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RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager MOD APK v4.3.1 (Unlimited Money / Gems)

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager
NameRIVALS Esports MOBA Manager
DevelopersLegendary Play GmbH
Updated on March 25, 2023
RIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA ManagerRIVALS Esports MOBA Manager

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager - Build your Esports dream team. Rise to the top.

What's new in latest version 4.3.1

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager 4.3.1
Patch Notes:
- Ban filter fixes
- Account Management page fixes
- New countries added to nationalities
- Message expiry message now is now in an info box
- Other small bug fixes

Full Notes @ http://legendaryplay.gg/blog/rivals-4-3-1-patch-notes

About RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager MOD

RIVALS lets everyone build their dream eSport team in various fields and games while organizing or creating the most fascinating and epic team combo or lining up to bathe in the glorious victories.

RIVALS is a simulation game that builds eSports lineups of popular MOBA games and involves famous participants who have appeared over the years. Because of that, its gameplay is complex and constantly changing and always relies on numbers, abilities, and more to excite everyone. Players must also constantly recruit, build, and role-play to create powerful squads that can claim resounding victories when challenging other squads.


After familiarizing themselves with the basic systems in RIVALS, the first thing a player needs is to build up amateur squads and make long-term progression. The game’s content also creates conditions for people to organize matches and gradually climb the world rankings and enjoy all its glory. The process of building squads also involves many other things, but that will form the necessary foundations for players to upgrade everything in the future.


The only thing that can help players get more revenue or resources is to win other teams through the most exciting MOBA matches. Matching a random formation will always have the same combat stats, but the victory depends completely on previous arrangements and tactics. In addition to receiving more revenue, the squad’s reputation will also gradually increase, and the members will also receive corresponding experience points to progress to a new rank.


Based on the club’s current reputation in RIVALS, they can access many other great funding sources worldwide and find more resources. In-game sponsorships are entirely variable and constantly changing based on the club’s achievements or progress throughout their career. However, the values ​​or rules of the sponsors are strict, so changing the source of funding needs to be careful, making the quality of gameplay more realistic for a manager’s job.


When pairing up with other teams in the big seasons, the most important thing is always to overcome challenges or train every member to the best of their ability. The player must also invest and continuously select the most effective methods for each position or character to achieve desired or superior results. More new content will gradually open up based on the progress of the training. Still, the quality and anticipation that the gameplay brings will always be great entertainment for the player’s efforts.


Matches between real players in RIVALS are the culmination of entertainment and excitement where everyone’s intelligence is different. The rewards in these matches are generous and plentiful to stimulate people to participate in PvP to advance more than PvE matches continuously. Of course, the battles will be a valuable experience for everyone to practice or apply new tactics to the squad no matter what difficult or dangerous situation they find themselves in.


The game’s system will have many different ways to stimulate the player to generate revenue through various events or methods. The marketplace is one of the places when many talents often appear and are immediately taken away by player-driven marketplaces. People can also trade or search for any desired talent to get more new squads while participating in many other fierce battles.

RIVALS is a fun and deep simulation game that immerses players in the many exciting and dynamic activities of eSport MOBA clubs. Almost all activities are built by the players’ creativity, and they must always take care of the smallest details for the best performance. Not only that, PvP matches are the pinnacle of entertainment and have loads of potential for players to exploit fully.


  • Build a powerful and desired MOBA eSport squad, expand everything to new heights, and climb the rankings to earn more glory and fortunes.
  • Match with formidable AI or real players to learn new tricks or train the members with excellent progress to unlock potential in becoming pro players.
  • Seek suitable sponsorships to aid the team’s development or build new facilities regarding team mental’s and physical health when training outstandingly.
  • Devise fascinating strategies and formations to face multiple situations and increase victory chances when the battle plays out automatically.
  • Trade with other players or worldwide marketplace for more potential members or even seek new sponsorships in upcoming rank advancement of the club.

Reviews from google users

Stiff Midget: Here it is more than a year later and I still cannot reset my account. Mind, blown.

Ricardo Montez: I gave it a 4th chance. Nothing has change. Server time-out. It takes too long before to proceed to pick in ban, worst after the loading you are in half of the first phase. I recommend this game not to play, it is a waste of time. It could have been -1 star. If you can't maintain this game's serve time-out issue please shutdown you stupid game. Uninstall don't play this game.

Pat Nev: This game is good but the monetisation ruins it. Ads are few & far but everything costs energy/tokens which are hard to come by so unless you have a lot of disposable income, you won't do much. I downloaded yesterday & ran out of tokens already because even buying staff & players cost tokens (alongside money). Outside of this, it's fun & I was enjoying it but when an accountant needed replacing and had no energy to replace, I knew, unless I was a whale, there's no point investing time into this.

Jay Kardell: matches feel like a coin flip and that prep doesnt matter when you lose a match your ahead in with a 10k gold lead and are up 22-4 in kills, all your players are more skill the the enemy, even on dragons, and you have the baron(or what ever its called). Oh your doing well wining every thing and you lose.....HOW? for trying to simulate pro moba play that is very unrealistic.

Hassan Hasfizi: Good Game. Making it an online game had it good and down side. It made the game more livelier but it force people to had unnecessary commitment. Learning curve a way too high. Too many things to read and learn just for a simple tap and watch battle. Required medium micro managing skill which id fine for a sport management game and i think graphic can use a little bit more works. I really don't like the tone. Too bright and not really HD. Try make it shaper darker tone so it suit older generation

JedimasterLuno: They seems to have deleted my last review. The foundation of the game is flawed. You could have a tactic worth 2801 and it'll show as 1962 in a live match, causing you a critical tactical loss that leads to you losing a tournament in the last match. Additionally, 3rd towers are dropping behind 1st and 2nd towers that are up. Extremely buggy. Should still just be in testing. Not a fully-made game.

Alexandre Othniel: I like every managing simulation game, and also this one. I like the gameplay, and the matching, it's like a real tournament. But if you guys could add new improvement like an other division of team, not just a MOBA team, it would be great. And please add a customization for the Player's we have, so our players not only good in the match but good in their look too.

darthxtian: fun at first then you realise its just about collecting work from coaches on cooldown. very little strategy involved, just try to counter other team and hope they don't change strategy. after a few months you realise no matter what you do strategy wise, even if your team is better on paper, the "tactics" part sets you so far behind compared to someone who has played since day 1. giving it a generous 3 star cuz it's free.

Jessica Bellandy: Well I'm still playing it. It's fun mainly because not many are playing and so I win fairly often so far. Lots of strategy and tactics. You can theme your team if you like not just costumes but if you wanted to have everyone on your team play mages you could technically do it and it wouldn't be bad if your team is good with a variety of them. Weaknesses of the game: matches are long if you sit and watch them, I wish the champions had more details like if they heal or something.

Nathaniel tracey: Fun game enjoying it so far, few glitches though. I had one where you couldnt accept the staff rewards anf it restarted the game. Every now and then theres a sychronise issue, im not sure what it is but it happens and if your doing tournments you dont have alot of time to prepare bans and tatctics sometimes for the next match. Overall i like it but still some things to fix, hope this helps others.

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