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Rysen Dawn MOD APK vv1.36 (Free Shopping, Unlocked)

Rysen Dawn
NameRysen Dawn
DevelopersR-USER Games
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping, Unlocked
Updated on March 29, 2023
Rysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen DawnRysen Dawn

Rysen Dawn - Rysen Dawn is an exciting & colorful game to experience parkour in your device.

What's new in latest version v1.36

Now supports Android 12.

About Rysen Dawn MOD

Rysen Dawn is a Parkour action game with many new locations; you will play as a famous athlete RYSEN attracts people with his parkour skills via Livestream.

Experience the life of a parkour athlete in Rysen Dawn; your daily job is to Livestream and applies your melancholy parkour skills to convey to everyone. Through that, you will receive more revenue from the Livestream and use that money to equip your characters with the best and professional costumes to attract more followers—promises to bring players the most fun moments.


The parkour game genre doesn’t seem strange to everyone, and we can see a professional parkour master both in real life and in the game. Coming to Rysen parkour, players will experience the feeling of a famous Livestream master using his melancholy parkour skills to convey to everyone. You will perform in a large space, new locations with difficult obstacles. Your task is to Livestream using your skillful parkour skills to attract more people’s attention and increase followers on social networks. You will earn money through the Livestream and use that money to equip the character to become more professional to receive more people’s attention.


The special feature of this game is the new photo mode; you will be able to capture your best moments during the Livestream by taking a screenshot or the shutter button available in the game and stored in the photo folder. The photos are output with clear HD quality so that everyone can feel as real as possible. You can use those photos to build a personal brand that attracts a lot of people’s attention. Becoming a famous parkour Livestream master has never been so easy.


No job is easy, neither in Rysen parkour nor will you show off your parkour skills under challenging locations overcoming dangerous obstacles and sometimes unfortunate incidents. Because of the nature of the job, you have to live stream to make money every day, and you need to do how to convey to viewers the best parkour skills on the live music background. Graphics are designed in sharp 3D, vivid sound; you can choose your own music to bring the most realistic experience. Players can also run quality above 60 FPS to be able to feel the best. Please take photos of your best moments and upload them on social networks to increase your followers and earn extra income.


With a diverse system of costumes and accessories, the game provides the most splendid clothes for you to equip your character to look professional. You can choose for the character the best clothes through the Livestream showing off your melancholy parkour skills to earn money to support you in the process of building your personal brand. You are currently a well-known parkour expert on social media with a large following as a result of Livestreaming, developing an individual image on social media, and making additional money. Everyone’s attention is always drawn to your looks. Therefore you must present an excellent image and appear professional at all times.


  • Beautifully designed 3D graphics along with exciting simulation gameplay, sound, vivid harmonies bring the most relaxing moments.
  • Diverse system of costumes and accessories to choose the best clothes and look professional for your character.
  • Game with many emoticons expressing emotions through favorite music and parkour tricks with attractive dance moves.
  • Easy controls that can run the game at over 60 FPS along with a cool photo mode that captures the best photos in high resolution.
  • Large space with many new and colorful locations, show off your parkour skills via Livestream and increase revenue.

Reviews from google users

X Tonmoy: It is a very good parkour game But you need to have change on game Like new map free mode Etc.Byt alot of thanks I enjoyed the game very much

Prajwal Prajwal: Lowda game too many ads and when go nxt lvl they ask 5min to 10min break for every time. But it is a nice game but there is a lot of issue . Fix it ?

Sean Holy: First off, it is a good game. But, there are a lot of problems. For a parkour game, you lose some of your momentum when doing some tricks, like flipping or climbing a platform. Nobody wants that. And second, god there are so many ads. Like jeez, everytime you enter a level or die or just wanna go to the store, an ad pops up. Okay, so suggestions: -Limit the ads to just 1 time every 5 or 6 levels. Also make the ad skipable. -Keep the momentum. Make walking and sprinting states of the animations.

JMJXmax: This game is awesome but there are some problems like nowadays I cannot watch ads . It comes 'no internet' . And with th new map release sometimes when we put run button we move slowly for a second or two and it comes back that second sometimes cost me a level . Hope you fix thesse bugs other than its great .

Antara: This is the best parkour game for Android! The graphics are really great and the gameplay is awesome! Edit: I can't play the game though. Idk why but when I downloaded it sometime ago, I could play it smoothly but when I installed it now, I couldn't even start the game. This new update is the worst ever update I've ever seen in a game. Will be happy if I get the older version where I could really play it and have fun. Whenever I load a level or free mode it just kicks me at my home screen.Fix it

Nikul S.: Impressive graphics. Could do with more variety in parkour moves and everything in general. The controls are definitely in need of improvement. Also, the spawn locations can sometimes be impossible to get down from without dying.

Landon Beckham: Best parkour game ever!!! Great graphics, easy controls, and awesome stunts!!! But there is 2 things I wish that were in the game you shouldn't lose health from falling from a 5 foot distance, and second there should be a rooftop map. But besides that GREAT game!!! ???

Claive Matt Malindao: This is a super super good game it has good graphics a decent controls and so far i do not encounterd some bugs. I think you should download this game you will really really enjoy it. But can you make more maps, and expand the maps, so it can be a more a open world game if you do that in a future update this game will have a lots of players

AndroidGamePlays: Perfect bro, this is the best????? parkour 3rd person game I've ever played. If you continue this project this is going to blow up. But first of all remove that energy bar, second add more clothes and others characters for which the players can pay real money to buy also add a store to buy in game money with real cash. You can add plenty of parkour stunts, for ex when running on ground u are able to flip by touching a button etc or combining moves and creating more moves. Add animation too.

RLP: It needs a lot of improvement specially in footsteps sound that must be accurate every steps and also decrease crouch speed and lower the footstep sound . The climb animation is the one annoys me also changing idle to crouch mode, the foottt. Overall the gameplay is good but using energy on freemode? and lots of ads? Nahh 7/10. Also I just thinking about hide and seek mode in vs team. Haha

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