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Quran Majeed: Ramadan - القران MOD APK v6.3.2 (Premium Unlocked)

Quran Majeed: Ramadan - القران
NameQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القران
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Updated on March 29, 2023
Quran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القرانQuran Majeed: Ramadan - القران

Quran Majeed: Ramadan - القران - Ramadan 2023 - Trusted by 50 Million Muslims - Prayer Times, Athan, Qibla Finder

What's new in latest version 6.3.2

Thank you for using Quran Majeed app. Please give 5 star ratings review if you like the app. This helps us a lot. Jazak Allah Khair.
◉ Adhan audio alarm mode settings
◉ Reading mode auto scroll improvement

About Quran Majeed: Ramadan - القران MOD

Quran Majeed will be an application built in the genre of documents that bring the most special Quranic texts. Passionate chanting voices from the world’s best vocalists and other features further enhance the prayer session.

Quran Majeed is an application that can help its users to have wonderful religious experiences. If you have great faith and faith in Islam, this will be a perfect support application for your basic prayer tasks. Coming to this application, users will be able to pray exceptionally quickly with their devices anywhere, anytime.


Any Muslim will want to have for themselves a person who recites the scriptures with a good voice and is easy to hear. Even for those new to prayer or who have been doing prayer for a long time, having a good recitation will always be a huge advantage. And with this application, it will be possible to provide you with the voices of famous recitations from around the world, such as Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays & As Shrym, Mishari Rashid, Saad Al Ghamdi, and many more.


If you are a beginner in prayer, memorizing long texts will seem impossible. So how can beginners find passages in very long texts? The application has given its users the ability to search for scriptures with only one word they can memorize to solve this problem in the best way.


Users must want to know with the application that they can get the scriptures in their language? And the application’s makers have tried very hard to support their users with four translations with English – the world’s most common language. In addition, users will easily use the application with 45 translations in different languages ​​​​in the world.


To have the most effective prayer sessions, prayer time will also be a factor you cannot ignore. And with this app, you will get a Worldwide Prayer Time (Salah/Namaz) clock with Athan alarm options. The different prayer timing methods that you will apply to your prayer meeting are also included.


Besides doing your prayers, memorizing scripture passages will be extremely important. That’s why the application has also researched and brought to its users different audio methods to optimize your memorization of scriptures. Modes like repeating ayah, surah, number of repetitions, interval, and speed of recitation will be the key to helping you memorize the scriptures best.


In the end, to be able to bring the best prayer application, the interface feature will be an essential feature. Because a good visual and interface experience will help your users get excited about prayer. So the app has also added a lot of different theme modes for you like Green, Classic Green, Night Mode, Blue, Light & Brown to choose from.


  • A prayer application with the world’s most beautiful and inspirational voices recorded live.
  • Many different languages ​​, up to 45 languages, ​​have been translated for immediate use.
  • Various types of sound options to increase the memorization of sutras to the highest degree.
  • Different modes, themes, colors will be selected to increase the level of inspiration in prayer.
  • Search for scriptures exceptionally quickly through the filter and search feature, even for just one word.

Reviews from google users

Raja Aamir Rasheed: Very useful and brilliant app. I love it because this app uses text/fonts instead of images which gives option of scaling/zooming. I also love its Auto scroll book marks etc and the fact that its the bundle of so many useful tools. Jazak Allah. And thank you for gifting me full version of app free.

Irfan Saadat: Very good application. One thing I noticed, when text is in high zoom-in mode, and auto scroll is on, after 3 or 4 pages all of the sudden the page becomes jittery. Even if you turn off the scroll, it remains jittery unless your quot the application. This on Android

M: Assalamu alaikum warohmatullohi wabarokatuh. Really best app. But,so many advertisement in Qur'an. Please remove the ad for free for Allah's sake. When reading the Qur'an, it disturbs and distracts a lot, please. This will also be your service in the way of Allah, you will be rewarded,Allah willing.

tilloo kharrgosh: All in one! It saves effort to download multiple apps for different purposes. Very good app with many other options like prayer reminder, Quran with translation in English and other languages, qibla finder. Also, the daily reminders are very motivational.

FB NAJAFALI: MashaAllah, great Quran e majid application with audio. One of the best applications on the Play Store. Only this application has the option to start from where we had stopped, whether we close the application or switch off the phone. It starts from where we stopped. Thanks to the developer and the whole team. God bless you. Thanks. FATIMA

Kashmir Kak: The app is great but I think it has too many ads. I understand that you need to cover your various costs but apps like these needs to have negligible ads else they defeat the purpose. My suggestion is to make two versions of app, one paid & one free. The free version ( without ads ) should be minimal in option and paid one should be fully featured. And keep the subscription cost to bare minimum for common people to afford it. I think this model is best for the app and muslims in general.

Yahya Patel: Great app, but playback CTA with the range and repeat range doesn't work. I have tried changing to default and then setting me playback preferences but still the audio continues past my stated range. Please look into this as it stops people trying to hear their sabak on repeat, would also love 1/4 or 1/2 Para range to listen to Tarawee quarters on repeat

A Google user: It's really good app. Its scrolling is very helpful also ? is best for memorization. But too much annoying adds. Have new problem, I updated visual Quran and the colors of tajweed has gone. Don't know how to settle down. Please guide During auto-scrolling screen struck like a glitch .

Mazhar Hussain: I have purchased the app and it is very well organized and contains many useful Islamic material like, Quran, Duas, Tasbeeh, Qibla and Live TV etc but I'm very disappointed by the Adhan notification on my phone Infinix Note 10 pro with Android 11. I only get Adhan notification when my phone screen is on. I have tried to change every settings but it doesn't help. Kindly please fix this issue as soon as possible and I will update my review. Thank you!

Legend 325: Incredibly helpful app with so many uses. I feel that it's essential to have for all Muslims on their mobile phones as it even gives accurate prayer times and useful reminders to recite certain verses in Fridays among many others. I feel the ads take a long time to load and the experience isn't great with them. It's okay to have ads to generate revenue but the app should be optimized to make them load faster

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