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Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter MOD APK v1.6.14 (Free Shopping)

Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter
NameMatch Hit - Puzzle Fighter
DevelopersSayGames Ltd
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Updated on March 29, 2023
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Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter - Get matching foodstuffs to unleash a flurry of blows on your opponents!

What's new in latest version 1.6.14

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

About Match Hit - Puzzle Fighter MOD

Match Hit is a journey against the many enemies you encounter as you travel across multiple locations with powerful attacks that can knock them out. You will receive power-ups as you upgrade and in match-three levels.

Match Hit is a game that revolves around match-three gameplay and taking down enemies with powerful attacks. The more match-three elements, the stronger the character’s strength will increase, and the match will end quickly. At the same time, you can also create boosters that significantly increase the strength of your character and help you collect many exciting items in the game.


You will have a journey through many different locations in Match Hit, and of course, there will be opponents who are always trying to defeat you. So, the two will participate in a fighting game that requires strength through the attacks and the number you can perform. At the same time, the number of levels in the game is completely accessible when you will not have difficulty controlling the character because the attacks revolve around the match-three screen.

The game screen will be divided into two, with the upper half showing you your current health and the character’s stats. The bottom half is a match-three field where you will try to make matches with various elements. So, the higher the number you match, the more powerful and faster you will hit your enemies before they can harm you. At the same time, you also find many interesting points in this game.


In Match Hit, you will get instructions on matching in this game, and it will be completely accessible. You will be able to swipe the screen to create a link between elements that are close to each other, and this link is entirely possible in a straight line, diagonally, and cannot go back to the element in front. So, after making a match, you will see your character attack, and you will feel satisfied when this character can knock out the opponent beautifully.

Once you have come to the match-three game genre, you will be interested in the booster of this game. The popular booster you find in the game is an orb with a multiplier. Depending on how many elements, more than three are matched, the coefficient will also change. It greatly increases the attacks that the character can perform, and you can also see the moment when the character incredibly increases the power.


An interesting point in Match Hit that you should not ignore is that you can increase the strength of the character. Each level has a drop of gold, so you will be able to use it to invest in three main factors: health, damage, and coins. At the same time, this increase is useful; it can help you overcome more powerful enemies in one attack and reduce the number of times you take damage when facing many different enemies.

Each time you complete a level gives you a level of an outfit that you can apply to the character. At the same time, some characters carry the key to the safe with them, which will help you open many unexpected rewards.

Battles based on match-three matches have many attractive points such as:

  • Players will find the number of enemies that are always trying to stop you, and everything must be solved with strength.
  • You will launch attacks on the enemy by matching many elements of the same type and trying to match as many as possible.
  • The character’s strength will be increased over time as you match many elements and take advantage of the boosters that appear on the field.
  • You can also use the money you have to upgrade the basic stats for the character to go through many different matches.
  • The number of rewards in the game is diverse from outfits to rewards in the safe when you collect enough keys.

Reviews from google users

Kumar Gautam: Sorry, but not a fan of forced ads.

Luke Schiermeyer: I was at really high level on my old phone (and shattered the screen had to replace) now I'm at the beginning on my old phone so much for cloud saves...

Clarke Huston: Huge ads. If you get this a word of advice. DO NOT upgrade all the free weapons. If you do no more gems or other weapon upgrades. Leave at least 7 not upgraded. There are more than 7 that are pretty useless

matt perron: I was playing this game for ever but now I am so far in the game now is want let me get my box's..when they are ready to be opened freezes ever time I. Click...so what do I do delete the game or duck. The box's lol tell me what u think

Perry Cutter: Great game got to level 500+ and got a glitch opening up chests. Restarted game over and over shocker same glitch. Deleted game reloaded and now can't restore my purchases. Shame it was a good game lesson learned.

James Pitts: The game constantly cut you off once you start playing it you getting into the game in the game keeps on cutting you off I call this a zero star game because it's not giving you what it says it does the designers need to go back to the chalkboard

Daniel Brooks: Way too many ads!! I don't mind watching ads for rewards but this game has an advert every 20 seconds! It's ridiculous! Plus an advert that's 60 seconds long ? 1 star and UNINSTALLED

Darren Addo: Same as everyone, ads are cool but not in between fights, kills the mood. Also, some levels are just too hard to play, the difference in the life span when playing the Boss is crazy and you have to play that level multiple times. After playing 1000 levels, I think it's okay to Uninstall it. Great features and combos though. It was fun playing it.. ???

Craig Bryant: No! Question for the developer. Have you tried to play your own game? It's not a terrible game but not great enough that I would pay for the no ad version and the free version is just a stream of ads stitched together with some occasional game time. And if you're dumb enough to watch the optional videos for rewards, the ads often crash with only 2 seconds remaining and I need to restart the game and lose the reward anyway. No! Uninstall.

davor107: I gave it 1 star simply because there are waaaay too many commercials. A commercial after 2 stages at the level and then again after you complete the level. When you upgrade something, there is a commercial. I understand that you want money but come on. Fun game overall but very bad experiwnce because of the commercials. I watch more commercialns than playing the game.

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