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PUBG MOBILE MOD APK v2.5.0 (ESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Mega Menu)

DevelopersLevel Infinite
MOD FeaturesESP, Aimbot, Anti-Ban, Mega Menu
Updated on March 26, 2023

PUBG MOBILE - Choice of Over 1 Billion Players! Ultimate Battle Royale On Mobile!

What's new in latest version 2.5.0

PUBG MOBILE's 5th Anniversary is here! Imagination knows no bounds!
Use novel items to build a creative space in the new themed gameplay Imagiversary!
The first custom game modes are available for a limited time in World of Wonder! Experience a different PUBG MOBILE with loads of creative maps and gameplay!
New Jet-Boost Board skill brings you the joy of moving swiftly in midair!
Choice of over 1 billion players worldwide! Top-notch battle royale on your phone!


PUBG MOBILE APK is the most intense free-to-play mobile multiplayer game. Become a competitor. Escape the deadly 4v4 team deathmatch and zombie modes in massive 100-player classic fights. The winner is the survivor. When duty beckons, shoot!

One of the most popular survival games on the gaming market and has had a revolutionary change is PUBG MOBILE. Players will spend time exploring the futuristic elements and experiencing a wonderful but equally challenging world. In addition, you will have access to new equipment in regions or be pre-equipped with players to survive longer in the harsh world.


The current latest version of PUBG MOBILE is also considered a completely impressive step forward in many factors, from the environment and graphics to somewhat more tactical gameplay. From there, indeed, those who love this game will not be able to ignore them and take the time to explore and complete the different levels. The first factor that should be mentioned is that the future environment has been tailored to the player’s needs.

In addition to the classic buildings that you often replace in previous versions, some new buildings are appearing and some awe-inspiring areas with a hint of the future. When you come to a site called Tesla, then you will spend time collecting items inside. You can also click on the relevant function buttons so that you can create your car. Of course, there will always be certain disputes during the game, so choose an exact location.

There will be some equipment similar to cannons in some new areas, and they have a fascinating function: to shoot the player to a specific area. Specifically, after you have successfully started it, you will use it to fire yourself to a predetermined location. You will continue to fly in the air like you were flying after you jump out of the plane and continue to land in complete safety. It can be your way to a safe play area.


When it comes to means of transportation, the driverless train is the first thing that comes to mind. It will help you go through many different areas in the game without controlling and freely moving in its space. But one thing that anyone will need to care about is the route that this ship will take, and it is clearly shown on the map in a prominent color. Therefore, it operates similarly to public transport as it does in real life.

Another interesting function is that directional dogs will appear on some areas of the map. Specifically, the function of these dogs is completely useful, which is to help you navigate some high-quality items such as armor, hats, and many other types of items. In other words, you will save time when collecting related items if you already have a certain number of items. The windows of the building have been retrofitted with glass with which you can interact.


Many items have been added to support your gameplay, and one of them we cannot mention is the scope and shield. As for the team tube, its primary function is to help you get more vision if you don’t have a gun scope, which is completely useful in many survival games. In addition, this device can have a new function to orient the position of enemies at a distance and reveal the space on the screen so that players can choose tactics carefully.

In PUBG MOBILE, players will not survive in an area without experiencing challenging shootouts with various enemies in the game. It is a difficult element; if you are not careful, you can be defeated. If you are almost out of health and have not been knocked out, you need to use a shield and block in front. You can retreat with your teammates with this shield, and it also gives you impressive durability.


The mode in PUBG MOBILE also has a slight change and some new mechanics that you will need to pay attention to as it relates to gameplay. All the elements are futuristic, and the rewards in the Royal Pass are also quite impressive. In addition, in some cases, you will love the new support ways introduced in this version 1.5 to optimize tactics in addition to the survival support elements in the game.

You can support healing items for teammates at a distance or with enemy resistance. So you can predetermine a location and throw these items there without any problems. A color element has been added to let the player know how many items are left in his backpack. From there, there will be many new tactical elements that open up and give you unique gameplay and don’t forget to adapt to new guns.

Reviews from google users

Nizaam ZaAmPiE B: Thank you for updating the game graphics more suitable for my phone. I am pleased to play smooth again. Awesome form up one me!(Anna voice) and give 5 stars people.

Omar Ahmed: Fantastic but I have some issues. 1 there is a little bugs in the game the makes my experience kind of hard . 2 the control joystick lagges some times and make me run to unknown places(wherever the joy stick wants) and that gives others a chance to KILL ME . 3the currency the Mony that I have to pay for any thing and what i Gain is not fair and other thing to fix is the sound glitches

sah shekhar: Every time I have played this game it has run well even on a $20 phone (on lowest settings) I have gotten CODM but redownloaded this because this game runs better than COD however there are some things I like about CODM and wish were here but then again the reverse is also true, I have yet to play new state but i'm afraid it'll run bad because it's new, once the bugs are fixed I will update as soon as I play it, TL;DR solid game, if you don't care for COD or your device can't run it get this.

Ronith Rai: I've been playing PUBG since season 1 and still very involved. The game play and lagging has improved alot. However, after every update my settings gets messed up. My gyro is deactivated, my graphics set to default, my sensitive ruined, peek option disabled. I thought it was only me but my friends have been facing the same problems. If you could improve on this issue, everything it fine.

Shah Noor: Very much advance. I'm saying that the old one was very excellent Infront of this new one because there are alot of extra events... Lobby is always looking full of notifications, bro "it's a battleground not the Avengers Tower where you have gramble hook, you have a second lofe(recall). Battle is about kill or die.

Jeff McDowell: Since update on Android around 3-14-23 for everyone on my friends list, game states I have a different version than they do, how is that possible? This can not be changed on my end, so please fix on your end. Game used to be fun, now I can not play most maps because there isn't enough players to 'match' with. I will edit this review if and when this is fixed.

Pablo Ernesto Duarte Montiel: I love how the game renders playable characters on the maps so much they really seem to be pounding their way across the fields the interactivity is phenomenal and personally the game reminds me alot of a brain prospect i met when i was an infant, theres also a female character thats looks alot like a person who i encountered after many years in the forgotten. Id like to be able to switch from third person perspective view to first person perspective view in the match or during the match. Liked.

Hasif Uz Zaman: Hello, I am here to let you know that I am not able to play PUBG in "Smooth+Extreme" mode. when I selected these graphics settings the game is stuck and freeze on the loading screen. On the other hand, Whenever I set the graphics settings to "HDR+Extreme" the game starts flawlessly. I search on google and find some articles all over the world that some flagship devices especially the One Plus 9RT are not supported PUBG "Smooth+Extreme". We request you to solve the problem as soon as possible.

Chinloyal: For the bolt action sniper firing mode, I wish there was a mixed option instead of only tap/release. I only play with 2 fingers and release mode on the sniper is great because I can hit long distance shots quickly without needing another finger to switch to scope. But for close range I have to use tap because the scoping animation is not quick enough. Having a mixed mode would solve this issue for me

shar-iah alamin: this is a very good and fun fun game, and all the time this is my favorite game ever, but i have some problem on it because, sometimes if im in match making, the black screen just appear like a glitch, wich you can't see anything it's just all black and i just need to go back to the lobby and start a match again, and i hate it. please im beggin' you to fix it

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