great fun for all ages. The clothes themselves are far more gorgeous and intricate than you would expect from a mobile game, and there are loads of options. The microtransactions are insane, though. If you want to keep up with all of the clothing the game has to offer, expect to pay well over $100 each month. And if your goal is full completion, it will cost you more than $25000 !!!

Stacie Chan: It a beatiful game with so many clothing choices. I really like it. It very fun with all the various style, but as a person who don't spend money on this game. It very hard to gain more clothing without spending money. Also it very hard to beat the higher competitive players without possibly in spending money.

Duffy: The quality of the game is outstanding, and overall it's very manageable. Events will ocasionally rerun, giving new players a chance to get old suits, or players who didn't finish them a chance to do so. The event schedule has also gotten a lot better compared to when the game first started. Overall a very good and beautiful game.

Michelle That's it: The whole game play is way nicer than Love Nikki. It's also more fair. But it's not really simple I guess there's just to much stuff to do, and they won't stop pushing stuff in your face. I really wished you could skip the tutorial(s). It would be nice to see more Wasteland suits to. In both games! But all in all, love it.

MistakenlyAwesome: There is absolutely a tonne of beautiful things to wear however I just constantly feel overwhelmed with how much stuff is on the "home" screen and just in general. with how much grinding A lot in this is confusing and getting full outfits is frustrating, you aren't going to get a full outfit unless you spend actual money on the game because you can only do so much during events. It requires a LOT of grinding to proceed in anything. You can't beat the pay to play bots in anything either. ?

Michelle Withrow: Since my initial review, they've made more events easier to get a good number of parts for, and there are many events with suits that can be earned through normal gameplay. It feels more fair and balanced now, and I'm able to enjoy it thoroughly. The story is fun and interesting, the cast is intriguing, and the art and fashion are gorgeous! I love this game!

Nicole Buck: I love love LOVE this game. But I've just run into a problem? I tapped on my profile pic, and it started buffering. Then it told me I lost connection. When I closed the app and opened it back up it said something about being unable to verify the server. I did this mutiple times with the same result. I checked again to get the exact wording, but now it says that my login has failed and will not let me log in again. It just repeats the attempt to log in every time I tap the screen.

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