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My Town: Grandparents Fun Game MOD APK v7.00.08 (Unlocked All Content)

My Town: Grandparents Fun Game
NameMy Town: Grandparents Fun Game
DevelopersMy Town Games Ltd
MOD FeaturesUnlocked All Content
Updated on March 24, 2023
My Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun GameMy Town: Grandparents Fun Game

My Town: Grandparents Fun Game - Laugh with your Granny and Grandpa, Play dress up with family and friends

What's new in latest version 7.00.08

We fixed some bugs and glitches.

About My Town: Grandparents Fun Game MOD

My Town: Grandparents, the game takes us to an exciting town, and this is the home of your dreams. The game will be divided into small sections and recreate the true stories between family members.

Welcome to My Town: Grandparents, where lovely people come together. You are a person who can control all activities and emotions of this family member. This is where grandparents and their children and grandchildren gather and do daily chores together. The whole life will be recreated in this game, and you have the task of regulating these exciting relationships. Let’s create a joyful, harmonious atmosphere right in this game.


The first task in the series of challenges is that the player will expand her garden. Both grandparents did the vegetable planting as planned. The seeds will be provided in My Town: Grandparents, and the player will take them for grandparents to plant. Sowing new varieties of plants to make the garden more lively, be it special flowers or even green sprouts, is also to make the garden more beautiful.

After planting, you need to coordinate with your grandparents in watering the plants to harvest quickly. The harvest will have the help of children in the family; the whole family gathers to harvest sweet fruit. You need to control the members and support each other enthusiastically to be able to complete the big challenge soon. After harvesting, the family will receive a large amount of money corresponding to the fragrant fruits and flowers you have.


Players also need to pose unique situations to perform in this house. The grandchildren are able to visit their grandparents on weekends, and even the children who are far away from home visit their parents. They all gather here to open warm parties and talk together with all members. More specifically, each person will have a task to be able to make a warm meal in the family.

Some people talk with their fathers about wood carving or some talk with their mothers about their hardships. Everyone will have their own expressions and come together here to show an integral part of the family. You can control a sister into the kitchen and ask her to guide you to make the most typical cake. Let’s change the expressions of all the members according to what is happening in My Town: Grandparents.


A unique feature in My Town: Grandparents is that players will have the right to change each character’s appearance. Each character will build a different personality, and we can change our appearance based on that. Maybe the older sister will own shiny hair and have delicate golden strands. Or he has a warm scarf to create a characteristic highlight for his kind face.

Over here, My Town: Grandparents seems to give us a happy life along with exciting jobs. Each person will have a job, a task in this game. Show your ability well, create advantageous situations to make the game more attractive. The town will always live in peace, and your family will always be loved.

  • Perform all the useful tasks that the game offers to create a good life.
  • You can change the mood as well as change the appearance of any character in this family.
  • Can play with many different characters and change their appearance, unique personalities to create a joyful atmosphere.
  • Visit your grandparents’ vegetable garden to earn more attractive vegetables, tubers, and fruits and earn more money from farming.
  • Together with other members to support each other in performing assigned tasks to understand each other better.
  • Take a vacation together with all the members to increase solidarity among everyone.

Reviews from google users

Urmila sahu Sahu: first time is so much fun secend time same secend time is boring

Jhon Ignacio: I LOVE MY GRANDPARENTS IRL but this game is AWESOME! THIS IS SO COOL but there are 2 problems because the screen freezes and the game glitches i hope you can fix that glitches ok BUT THIS GAME IS AWESOME! ????

vidya shan: I ? love this game but sometimes it freezes and can you make more characters?

Edith Adjei: I really appreciate the game but the kitchen rice cooker when you put the meat in it disappears why !I love the game.??????

Emani Noel: This game is fun but gets very boring later and does not have much stuff to do and just add more stuff and I don't like it that much so ya 2 star fr no cap lol ?

Leah J: I love this game and the other games with it like you can go to a other game in the car and you can make your own storys it get to much ads turn off the wi-if it doesn't need it so yeah I think you should download it.

Charmione Jazz Zantua Ibasco: Its amazing!If you are getting too much ads just turn off wifi? you can play it offline and its perfect for a blackout!I use this game everytime there is a blackout or if there is no wifi!Its a great game and I love it ?

Eireann Oneill: Its actually okay so I don't know what people are blabbering over. But the reason I rate it 4 stars is becuz when I open the game it let's me play you know as it should and then it kicks you out....?? But after when you get back in its okay....?? Please fix this ASAP. I have nearly all the my town games and they all do this. And other people *NOTICE* If you have ads turn off ur wifi

That British Dude: Disappointed. Absolutely disappointed. They have made the game free. But now you have to pay for the characters. It used to be so good but now they made themselves a bad reputation. Just put them back how they used to be. I hate it when people do this. WHY! ITS A WASTE OF TIME! It helps nobody. This includes every My Town game. Looks like Toca World has won this match and will always if you guys keep it like this? You're welcome you dogs!

Donna Pinto: This game is the best because there are hidden secrets in your grandparents room and its SUPER fun and there's a lot of details only there's just a little tiny problem:I am not tryna be mean and make something so little about this but if it's not trouble I need more rooms and maybe a neighborhood or something.but anything else is terrific,beautiful,amazing I love this game!!!!keep up the great work?

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