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Protectors: Shooter Legends MOD APK v0.0.61 (Unlimited Ammo)

Protectors: Shooter Legends
NameProtectors: Shooter Legends
DevelopersVasily Fomin
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Ammo
Updated on March 25, 2023
Protectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter LegendsProtectors: Shooter Legends

Protectors: Shooter Legends - Install to fight in arena shooting battle with friends! Pick up gun & let's go!

What's new in latest version 0.0.61

-- Minor bug fixes

About Protectors: Shooter Legends MOD

Protectors: Shooter Legends Mod APK is designed in a flamboyant shooting action style. Participating in the survival battle with aliens through different game modes will bring the best experience.

Protectors: Shooter Legends is a game that gives its players a lot of special emotions in the time period that they experience. For players who have a particular passion for shooting games, this will definitely be a game that you cannot ignore in your game list. The game will bring exciting shooting parts with many different heroes fighting for their glory.


The plot will play a vital role for players to have particular emotions that motivate them before entering their part. And the main plot of this retelling game will be built based on the world context in the future time after the 21st century. This will be a special time in which humanity has made great strides in development. Science, engineering, and technology are considered the highest since we appeared.

And after having research projects and clearly understanding everything around in this vast universe, humanity has begun an extraordinary task. It is the discovery and use of energy of tremendous power that crept through the very structure of the universe. But this is also when a big event is about to happen when humanity discovers an alien civilization, and it can imitate everything like humans. This will be the time when the real heroes must begin their mission to protect the survival of the human world from a significant threat from another planet.


After players have understood how Protectors: Shooter Legends will work within their play, now will be the time to start things officially. With a beautiful storyline that has been opened to players, the game will need to develop for itself a really suitable gameplay system. Through a process of extremely careful research and testing, the makers of this game have also determined that their products will be developed according to the action genre.

With the familiar action genre, all games will be able to develop separately according to the ideas that the game will implement. Making the most of the action gameplay has allowed this game to bring your play into the most exciting parts with a lot of shocking details. Players will be able to participate in many different gunfights to regain victory and glory for humanity.


The game will also give its players a theatrical challenge system to stimulate them in this adventure journey. The main task set from the beginning will always be that you will need to fight with alien forces to be able to protect the super project of humanity. And to be able to achieve the ultimate goal, the game has also been very subtle when dividing the game into many different tasks for players to complete each stage in the adventure.

Moreover, you will also be able to fully feel the game’s appeal from the many different game modes that Protectors: Shooter Legends has prepared. Starting with your game, you will be able to completely choose for yourself one of 10 different exciting game modes of the game. In addition, you will also be completely immersed in two PVE game modes and really intense 4v4 PVP gun battles with different sharpshooters from around the world.


A last but not least important feature is the character and weapon system that Protectors: Shooter Legends will need to equip its players. The first thing to mention will definitely be a system of many different hero characters that players will be able to choose according to their preferences within their play. Each hero will have his own unique abilities and powers to be able to fight, and you will also fully develop them with easy upgrades.

In addition, the superheroes will also be able to use special weapons that promise to bring them the best battles. The game’s design has created a lot of weapons with unique and eye-catching shapes that players will be able to combine with their characters. Using the guns, you are equipped with will be a great advantage in performing your mission.


  • The game is designed according to the very familiar action game genre with many different attractive features.
  • A future plot has been told that the main task you need to perform is protecting the human world.
  • The game’s style will bring the extremely dramatic and tense FPS and TPS shooting action.
  • Many different game modes will be experienced, along with the PVE or PVP battles that have made the game’s name.
  • A special character system has been introduced with heavy weapons that will also be used inside the fierce battlefield.

Reviews from google users

ZML: Really fun game! U.I. and controls are smooth. Aiming is satisfying. I just wish there was more rewards for winning and leveling up. Or more maps. It feels like it's in the beginning stages for sure!

Mr W: Fun game limited classes. Class based shooters with 1 ability. Overall enjoyable would prefer some more characters and maps. Instead of auto shooting why not add a button to fire. A jump button should be added so can get behind enemy teams through the map. Also will add multiple layers of strategy to the gameplay.

Anthony Pete: Best fps mobile game since frag and guns of boom. Amazing graphics, amazing gameplay, the features of the characters is spot on. Daya has got to be my favorite character with his nearly unstoppable energy devil emoji balls. The modes r awesome, the face off is my favorite mode. Keep up the great work and am completely excited for updates, any and all is welcome! Here's to now and many more years to come fellow Protectors!

Todakai IX: They make it seem like it's actual people close to your level. They move like auto bots that rarely think about positioning.. Team game...but can't add or invite friends...no mic options...game feels basically dead and single player long story short... If they delete this, I'll gladly copy and paste again and again till they fix it. Cheers, not worth the DL..

Travis Snow: Fun gameplay, simple enough but still fun. there is leveling up and such, but not too complicated that you spend more time doing that than playing the actual game. The controls work well and nice graphics.

Dj Lazard: I really like thus game. In future updates keep everything as u have it now only add jumping & crouching, new players, events, weapon upgrades, friends list, new & bigger maps. Love the game modes too. Could you also consider a bigger version of battle royal mode & also able to use powerup. Can u switch mine to grenade for sniper class? Keep up good work!

Goody: I am pleasantly surprised at this game. The graphics are pretty good, the character builds are nicely stylized, and the gameplay is pretty fun. I am only a couple of hours into the game, and there are still quite a bit more levels and unlockable characters to reveal... Will update soon.

Scott: A stand-out FPS! Team up as the charachter of yours choice. With unique roles and tactics. Levels also have unique objectives to win. If you love fps but bored of all the clones this game may refresh the genre for you. Outstanding graphics with its own style. It used to sometimes get stuck with you unable to change aim but hardly now.

Nova Bird: I like this game. I feel like the abilities are too fast tho, I feel like there should be a timer before being able to get your next ultimate/ability. also the maps might be a tad bit small in my opinion it's easy to spawn trap the base. other than this add a ranked mode it is fun.

Living Life: You can keep deleting my comment but I'll keep putting it back. This game is now lame ever since they out in the red fire button. Put it back to where it was. When u walk using the red button your damn gun goes down unless u release and redo it. Makes running and shooting hard. Also the game is full of bots and autoers. If I could give 0 stars I would. Horrible game now.

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