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Phantom of Opera MOD APK v5.4.3 (Free Shopping, Unlocked)

Phantom of Opera
NamePhantom of Opera
DevelopersMazM (Story Games, Adventure)
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping, Unlocked
Updated on March 25, 2023
Phantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of OperaPhantom of Opera

Phantom of Opera - MazM's Mystery Visual Novel, Story Game. Come live the Romantic Thriller Story

What's new in latest version 5.4.3

Fixed issue where certain UI characters were invisible

About Phantom of Opera MOD

Phantom of Opera Mod APK is a game inspired by the artwork of the same name. The system will bring great stories with storytelling-style construction gameplay and a good challenge.

Phantom of Opera will be a game that can give its players new experiences. If you are a lover of literature or works of art, it is impossible not to know about the highly famous work “The Phantom of the Opera.” Coming to this game, you will now be able to experience these exciting stories from a different perspective.


With a game inspired by and set in a once-popular piece of art, you need to have something special. But concerning the plot, the game maker has a special way of looking at it. With a work of a lifetime, the games will need to convey the story, the best content that the previous work has ever possessed.

That’s why when players come to Phantom of Opera – Mystery Visual Novel, Thriller will feel an apparent familiarity coming from the narrated story. This also allows the game to send its messages to people who know it well or have never known it. Now, players will experience great emotional stories by wandering around the opera house and feeling everything in it.


But not because of bringing a famous and familiar story that the game will bring boredom. The game is built and developed in adventure play according to the main theme’s extremely mysterious and fascinating stories. So players will be able to fully feel the Phantom of Opera – Mystery Visual Novel, Thriller by discovering stories or mysteries that they have not yet found the answer to.

Besides developing for themselves dramatic adventure gameplay, the games also give their players a reasonable challenge system. The tasks set in the game will help players pay attention and control their play progress in a very reasonable way. The makers have come up with 102 footnotes for you to pick up on your adventures. The more you play, the more you will understand the story, earn more footnotes and get special gifts.


Finally, graphics will be an essential feature for a game developed in a narrative style to be able to do its job well. Beautiful graphics can definitely give its players an excellent feel, and the adventure follows the story perfectly. Understanding the importance of graphics to their players, the producer is also very focused on carefully creating.

The graphical points that the game has made extremely successfully will be the re-imagining of highly familiar characters. In addition, it will be that these characters are placed in an opera theater setting similar to the plays that have been performed many times. So all the stories or emotions of the characters in this game can be brought to you in a beautiful, true, and attractive way.


  • A game developed in an adventure style based on a novel plot with dramatic stories.
  • The plot is inspired by the artwork “The Phantom of the Opera,” which is extremely popular with many people.
  • The adventure style determines the game’s gameplay, and players will feel free to find the answers for themselves in the game.
  • Fascinating challenge system with 102 footnotes prepared to collect and bring rewards.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in a classic style to be able to describe the game and best match it accurately.

Reviews from google users

OH HECK NO: The gameplay is easy and the story line is really intriguing, my problem is that I've just finished the "free" part of the game, and whenever I try watching an ad it says that there's no connection even though I have one, and it says the same when I try to enter the store. So I'm not able to continue the storyline because the game won't allow me to watch ads or even purchase it

Monica Alavez Ibarra: I haven't finished yet but this game is amazing! The graphics, sound effects, plot, everything basically is so well done. The story is very intriguing. One thing I also love is that you don't have to spend money to play, you just watch an ad or two to buy a chapter and can even see the artwork. I totally recommend you to install it, right now!

Chase: Ok game. I liked the story and the gameplay at first. The controls were ok, graphics were also ok. The art style is also ok. There were a lot of characters, everything happened in the opera. I quite enjoyed the storyline and how everything progressed at start. Then after playing near half of the game it started being tedious. Going back and forth and roaming around the same place again and again made me feel tired, storyline was also not that good, characters were bland, ending was not special.

Tess Ann Thomas: It's a wonderful game. It's graphics and characters are really appealing. Mazm has done great job of making this interactive story and the in depth research on the time era, places , characters is really amazing. I hope for more games like this. Best part it is that I can watch ads to play the game.... all together it's really loved it one of the best modern visual story game I have ever played

HO_BAUTISTA, DREW ALLEN M._M: I am still on Chapter 2 but I'm being carried away too much! I love the character design, the plot and the way that the 'Phantom of the Opera' is a character much more different than what I've usually been encountering. Sad thing is I have to watch 3 ads on a daily basis to continue on reading the whole novel, would be better if it was capped to a limit of 5 or 10 so that it doesn't ruin the momentum of some readers/players.

samantha visser: Really love the art style and the immersive story. The little bits and scripts of information on the history and other acts that inspired the play is also fascinating. The ability to be able to continue to play through by the ad based system seems to be sustainable and you don't need to watch 5 000 ads for 5 min of game play, as is the case with most games) and the quality story line is unmatched. I will definitely support the developers future endeavors!

shveni beanie: This game has awesome art, sensational music and a captivating story (so far I'm on chap. 2). This game is different to most others... It's on a whole new level. I love the eerie feeling it gives me. I don't really have money to spend on games so I liked the ads system. Overall, glad I got to play this great game! Dear developer, keep working hard!

A Google user: A pity seeing such nice artwork for a game that looks more like an interactive story. I got really frustrated when each time I touched the screen to explore an area, a new dialogue session would start, and then another, and then another... There is definitely an imbalance between story and gameplay here, but there is also potential.

A Google user: I personally loved the game, and it seemed quite interesting but I had one major issue, after playing chapter 1, I wasn't able to see any ads as it kept saying that I wasn't connected when my wifi connection was fine. Due to this, I had no way of playing chapter 2. I tried to delete and download the app again, but it just deleted all my progress and the issue prevailed. If anyone can tell me how I can fix this, it would be of great help, but over all, great game

A Google user: A faithful adaptation of the novel, created with all the love and attention to detail this story deserves. I stumbled upon it by pure chance, and it deserves SO MUCH MORE support! I can only recommend this game for all. The story itself is taken seriously, but it's also FUN and the sprites are both beautiful and insanely cute! My only issue, perhaps, is that the controls can be somewhat clunky, but this is a visual novel first and foremost, so that doesn't tarnish the experience at all!

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