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Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK v6.4.9 (Unlimited Money)

Rope Hero: Vice Town
NameRope Hero: Vice Town
DevelopersNaxeex Action & RPG Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Rope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice TownRope Hero: Vice Town

Rope Hero: Vice Town - Super hero simulator. Be a superhero like a spider

What's new in latest version 6.4.9

Bug fixes

About Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD

This is a game with an extremely new formality, combining two genres that are very attractive,  role-playing games and action games. The game is labeled 16+, so it promises to bring you a relatively realistic and sharp game color, combined with strong and fiery fighting scenes on the street.

Rope Hero was built by the developer Naxeex – a fairly young game company, but they resonate loudly in recent times. Rope Hero is one of the premise games for the manufacturer of this game to produce many subsequent games, and succeed later. After the release, Rope Hero has received a lot of positive feedback from users, so this is a game that action enthusiasts should not miss.

The game’s main storyline

How do you think when one day you put on a hero’s armor and go to rescue innocent people? It sounds interesting, right? In fact, up to now, you could only see superheroes on film, but currently, you can enjoy this feeling directly.

In the game, you are a true hero, equipped with extremely delicate and good skills. For example, you can run like flying, climb expertly on large walls, swing around buildings, and easily move on the roof, … This is the most basic thing in the game.

However, you are a hero, you cannot live in a peaceful city. You are in a difficult task, which is to save innocent people in your place. The city you live in is a miserable city, filled with extremely aggressive criminals. And here, you can not have the support of the government or the police, you absolutely must rescue the city alone.

The difficulty increases gradually with levels

Rope Hero is a promotion game, when starting, you will be at level 1 with the most primitive equipment to fight crime. Of course, the criminals at the first level are relatively easy, mainly, you need to accumulate and learn the experience in the game to win in the next game levels.

When you play through the easy stages, you will find that the level of the game is getting harder and harder, and requires your skills to be much more proficient.

Rope Hero integrates the role-playing genre and deep fighting genre, so it also requires a certain gaming skill. If you are a person with a lot of experience playing these games, the Rope Hero game will not have too much difficulty when experiencing. However, if you are new, you need to learn a lot.

The upgrades for the character

Upgrade health index: You can increase the amount of blood for yourself and will have a lot more tough health.

Improve the regeneration of the body: In the game, after each time being killed, you can revive. If you upgrade this index, the speed and quality of each regeneration will greatly improve.

Upgrade resistance: If your ability to withstand being upgraded, you can perform many skills that require high resistance of the body, as well as reduce the amount of blood as little as possible after each attack.

In addition, you can upgrade a lot of other things such as ammunition, medicine, weapon damage, or car speed.

The equipment for the character

There are more than 60 objects in the game that you can upgrade.

Weapons: there are many weapons you can choose from in the game, for example, you can choose knives, guns, … In each weapon, there are different models and types. Just the gun, you have your own more than 20 suitable options.

Costumes: You have a lot of pre-designed outfits, including masks, suits, and shoes.

Vehicle: Cars, motorbikes, ambulances, and police vehicles are the essential equipment for you.

How to play

The game has very simple gameplay, with all the functions you need to have on the screen. On your left side is equipment such as a map, scroll bar, and quick actions when needed. Like the left side, on the right side, you have the health bar, speed bar, and manipulation of using weapons, jumping, and vines.

To get started, you need to drag your hand on the moving manipulation and navigate to the location you want to go. If you want to run fast to chase criminals, then press and hold the run button. If you feel your running skills are not fast enough, you can aim to shoot vines, and quickly reach the position in a snap.

The weapon usage part is used when you have identified the opponent and launched fatal attacks on the opponent. Be really careful, because the enemy is also equipped with advanced weapons to destroy you!

Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK

Besides the Rope Hero: Vice Town version provided by the publisher Naxeex Ltd, we will bring you the modified version of this game. Rope Hero mod will change a little bit, so players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. Normally, you will have to overcome a lot of levels to get more money. Instead, in Rope Hero: Vice Town mod apk, you are given a lot of money to spend as you like. You can buy all the things in the shop as you like without worrying about the price because they are free. Rope Hero mod helps you save a lot of time and costs in the game. Along with Rope Hero: Vice Town mod apk possesses for themselves the most powerful weapons and conquers all challenges in the game

The graphic of the game

The game has a quite special graphic design, both simple and attractive, positively perceived by the player.

The game colors are not too colorful and varied, but it highlights the gloomy and overcast colors of a city full of crime.

The motion in this game is highly appreciated, and it is also a very necessary criterion for evaluating an action role-playing game. In the game, this criterion is made particularly well, the actual game movements are smooth and mellifluous.


If you have a passion for those game genres like that, you should try this Rope Hero: Vice Town MOD APK game right now. However, the game tends to target all objects, but in fact, regardless of the object, the feeling of excitement and eagerness is inevitable.  Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and Download games and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.! Have a fun game.

Reviews from google users

Shourjya: This is a very good game but the has so many advertisements. This is a disturbing factor, otherwise the game is wonderful

Rai hassan Raza kharal: Please ad some new vehicle and make a garage where car paint other things and increase the map is to short game is excellent please do it I request you I am playing this from 5 year and ad some more mission

Jhonrenz Quimora: I love this game it's so cool and fun I can go on a date so many actions. but can you fix the quest, when I try to earn diamonds I can't buy everything even the robots my diamonds are already 10,00,000 I can't buy anything can you fix it thank you and I love your games

Babita Kumari: This game is superb I like this game . That's why I gave 5 star . But they can also add more options to make it more and more intresting. Any wase this is fabulous and fantastic game too.

Thaddeus Wilkerson: I like Rope Hero:Vice Town.The game shows how its like to be a Hero and a Criminal but physics in the game is Unrealistic.I want this things to be improved,Car Crashing Physics,more cars like a Bugatti,Tesla and etc.

Paras Deepanshu: This game is good having many guns mission cars etc but We can't buy our own houses, boats. add airport more aeroplanes , auto shooting, expand area ,more city,more mission,guns, cruiser, submarine, aircraft carrier, fighter planes, multiplayer, warships

Prathamesh Gavali: It is very advanturous game l really liked it .when l feel tire l always play the respective game . The quality of gaphics of the game is poor but according to its size it is good,isnt it

Official Jerry Ke: The game is cool but there are some changes you need to look on. There are no airports in the city, the city is small,,,, I can fly all over the city in just 5 minutes,,, I wish you could add as many cities as possible ?,,,,, the avatar/vehicle are much expensive and yet in a mission we are given a low cash ?,, you guys you should reduce the cash needed to buy something or increase the amount we are paid ? in a mission. The game deserves 3 stars ? for now . Thank you ?

Joshua Adikankwu: Lovely game but I think your development team should do something about the villain issue their no much villains or Infact no villains only gangsters all the time please fix this problem apart from that the game is really nice.

car parking drifter: Have to give you 5 stars because you always update this game to make it better can you please add zombies in part 2 like this one has plz. Also I had a glitch when it told me to kill the zombies I couldn't because they were under the map somehow I hope u fixed it. Also can you add more mask and outfit options. Maybe some more weapons and vehicles like a Nissan skyline type car. I have more ideas but I'll wait on those for now I love your games keep it up devs

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