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School Girl Apartment Paradise MOD APK v3.0.24 (Free Points)

School Girl Apartment Paradise
NameSchool Girl Apartment Paradise
DevelopersGenius Studio Japan Inc.
MOD FeaturesFree Points
Updated on March 29, 2023
School Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment ParadiseSchool Girl Apartment Paradise

School Girl Apartment Paradise - Catch the eye of the pretty girl next door at an all-girls apartment!

What's new in latest version 3.0.24


About School Girl Apartment Paradise MOD

School Girl Apartment Paradise is a role-playing simulation game recently released. When participating in this game, you are easily “addicted” to the good gameplay and deep love story. Discover detailed information with Wbc2020 by reading the article below.

About School Girl Apartment Paradise game

School Girl Apartment Paradise is published by Genius Studio Japan Inc. This unit is currently a famous developer with Visual Novel-style simulation games. The attraction of the game lies in the content and unique storyline.

If you want to discover a unique love novel, join School Girl Apartment Paradise now. When participating, you will be playing the role of a male student who has just completed the final exam of the first year at the University. At the same time, you prepare for a short-term internship abroad.

However, near the departure date, you are forced to postpone it because Grandma suddenly fell ill. At this time, you are assigned the task of looking after her apartment complex. This place has a lot of girls coming to rent out, and the Yakuza boss wants to demolish the apartment with crazy purposes.

In order to preserve the apartment complex, you must stop the evil plot of the other boss. Besides, you will meet beautiful girls and get to know them. It’s amazing how 3 people notice you.

Every girl has pure and sincere feelings for you. Therefore, the stories surrounding the 4 main characters will take place right in that apartment block. How the story ends, whether you find true love or not, completely depends on how you play.

The character system in the game

When participating in School Girl Apartment Paradise, you will be exposed to 3 main characters. Most of all, they are also the ones who go through many stories and thrilling situations with you. Specifically:

The girl Ai

This character is strongly impressed by her beautiful and extremely charming appearance. She was born into an elite family in Tokyo and holds an MBA in business administration. Not only that, but she is also committed to becoming a famous actress and photo model.

Ai is aware of her talents and qualities, so she is very proud of them. Although she works multiple jobs at the same time, she has financial problems. Therefore, she set a goal to design her own house and move in with the person she loves. Will you become the ideal piece of this character?

The girl Risa

Just like Ai, Risa is also a girl with a beautiful appearance and an active personality. She impresses others with her strong style and sunny smile. This character loves to play sports and always tries to make himself successful.

Thanks to the advantages of beauty and talent, Risa also owns a large number of fans. Every time she fought, she was enthusiastically cheered and supported by many people. Do you want to conquer this wonderful girl’s heart?

Risa’s mother – Ms. Michiko

Michiko is Risa’s mother, a woman who has left her husband and is looking for a new love. Although she is unlucky in love, she still hopes to meet someone who brings happiness. However, because she has a child, she is afraid to find new love.

Michiko still takes care of her daughter Risa every day and maintains a job. Her daily life is full of difficulties and sadness. However, when she had the opportunity to meet this person’s friend, she quickly fell in love. Will you accept her concern and offer your love?

Whether it’s Ai, Risa, or Michiko, they all have good qualities. Who do you like, and who do you want to capture the heart of? The course of this story is entirely up to you.

Attractive role-playing simulation gameplay

School Girl Apartment Paradise is highly rated for its simulation gameplay. This style brings familiar exploration to bring new experiences. At the same time, each individual also finds a moment of extreme entertainment.

Accordingly, you will play the main character and explore the story through each conversation of the narrator. Above all, the game also has many situations that require you to be the one to make the decision.

The remarkable thing is that, after each of your choices, the plot will change in a new direction. You can’t predict what will happen. Therefore, we urge anyone who wants to participate to explore and experience for themselves.

Brilliant and beautiful images

In terms of images in School Girl Apartment Paradise, we will see Anime style. If you are a lover of Japanese culture, you will definitely understand this. Typically, there are animated films of the country of the rising sun published from Manga comics.

Accordingly, the shape of 3 female characters in the game will make you fall in love. Typically as:

  • Ai has purple-black hair with an ideal height of 1m65, a weight of 46kg, and a modern fashion style. At the same time, she has long legs and white skin that “cut the heart” of every guy.
  • The mischievous and lovely Risa often ties her hair on both sides, her hair is quite long. Although she is only 1m55 tall, her well-proportioned body still brings irresistible beauty. Combined with sparkling blue eyes, it makes anyone melt.
  • The character Michiko stands out with brown hair and blue eyes is 1m60 tall and weighs 49kg. Although she has a daughter, Risa, she still possesses a fiery body, white skin, long legs, and gentle beauty.
  • Thus, when participating in the game School Girl Apartment Paradise, you just need to look at the character to be fascinated. What will your life be like when developing feelings for 1 of these 3 characters? At the same time, you also have to put all your mind into fighting the evil intentions of the Yakuza boss, when he wants to demolish the apartment.

Attractive MOD features

School Girl Apartment Paradise has a MOD version that helps you get points for free without watching ads. As a result, the game experience will be more complete, and you will not be interrupted while playing. At the same time, you also build your own story to enjoy a moment of true entertainment.

Overall, the game SchoolGirl Apartment Paradise is rated for teen content. If you want to experience the feeling of falling in love with female characters, join today. At the same time, the task of fighting evil forces is always parallel.

Up to now, School Girl Apartment Paradise has got 4.8 out of 5 votes. Along with that is more than 10,000 installs, and this number will continue to grow. This is enough to see the appeal of the game worth joining today.

I believe the detailed analysis from the website has helped you understand the game SchoolGirl Apartment Paradise. If you would like any further assistance, please connect to the site.

Reviews from google users

Diethrose2nd Gaming: I love the story and so far a didn't find any bug but why do i have to download the episode one by one and it's online

Russel Cipriano: I really like the game the quality and the characters the girls and the story is fun!

Zalepoyi Shijoh: It would be so nice without or less gems.! What a tricky..! U put gems on the better options..! Thanks and goodbye..

Godknows Chinsanya: Yeah it's pretty challenging when it comes to premium choice's but l enjoyed the game and l loved it.

Palamu Sherpa: This game is amazing I really loved it the graphics are awesome and ya I like the story... although I love to play this type of games ????

Jon Knab: Need premium choices to go down significantly bc I hate spending hours on end grinding and grinding more just for one choice but overall a great game

Ikay Orlanes: The story is very nice, but the rubies-- almost every choices are with rubies, it's kinda sad u know but ye I hope the next one is lesser ruby choices

Ivy Topacio: If you wanna choose the good option go buy some rubies. Most of the ending always end good anyways unlike some of their game where your choices really matters.

ETHAN DKP: Great game, the story is great as all your others. Really glad you showed the credits to the people responsible for making the game

Monette Rey Deposoy: Good game but too many micro transactions. It takes away the fun. You can't choose good decisions

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