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Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games MOD APK v8.14 (MOD Map, Menu)

Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games
NameModern Ops: Gun Shooting Games
DevelopersEdkon Games GmbH
MOD FeaturesMOD Map, Menu
Updated on March 29, 2023
Modern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting GamesModern Ops: Gun Shooting Games

Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games - Dynamic multiplayer FPS shooter gun games with exciting 5v5 battles. Join now!

What's new in latest version 8.14

Winter spirit and Christmas holidays are coming!
- New weapons: MP 5, Japan Katana and MG 42
- New character skin - Red SWAT
- New mask Elite SWAT
- Temporary Christmas Case
- New Skills
New Season 12 will be started after December 16

About Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games MOD

Shooting games always have a certain attraction to gamers. And the best of the shooter genre will all converge in Modern Ops. Coming to this game, players will be able to participate in unique gunfights of gunmen from different factions. Use your skills to fight to the end. Unleash your shooting passion, and prove to the world that you are the strongest and dominating on this battlefield.

Modern Ops is a game published by Edkon Games GmbH. Since its launch, this game has attracted a large number of players with very high ratings. The game impresses players with beautiful 3D graphics. In addition, the character’s motion animations are very interesting and diverse, thereby providing great experiences for players to explore.

Come to Modern Ops – Destroy your opponent with a precise shot

When coming to Modern Ops, players will need to have good shooting skills. Here, if you don’t kill the enemy, the enemy will destroy you. Therefore, skill is very important, otherwise, you will be good prey for any enemy to target. The movement in this game has many similarities with other games. You still need a joystick, fire button, scope, reload, and some other actions. If you are a newbie, you need to follow the system’s tutorial to understand how to play. Train your fighting ability to improve your skills with each battle, thereby conquering more difficult goals and matches. If you have headshots, you will get the highest score.

Modern Ops possesses a massive arsenal of weapons

Modern Ops is a shooting, action game, so the gun is the most important factor. Here, you can choose to delight in different types of weapons according to your preferences. The game owns almost all guns in real life. For example, some typical guns are:

AK-47: indispensable rifle in shooting games.

M249, RPK, and KAC are 3 of the typical machine guns.

In addition, there are many other attractive options such as pistols, SMGs, shotguns, or weapons used in close combat such as sharp knives. Choose a weapon that suits your preferences and combat situation.

Modern Ops has modern and diverse equipment

In addition to guns, the necessary equipment will help you a lot when fighting on the battlefield. The first thing to mention is armor, which will help you minimize damage when fighting. Players can unlock using cash in the shop. Here, armor will be sold in sets such as SWAT armor, combat armor… and other options.

Next is the first aid kit, which is equipment that can save your life in bad situations. It will help you recover HP and get up to fight.

And finally, there are the Killstreak devices which will help you kill your opponents faster. In addition, do not forget that there are extremely powerful grenades. Use it appropriately to get the most out of it.

Beautiful and attractive map

Modern Ops owns quality maps where you can explore beautiful landscapes. In particular, the landscape in the game is depicted in detail and realistically. During each mission in the game, the player will be taken to a random location. Each of these places is a separate space such as a military area, a wood factory, or a street… They have their own path layout and obstacles. And to get used to the terrain of each map, players need to participate in a certain number of turns to master and take advantage of the benefits that the map brings. Fight smartly to create many advantages for yourself in each match.

Customize your outfit

In order for players to always have a fresh feeling, Modern Ops allows players to change the appearance of the character. At the same time, the guns also have their own camouflage to create a unique style for the player. For example, when you own an AK 47, you can transform them into Army, Snow, Golden, or Redline.

However, to own it, you have to spend a certain amount of money. But in return, you will be able to increase the power of your guns. Customize your guns and characters on a regular basis to make the game experience more perfect.

Coming to Modern Ops, players will be able to practice their own fighting abilities. Invite your friends to compete and conquer challenges together. Try to increase your ability to bring back equipment and guns into your inventory.


If you are looking for exciting shooting games, you cannot ignore Modern Ops. Download Modern Ops right now to experience this fascinating game. Thanks for visiting Wbc2020, and have fun games!

Reviews from google users

A Google user: This is an incredible game, except one thing; it gave me the choice to take some training to get rewards, and so I hit yes. Big mistake! It reset all my progress! Other than that it's an awesome game. Great graphics, good controls, cool game modes. I'm redownloading it and hoping Google Play Games saved my progress. Time will tell if it did. Okay, so, update; it didn't work.

A Google user: Good game so far! I love the aiming how it shoots for you! Its really hard to play on mobile an this game is really well made for its platform. Only problem is the developers hound you with microtransactions. Also I can't make any progress when every deathmatch or any game type I play it won't let me finish because it lags me out and disconnects me from the wifi i have 5G and 2G spectrum. It does not matter what i do. I would say every 7 out of 10 games it will disconnect you. Pls fix

A Google user: this is just the fps iv been looking for. the layout is stream lined and easy to navigate. the gameplay is smooth and forgiving. weapons seem to be balanced so far. overall this shooter is a lot better than a lot of the more popular ones out there. keep up the good work!! i will enjoy seeing this game grow as more content is developed. just please dont make it too add heavy or too much pay to play.

A Google user: Game mechanics are lacking, controls are not well calibrated with the movement of the character and the HUB customization clearly needs improvement. I play many, MANY, mobile FPS and TPS games and this by far was the worst. I honestly dont know what to think, I played 2 matches and uninstalled. It's just simply not good enough.

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