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Pet Rescue Saga MOD APK v1.415.6 (Unlimited Lives/Boosters)

Pet Rescue Saga
NamePet Rescue Saga
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Lives/Boosters
Updated on March 29, 2023
Pet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue SagaPet Rescue Saga

Pet Rescue Saga - Animal matching puzzle - Earn points! Save the pets! Dog and cat rescue game.

What's new in latest version 1.415.6

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About Pet Rescue Saga MOD

Pet Rescue Saga Mod APK is a unique match-3 game that requires players to have smart calculations and thinking. Conquer the challenges in the game with simple gameplay.

If you are a lover of mind games, Pet Rescue Saga is an excellent game for you to train your best reflexes. The game style is cute and close to children, helping them to form a growth mindset and problem-solving ability. The player’s task is to use support tools to save the pets trapped in the squares. Each level will have its own solution, so please calculate carefully and try to find every way to solve it.


With a careful investment in content, cute graphics with unique puzzle challenges. You will be the one to help the adorable animals escape the squares by solving puzzles to break the squares. You must arrange those blocks in a horizontal or vertical row to break them, and the animals will be freed.

Every three squares of the same color are placed next to each other, automatically exploding. Arrange them logically and avoid cluttering the squares. Besides, you can also take advantage of special effects like bombs to increase breaking more squares, helping you solve puzzles easily. The outcome of the game screen will be evaluated based on your number of moves. If your number of moves is less, the maximum number of stars for you is three stars, and the lowest number of stars is 1 star. You will receive many attractive rewards when you reach the maximum number of stars.


You will have the opportunity to meet a variety of cute and funny pets in the world of Pet Rescue Saga. These animals are all very close to the player, such as cats, dogs, pigs, chickens, turtles,… With each puzzle, you will have to rescue a different animal. And as you progress further, you will have more difficulty rescuing because the number of animals also increases. So do your best to bring them back to normal life.


The use of support tools will be beneficial when players fall into a difficult situation. Five different tools correspond to different players’ solutions, including hammers, pliers, rockets, and balloons. Each tool will have a certain function, such as exploding blocks or moving pets. So, you should use them wisely to be able to pass the levels.


As you go through many levels, your playing experience will gradually increase, and of course, the level of the game will also increase. As you progress further in Pet Rescue Saga, you will find it easier to adapt to challenging puzzles, and the game even allows you to replay to achieve the highest rating for each level. The more you explore, the more you will see the appearance of many special animals, and the game context will also change gradually.


You can log in to your Gmail account or other social accounts to be able to follow your friends’ journey. All other players’ progress will be publicly visible. You can rely on the game’s leaderboard to try to achieve a higher position.

The leaderboard is an excellent tool for players to measure their skills and that of their friends. The levels all require completion in a certain time and have to complete the most challenging puzzles. So you have to work harder to surpass your friends.


– Eye-catching graphics and engaging gameplay
– The pet system is lovely and close to the player: dog, cat, chicken, pig,…
– Use support tools to destroy the blocks: diamonds, explosive bombs, …
– Hundreds of different levels to challenge players, giving players exciting experiences
– Unlock many attractive rewards after leveling up

Reviews from google users

Alice Jacobs: Stop ending my login streak just because I log back into Facebook!!!! Every time I log into Facebook my log in streak starts over. It's definitely frustrating and seems like a bug.

M M S: I need an update. Its stuck and it wont give me stars in the bar for achievements. Im bout to delete it cuz ive tried everything to fix it on my end. Plz tak care of this.

Veronica Sanchez: I been playing for more then 10 years , I'm very addicted , I always recommend this game , . PET RESCUE is a relaxing game and all ages can play . Definitely 10 stars

Monica Lynn: 1/26/23- no new levels at 6012 and its been almost 2 weeks. Update: They have the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE VIA EMAIL! Update: Again, free lives and no more levels. Why put the treasure chest there if we aren't able to utilize all of the prizes? Update: I had 14 hours of free lives and due to the lack of levels, I lost that time. Great customer care! My free lives disappeared and after a quick email, they restored them for me.

Sivi Miranda: Frustrating! Every time I switch to a new phone, and reinstall the app it takes all my power ups away. I had close to 30 of each that I earned from playing often and completing some challenges. It was all taken away when I upgraded my phone and reinstalled the application on my new phone. Always happens everything I upgrade.

Lucy Celestino: The game keeps crashing!!! Fix this problem already!! It's been two weeks I've been trying to play! What is the point of developing a game, and not tend to it! I guarantee you, lots of people will uninstall if this continues! Guaranteed!!! FIX THE PROBLEM ALREADY!!!!!??

Ashvinee Nabadawewa: So far the best game app, I've played on a phone. Levels as really achievble ,not too hard or too easy. Unlike so many other games you don't need to pay if you need to get a booster or a save.. Soany side levels are there too, to support to gain bosters and score high in main levels. Overall this is really an amazing game.. Thanks developers..?

Lani Carter: I have had a very frustrating time with the Halloween town. It constantly crashes and I can hardly grab the pets with the special items. Now I can't even open the game. FIX PLEASE. This is one of my favorite games

Lucy Napolitan: The game constantly likes to do the opposite of the command it is given causing player to lose gold bar resources and other boosters. It also drops from service from time to time wasting services when player is about to beat level. No human customer service agents available when their is a problem to report the glitches to and is run by a computer program that just gives player the run around. Therefore leaving to option to report problems and glitches when there is a problem.

Victoria Kortz: I haven't been able to play for a week straight. The game will load, get me in, and as soon as I see my town the app crashes. I have almost all the rewards done but I can't complete it. I've restarted the app and my phone and it's still crashing. Please help i love halloween and I love this game been playing for years.

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