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Little Big Snake MOD APK v2.6.78 (VIP Activated)

Little Big Snake
NameLittle Big Snake
DevelopersAddicting Games Inc
MOD FeaturesVIP Activated
Updated on March 30, 2023
Little Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big SnakeLittle Big Snake

Little Big Snake - Snake your way to victory! Eat your enemies to be the biggest snake in the pit!

What's new in latest version 2.6.78

Royal Update 2023

• Missions in the clouds. Prizes guaranteed!
• Daily challenge. Complete three locations and get big fat reward!
• Collect and activate new bonuses right on the location!
• Team mode. Team up with other players! Easy, fast and convenient.

The Snake King, Rudolf XIV

About Little Big Snake MOD

Little Big Snake is an attractive role-playing game that many people love and choose to experience. Coming to this game, you will play the role of a snake, and you will have to find a way to make yourself bigger. Here, the strong will be the winner and control everything. Everyone wants to be more proactive so they don’t get threatened. And when moving, you must be very careful not to collide with other snakes. The threat does not come only from the big snake, but from any snake. Now, let’s join the Wbc2020 to find out the attractions of this game.

About Little Big Snake game

Surely you also know that Snake is a legendary classic arcade game. It was born more than 20 years ago and has become a trend that many players and game makers are interested in. By 2016, the game maker Lowtech Studios has upgraded this game to become more interesting with the name Slitherio. At that time, it attracted millions of players to join.

Later, this game has another upgrade called Little Big Snake, and it has similar gameplay to the first version. However, it is optimized and added with many more attractive new features. This is the reason that this game became famous and attracted a large number of players to participate.

Little Big Snake has a very familiar gameplay

Have you ever played Snake or Slither.io? If the answer is yes, you will certainly find it very familiar when playing Little Big Snake. You will play the role of a snake, and you have to try to find food to grow up as quickly as possible. The foods you can eat are blobs, bugs, or your opponents.

Every time you eat something, your body will grow bigger and longer. Along with that, you will also get some score points. Accordingly, you can track your score right on the screen.

Curl up to prevent your opponent from eating you

Little Big Snake will give you the feeling that death is fragile. Just collide with anything, you can die. Conversely, if the opponent crashes into you, the opponent cannot live, and you can eat your opponent. Therefore, during the game, you will have to be careful in every move, dodge opponents, and trap them.

This game has no elements of violence, but it requires ingenuity. The only way for you to bring down your opponent is to surround him, using the length of your body to cause the opponent to crash into you. At this point, he will die, and you can turn him into food to eat and grow.

When playing Little Big Snake, size is an advantage. But if you do not know how to use this advantage, it will be a disadvantage. The advantage here is that you can use that length to trap enemies and make them die. And when you eat that corpse, you will grow a lot faster. However, then you will move more slowly and you are no longer flexible, from which you easily become prey

Coming to this version of Little Big Snake, you will encounter ladybugs. When the enemy destroys you, then you will respawn and become a ladybug, not a snake. Of course, it can also evolve when the body is large enough. But with the appearance of a ladybug, there will be many disadvantages for you. For example, you can only eat light spots or snakes. When attacking directly, you are not hurt.

Experience unique snakes with your friends

If you’ve ever loved Snake games, you’ll definitely love Little Big Snake. Here, there will be many snakes with different shapes along with extremely beautiful light spots. You can find them in the shop, where they are divided into regular, legendary, and rare.

In particular, you can play with your friends to cooperate and fight with other snakes. Then, things will become easier, because you can support each other to corner the enemy into a trap and eat them. With the appeal, now Little Big Snake has a version for PC.

Your goal in Little Big Snake is not just to get bigger, but to rise to the top of the leaderboard. This leaderboard will enroll the 16 players with the highest scores. And you can completely follow it right in this game.

To rise to the top, gain experience to hunt, avoid traps and break records in battles.

Little Big Snake mod apk version

With the Little Big Snake mod apk version that we provide, you will be able to unlock Vip. Then, you will not need to see ads, and there are some more utilities such as unlock treasures, activate bubbles …

Download Little Big Snake Mod apk

Currently, Little Big Snake has attracted 10 million downloads on Google Play. Of course, it has not stopped because this is a game that many people love. If you also love it, immediately download the Little Big Snake mod apk version to your device to experience it.

Reviews from google users

Jason Welsh: I love this game but the lag is just horrendous some times I was controlling my snake and suddenly it turned to autopilot and killed me. Idk if it's because I'm too high of a level or what. Plz fix the issue. But other than that great game I've only broken one phone from gamers rage. Thx Little big snake your game is just dumb AF some times

Bree McLoughlin: This game has a LOT to do! You can get buffs, a ton of skins, and so much more! This is the best snake game i have come across, but very hard it takes skill to get first place. There is also dungeons to go into, which give you a lot of mass. Download this game if your looking for an addicting and fun game. It lags a lot though, that is a problem. The update is so cool to.

Aron Somodi: It's fantastic, but please, implement a way to quit app properly instead of having to forcefully close it! October 2022 update: how can I close the app without having to forcefully close it? Down to 3*, because your couldn't implement a way to exit the game! 2023 update: down to 2*, I hate the new bonus system, and I've just cancelled my subscription renewal.

Alexander Thornber: Really fun game and rather satisfying watching your snake grow and I love the competition with other players the only reason I put 4 stars is because after the release of pets it has become a little p2w as you get some people who must have spent hundreds of pounds to get really overpowered pets such as ones that make you much faster giving them a huge advantage over other players. If the devs some how balance this it will be 5 stars but I doubt it cos it makes them serious money.

Tommia Richardson: Love the game just wish there were more snakes to choose from maybe you will change this.... I'm adding further reviews for the game now I really really loved the updated version I love that you have the teen version is my ultimate favorite the only problem I'm having is it freezes and the remote part of it it won't allow me to maneuver I can't turn it so I end up killing myself is there a way to fix that so the remote would not freeze in t mode again I really really love the team mode my favori

Mr. Trevor: This WAS the BEST game EVER... until the latest updates. 2.6.77 -. Thought you guys would at least try to fix all the issues with 2.6.76 since you came out with another release the next day, but nope. Don't you have anyone testing it before you push it out? Where are my bubbles? Even once I earn them, they still don't all show when I play. Why am I paying for VIP? When are you going to come out with a new legendary skin? 2/16 - Another update and still no bubbles?! Bring back the old bubbles!

RAM KUMAR (Ram Thakur): AAfter updating game to nee version game freezing a lot I'm a good player and play a lot but I'm not able to play game because of this issue. I have formatted my device and reinstalled and updated the app but issue is same. Please resolve it.Reviving option also not working after watching video nothing working

Nicole Breunig: This game glitches so much. I have to restart all the time but most days just log in to claim the daily gifts. I love this game but this newest upgrade I can't get the full effect. Every time I click to get a random skin the game freezes. Not much fun.

Manu Garekar: It was a great game, I have spent time in it and reached level 850+, but the update screwed the game big time, it is almost unplayable now, it does not load, then the play button does nothing, it does not start, it is very laggy. Very unfortunate, it used to be a great game, not anymore.

Brenan Cruse: All the sudden the game is now acting buggy and very slow. The main menu screen tells me I keep losing connection? I switched from using wifi to my data. Still having the same issues. The gameplay is just really choppy and idk why? Edit nothing has changed. I was addicted to this game. Now I hardly even play it. Just tried playing it. And for what ever reason on mobile the fixed joystick will just glitch out and stick. I had both auto pilot and fixed joystick on. It still sticks no matter what.

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