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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen MOD APK v4.13.0 (God Mode/One Hit)

Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen
NameMasketeers : Idle Has Fallen
DevelopersAppxplore (iCandy)
MOD FeaturesGod Mode/One Hit
Updated on March 29, 2023
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Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen - Don the Mask, Reveal your Soul!

What's new in latest version 4.13.0

[Seasonal Event: Cherry Blossom Festival]
- Starting on March 10.
- Earn Petals from Sakura Koi and Trader of Fates.
- Exchange Petals for special rewards and limited seasonal Visages for your Masketeers!
- Grab the Festive Pass to unlock exclusive rewards during this season!

About Masketeers : Idle Has Fallen MOD

Masketeers is a classic confrontation between many masked heroes and giant monsters. Players will control the hero’s activities in this campaign, helping them experience new activities and level up to a new level.

Masketeers built a specific situation when the daring attacks of monsters gradually destroyed the world. Your task when joining is to make particular changes to your character and bring everything back to the starting point. The power masks will accompany you throughout the journey, and they represent power sources, and the player can upgrade them with specific victories. The updated version will provide new opponent search events for you to have more great experiences.


In order for each character to be ready for their next journey in Masketeers, the system allows preparation and upgrade activities to take place. Each character will again own a mask, and they need them to start their journey to destroy monsters. You can customize the masks and select them in the gallery before the match has started. Confrontations require masks as a perfect choice for hiding your true identity.

Besides receiving power from the mask, other sources of power such as cards, talismans, or the support of teleportation machines also help you overcome difficulties. You can only use the power of cards or a support talisman for a certain period of time, and the power will be doubled when the power-up card is activated. Guardian gods are also summoned to make your battle go smoother.


The necessary recipes for the new creation of power orbs in Masketeers will be provided. They are an orb of amazing power if you know how to combine and attack. Their different forms are distinguished by size and color. Depending on the formula you apply, they will appear. The large-sized orbs and the perfect source of power will help you take down your opponent with just one attack.

Combat will occur one-on-one or team-based, and players will perform attacks in turn when their order is reached. The application of amulets also helps you avoid certain losses when participating in battle. In team play, the characters will support each other if the monster they need to deal with has been defeated. The confrontation method with the concentration of power will make handling monsters in groups easier.


The challenges posed in Masketeers will follow each level. When you are a new player and are just preparing new equipment to start the battle, the monster that will confront you is extremely easy to handle. As your level has increased, the monsters you’re going against also tend to get stronger. Therefore, upgrading the level will bring many effects. At the end of the game, the rewards are always what people are most interested in. Bonuses, new levels, and leaderboard scores will help you level up quickly.


Masketeers open up a whole new world of experiences that are both relatively interesting and novel. Players have the ability to directly generate their own power sources, which they can then employ as a powerful tool to defeat their opponents. All of the heroes who have gathered in the arena will join a squad and go off on their quest to bring about justice. Numerous responsibilities are still ahead of you, and you will face hundreds of unpleasant situations that will put you under considerable pressure. When the battle is done, though, you will receive some well-deserved goodies in the mail.


  • Become a powerful hero by owning an army of masked heroes of various energies. On behalf of the cause, you can do your duty well.
  • Use the power source synthesized in the masks, collect different masks and upgrade them to make the power source more terrible.
  • Complete the assigned levels by participating in various battles. You will meet a new opponent with excellent attack and damage ability in each match.
  • Finding the formula to combine the power from many small orbs, you can make your own to throw those orbs at the opponent and knock them down with just one attack.
  • Different levels will evaluate each character. As your level goes up, the number of monsters and their strength also increases.

Reviews from google users

Rebi Shroom: The game is fun and all, but like- Im a little confused on why the first fight (the tutorial) lasts SO LONG, and it feels like I've already played the whole game; have like 4 characters, powers, unlocked like every section. I love it, it's cute, it's fun, there's meaning- and its very unique in style and concept in general. A great game, but goodness this is a long tutorial. Update when I get past it. Edit: You have to transcend, it just takes a while to get past stage 60, then it starts up :)

ShottyHottie: A great idle game with tons of potential! However there are a few bugs I've noticed. For one, sometimes when reopening the game some of the characters don't appear on screen and the game has to be restarted to fix it. Another issue I have is lack of basic features, such as player profile, stats, player leaderboards etc. The developers have the right idea but things could still use some work. Aside from that, it's an amazing mobile idle!

Daniela Miller: The game is cute, its fun and its entertaining. It does become repetitive after a little bit but still is a good game to kill time. My only complain is that with the most recent even the only way to get the event outfit/costume you HAVE to buy the pass, if not you can only claim basic "rewards". With previous events you had a fair chance at getting the costumes with the natural progression of the game but now they are locked behind a paywall.

Tyler Shields: For an idle game, it's pretty fun. My main problem came with getting rewards from videos. It seems the game has no problem playing ads over and over and over again, but it seemed like every time I went to collect my rewards the server would time out and it would deny me what I was owed. Eventually had to uninstall, almost felt intentional, because it would make you rewatch the ad every time it failed getting them more clicks.

Luka W: Signed up to download this game instantly once it was released and can't say I'm disappointed! Amazing game, I'm in love with the graphics, the characters, the storyline and just everything! Love it 100%! Edit: whenever I get to stage 60 ish boss level my app crashes and takes me back a bit in my progress. Don't know how to fix this but hope it can be fixed!

Leafy: An amazing game, love the graphics and overall concept, it's a lot of fun! Only docked a star due to technical issues. One, the game every now and then, when transcending or watching an ad, it'll freeze and crash. Two, tried to summon a relic, it was one of the chalices, it said it encountered an error. So I left and reentered the game but when I did, I saw that it had taken my 22 arcana and did not give me the relic. It's not that big of a deal, I can get more, but it is a little worrying!

Maddragon15: Honestly I love this game! A good story, it can easily drag you in for hours at a time and it's just honestly quite nice! I have had issues getting accounts linked and set up. It would just have the game continuously loading without anything changing, and it seems like it could go on for hours. So my only solution has been playing as a guest and when I do get stuck in trying to link I will just force close the app and open it back up.

Shir0: It's fun and I feel like it's an upgrade to a game like Tap Titans. There's more involvement with the gameplay and strategy. However there's far far more ad offers, and there's no in app purchase to turn them off. It baffles me that there's a 6 dollar monthly subscription but you can't turn off the three ads you watch every three hours for a serious money boost.

Maya: I've been playing for some time and it's a pretty solid game. My problems with it are only small things like the game lagging if I save up a bunch of the chain attacks. The game is a little boring, but it is an idle game. Loved the art at the beginning and I'd love to see more details added like maybe boss rushes to get additional characters or perhaos more art be added into the game!

Silver Ashen: As of writing this (OCT 6th 2020) I have had the game since I pre-ordered and I am not disappointed, The graphics are top notch, there's no noticable bugs or glitches and I think the controls are easy to understand and work well and it has a unique spin on the "Idle" Genre. The only issues I have are the small amount of quests receive every 7-8hours. I would advise implementing an ad system. And my second issue is the loading time. It's pretty slow especially when offline, otherwise great game.

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