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My Office - Magic Fever MOD APK v1.20 (Adfree/ No Ads)

My Office - Magic Fever
NameMy Office - Magic Fever
DevelopersBounce Entertainment Company Limited
MOD FeaturesAdfree/ No Ads
Updated on March 30, 2023
My Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic FeverMy Office - Magic Fever

My Office - Magic Fever - Office life game for great boss

What's new in latest version 1.20

New maps

About My Office - Magic Fever MOD

My Office – Magic Fever is an idle management game. Here, you will transform into a real boss to manage your billion-dollar company. To understand more about this game, do not ignore the analysis coming from Wbc2020 right below.

Introducing the game My Office – Magic Fever

My Office – Magic Fever is developed by Bounce Entertainment Co., Ltd. You will start by building a company and become the international corporation of the future. This process is fast or slow depending on whether you come up with smart strategies.

This game is essentially an Arcade simulation office game. All events closely simulate real-world activities. Thanks to that, you will find moments of extreme entertainment and many new experiences.

When you join Office – Magic Fever, you are also working in a start-up company. At the same time, you can always meet qualified employees to successfully develop every project. Above all, players are making their dreams come true to become the most famous business tycoon in the world.

Thus, you will transform into a real boss in the game My Office – Magic Fever. Are you ready to grow your own business empire? Make informed decisions, hire as many people as you can, and keep adding value.

You should remember that the number of documents is infinite. Therefore, you need to actively collect them for employees to work with. They are hardworking people, so they will continuously create values, then you will enjoy them yourself.

Tasks to complete in the game

My Office – Magic Fever is a game that gives you many new things that are hard to find in any other game. Initially, you only have a small number of documents to be handled by the staff. When they work, you will receive a certain amount of currency.

Travel to multiple locations to collect materials

Your task is to move to many different locations to collect coins. At the same time, you also have to pick up new materials to bring to your subordinates. This keeps rotating until you reach a certain amount.

Over time, you can hire more workers to meet more and more job demands. This also means you will add more value and make the collection process faster.

Besides, the game also has some improvements such as a money tree. Plant it to receive a certain amount of coins per second. Therefore, players continuously create value and grow every day.

The job of collecting documents for employees seems to be simple, but it is also quite busy. You need to quickly distribute those documents to each person, don’t let them lack documents and fall asleep, it will be a waste of human resources.

Perform hero upgrades and hire more assistants

If you keep distributing documents to subordinates, you will feel extremely bored because of the repetitive work. To fix this, use the extra assistant feature. However, you need to spend 500 cents on personnel.

Accordingly, this assistant will go around on your behalf to deliver documents and collect money. The number of assistants can increase, and so can their speed and carrying capacity. Best of all, you can unlock the manager’s job.

When you complete the mission, you will be upgraded to a new table. Of course, with each such, you will have to spend more coins.

Unlock new offices

If you want to become a big company, you definitely have to unlock more new offices. Players need to collect five thousand coins in exchange for a key. Use them to explore the next room.

In the new environment, you can access many new items and workers. The game My Office – Magic Fever is integrating about 10 such locations to allow you to freely choose.

The important thing when you join this game is to actively develop to succeed. Let’s start developing a new territory in the office once you have accumulated the necessary funds.

You will distribute your earnings to grow your existing business. Along with that, you need to repair the workplace, upgrade the staff and provide the best working conditions. If you have enough of these, you will quickly become a true monopolist.

Overall, you just need to make a lot of money, run the company and improve it. Besides, the staff will take care of the rest and build to create more value. Visit the game often to see what happens there during your absence. Because the application continues to work even when you exit.

Outstanding features in the game

The appeal of any game lies in its features. Join My Office – Magic Fever, and you will fully enjoy the following:

Beautiful graphics and vibrant sound

Many people rate the graphics in the game My Office – Magic Fever to be beautiful and sharp. From the first moment you join, you feel extremely excited because of the many bright colors. Typically as:

  • The golden color of brilliant money.
  • Hardworking staff with orange hair and purple-pink hat.
  • A spacious and clean office with tables and chairs, document machines, lockers, and decorative trees.
  • The lights lit up the whole room.
  • The petite assistant has a lovely blue color.

You can only bring a certain amount each time you collect a document. In addition, you also have to collect gold coins continuously because the staff works very hard.

The sound system in the game is very vibrant, giving us a sense of an urgent working atmosphere. At the same time, you also find excitement every second of every minute of participating in My Office – Magic Fever.

In particular, this game has a top-down perspective to help you observe everything and angles. From there, you will know how to properly allocate work to each employee. Avoid the case that some people do too much work and some parts are idle.

Mod feature – Free Rewards

However, when you immediately download the mod version – Free Rewards of My Office – Magic Fever, you will receive free rewards. Thanks to that, you can easily unlock new offices, hire more employees and become a millionaire in the future.

If you want to be a director of a company, start playing My Office – Magic Fever today. Here, all dreams will be realized by providing materials, making money, and wise investments.

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