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Modern Warships: Naval Battles MOD APK v0.62.1.8842400 (Damage/Defense/Ammo)

Modern Warships: Naval Battles
NameModern Warships: Naval Battles
DevelopersArtstorm FZE
MOD FeaturesDamage/Defense/Ammo
Updated on March 25, 2023
Modern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval BattlesModern Warships: Naval Battles

Modern Warships: Naval Battles - Realistic military PvP shooter with modern battleships. Win in sea battles!

What's new in latest version

In the update:
Offensive carrier RF Novorossiysk;
Powerful VTOL fighter Yak-38;
YJ-18B - first missile in the game with the possibility of underwater launch;
Spearfish - strongest torpedoes;
Stealth destroyer HMS Type 83 with strong air defense;
TF-X fighter with laser guided bombs;
Helicopter T929 ATAK 2 with a powerful cannon;
New unique skins: Crown of the Seas and Fury of Colors;
Also: new missiles, powerful grenade launchers and rapid-fire air defense;

About Modern Warships: Naval Battles MOD

MODERN WARSHIPS Mod APK is a new generation action arcade where players control modern battleships and against others in realistic yet complex battle performance to win over thousands of potentials.

MODERN WARSHIPS brings to everyone trendy tactical gameplay using modern battleships and cutting-edge technologies on a large-scale battlefield. It also creates the most lively and chaotic PvP environment for everyone to immerse in all the excitement of driving battleships to destroy the enemy. In addition, its 3D graphics are top-tier, where everything is realistic, and there is an ultimate physics system accompanying it to take the gameplay experience to the next level.


The first advantage in the gameplay of MODERN WARSHIPS is the variety of innovative game modes for each player to personalize their gameplay progress freely. Each mode will change everything to give everyone the best entertainment that few battleship games can offer. On top of that, all modes have a “modern” concept and will diversify things in a complicated way, making each choice hugely different for immersing players in high-paced actions.


Besides deep gameplay, the 3D graphics of the game is one of the most outstanding when it is realistic and goes beyond all conventional graphic concepts. Every detail or object in the environment has an impressive 3D style and comes with many perfect lighting effects that make the ocean more vivid. What’s refreshing is that all ships in the game have detailed 3D while exuding the dangers of war despite their many peculiarities.


The variety of battleships in MODERN WARSHIPS is also an impressive advantage for anyone to enjoy any strategy or fighting style. Each type of ship has its unique abilities, and they all have different sizes to make the battlefield more diverse according to each option. Depending on the accompanying abilities of each ship, people can coordinate with each other and carry out the most impressive campaigns and make the enemy regret when confronting head-on.


The most important thing for each ship is to upgrade them with many new functions to fight long-term or deal with certain situations. Each battleship comes with its unique upgrade system, and they all have obvious depth and even come with impressive improvements for everyone to diversify. Fortunately, all of the upgrades are state-of-the-art, and there are many exciting uses for everyone to take their combat effectiveness to the next level.


The battleships featured in MODERN WARSHIPS will all come with gadgets or additional equipment that allow them to view the battlefield from different perspectives. In particular, the Carrier is the most prominent when the player can control many types of fighters and directly attack the enemy from above. In addition to those options, multiple drones or other things will help them monitor the battlefield over a larger area and link up with teammates to deal with all enemies effectively.


Ranked matches are the most important in determining everyone’s progress in countless impressive expansion campaigns of all the innovative game modes. However, everyone in ranked mode is serious or professional with the ability to manage or maneuver every battleship with the most incredible performance. Although the difficulty and severity will increase significantly, each player’s progress or rank rewards are generous, and there will be more expansions in the future.

MODERN WARSHIPS stands for a modern, action-packed MMO where everything is top-notch, like gameplay, control mechanisms, systems, and more at their peak of performance. The variety of countries or modern battleship types will also open up new potentials for everyone to fully immerse. Above all, the battles in ranked matches culminate with fierceness when each is sinister and has tricks up to their sleeves.


  • Wondrous and modern battleship gameplay to immerse players in an endless cycle of madness with other players in large-scale oceanic battlefields.
  • Tremendous options of battleships to diversify the team or develop creative tactics with specific targets or incoming dangers.
  • Realistic 3D graphics with absolute optimization to immerse players in fascinating gameplay experiences even with extraordinary graphic features.
  • Upgrade or customize every battleship in the arsenal for advanced combat performances or packed punches to the enemies’ ships.
  • Compete with other players in ranked mode to experience the top-notch fierceness or earn tremendous excellent rewards for personal progress.

Reviews from google users

TPN: why we're being matched with high level players with their same tier ship against our new baby ship bought from the market. Seriously, can we just play against within the range of our level.. because that's unbalanced and I kinda little know why this matchmaking are like being this :>

ice dragon ?Ice? 6.0: It's overall a good game the problem is people like me don't have a lot of fun. For example the teammates, they all die almost instantly while I'm the last one Alive almost every single time. Having matched with good teammates is a god sent. The only game I can compare to is war thunder. You have a frustrating time because of bad teammates but always come back. Everything else is good.

Hugo L: Honestly probably the most fun I've had with a mobile game in a long time. The graphics are fantastic for a mobile game so definitely a 10/10 Gameplay is fun and engaging. You not only control the ships. You can take control of planes or helicopter as well, should your ship uses them. Higher tiers also have drones and bombers. My only issue is that leveling can be a grind even with a premium account. However other than that I love this game.

Jason McCurdy: BE WARNED. The game starts ok. Then you hit level 10 and the cash grabbing begins. You can get to level 10 in about an hour, but it will take you 3+ hours to get to level 11. Such a shame as the game itself is fun but once you hit level 10 your progress slows to a near halt. Those with money to spend buy the good ships and thats game over for you. A real pay to win experience. The best ships cost hundreds in real world money. No real incentive to play anymore as there is little to no progress.

David Evans: Overall a really good game, great graphics and gameplay. Takes a long time to level up if you don't buy the ridiculously expensive upgrades. The main issue I have is ships just disappear from your line of sight for no reason and then reappear all before your being destroyed!

tejaswini miriyala: Very good graphics, good gameplay and a really fun game! But I've had match making problems last time where i get matched up with very skilled players, but now i don't see that happening very much! The only problem is there isn't really a tutorial kind of thing that tells you what all the currency is for, like platinum which i didn't know it's use until some people helped me out. A beginner tutorial would be nice. But overall a fun game

Mikhael Alexander Julius Arifin: The game is great with awsome graphics, a lot of ships, submarines, and aircraft carriers. In my opinion this has to be the best game ive ever played. Tho when i went in offline game to grind i found maybe a bug, a bot player got the RF atakarp (i forgot the name). Its really weird, but still its really a great game to play, its really great, there are some bugs in the game tho, but i can handle the bugs. Good work on making the game. Im still waiting for tanks.

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