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Ling Learn Languages MOD APK v5.0.10 (Premium Unlocked)

Ling Learn Languages
NameLing Learn Languages
DevelopersSimya Solutions Ltd.
MOD FeaturesPremium Unlocked
Updated on March 24, 2023
Ling Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn LanguagesLing Learn Languages

Ling Learn Languages - Learn Thai, Tagalog, Khmer, & 60+ other languages with fun language lessons!

What's new in latest version 5.0.10

What’s new:
Improvements and bug fixes to make Ling easier to use and a better learning experience.

- Now you can review any vocabulary, dialogue, and grammar you’ve learned
- Minor UI and content improvements

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About Ling Learn Languages MOD

Ling brings you a series of lessons from which you can choose from basic to advanced to learn a language you like. With as many as 60 different languages, users can decide their learning progress.

Ling is a language learning app with a list of over 60 languages that you can choose from and start your learning. You will be able to find lessons related to different language skills and exercises in various genres to apply them. At the same time, the number of lessons ranges from easy to difficult, and the user will decide his learning progress and try not to miss learning.


In Ling, users will find lessons that are completely useful to gain access to some new language or review the knowledge of a language they have already learned. Users can decide on the course they like and the learning pace accordingly. So, with an easy-to-use interface, users can access the application’s features on the first use and immediately start the lesson tailored to your level.


When learning any language with Ling, you must consider your level when taking different courses. All lessons start at the Beginner level, and when you take some courses, you can get to know your skills. With a variety of courses and an impressive number of exercises, users will actively absorb knowledge and develop different skills.


An interesting point when you experience Ling to learn foreign languages is that users can access a full range of language skills. You’ll be able to improve your pronunciation through different pronunciations and have a sound recognition element to tell if you’re reading correctly. At the same time, the words are easily conveyed to learners as there will always be some illustrations for them to memorize faster. The knowledge of grammar helps them to identify and arrange sentences properly.


Once you’ve used Ling to learn language skills, you won’t be able to ignore applying them to different exercises. There are many types of valuable exercises that you will be able to take advantage of, as you can use multiple-choice questions to choose the correct answer to reinforce your knowledge. At the same time, you can easily rearrange meaningful sentences through a given sentence or fill in the blanks in the conversations you have observed.


Once you have experienced the application, you will surely be impressed with the number of languages this application brings. The application offers more than 60 different languages , and each language has many lessons that users can approach from easy to difficult. At the same time, this is also an opportunity for them to expand a new language similar to the foreign language they have learned before or the language they are interested in learning. So users can use the application to access new knowledge.


One point that this application brings to many users is that it allows them to decide how to study. They can self-study the languages of their choice from the app’s lessons, and of course, everyone’s progress will be different. Specifically, no one is pushing you to study, and you will decide the appropriate time to study when you are busy at work. So you will need an incentive to learn the language of your choice.


One of the factors that help people decide their progress is that offline learning allows them to study anywhere they want. When learning offline, one thing to note is that they need to prepare the lesson content they want to learn in advance because any lesson requires an internet connection. So this is not too much of a problem for the users, and they will choose the lessons they want to learn on their own when they have free time.

Users will have access to helpful language courses:

  • The app offers courses in more than 60 languages that you can search for and choose the level you want.
  • Application courses provide knowledge of language skills and various exercises to apply them.
  • The app allows you to find lessons of different levels to find the level you feel is suitable for you.
  • Users can automatically determine their learning progress because they can make their own decisions.
  • The application allows them to take the lessons they want offline but requires preparation of the lessons in advance.

Reviews from google users

Angel: Installed this app, created an account... and then there was nothing that I was able to do? I was unable to select any icons (whether for the next lesson, the chat bot, etc). I tried exiting, then restarting the app multiple times with the same result. I am unsure what went wrong, but I could not get it to work. (Also, apparently there were only the introductory lesson and "basics" available without paying for Premium anyways? I'm not sure how far that would have got me, but unimpressed overall.

Russell Davis: Broken from day one. No response in 4 days. Dont see way to cancel during 7 day trial in the app so may have to challenge the charge on my cc. Edit. Sub cancelation. On Google side should be good on that now. Disipointed I couldn't even try the app tho because the playback speed of the clips was stuck at 3 times speed and the option to change it wouldn't work. Edit 2: still doesn't let me change the speed to normal.

Erik Harding: The best language help out there. Like many people, I got fed up with Duolingo and found this as a replacement. Ling is so much better especially since the customer support is very active and responsive. I come across bugs every once in a while but customer support always fixes them and I never have the same problem again. It is well worth the money.

daniel mora: I am learning Mongolian and it worked great. Now with the new app, it doesn't work well. The audio in all the languages is set super fast. I tried changing the speed of the audio in the settings and it doesn't make a difference no matter what speed you set. Please fix it

Mabel V: Easy and fun. I hate studying and this helps motivate me to learn without picking up a book. I do recommend hearing your target language on a regular basis though outside of this app. What I really like is the speaking feature for those of us that are too shy to start speaking. It's like you talk to a robot that responds back. Very cool.

Theresa Hunter: Lots of fun using this app to learn Irish! The interactive part is great; you listen to an Irish speaker say a sentence and then form the sentence yourself from multiple choice words. You can go as slow or fast as you like, also have the sentence repeated again and again. It also sends encouraging reminders often enough to get you back for another lesson. I do spend more time using the app than I thought I would! ?

Lisa Li: This is an awesome app. It has great UI design and it's easy to use. I like being able to review the words and phrases I've learned after completing a lesson. I've noticed words and phrases are a bit different from the Hello Chinese app. For example, that app only gives ?? as the word for mother, but this app uses both ?? and ?? for mother. It also introduces more words with example phrases, which I like as mastering vocabulary is key to being able to communicate with my Chinese friends.

A Google user: I like this app a lot for the diversity of languages it offers, but I have a few suggestions. 1. More interactive lessons/activities. It feels a little bit boring to just be looking at the words and then repeating the same sentences over and over. 2. It would be better to have more types of activity in one lesson, like speaking into the microphone, listening and typing, and typing translations between both. 3. Include grammar and culture notes in each language, or you don't learn to use it.

A Google user: Very practical tool for on-the-go learning! I'm happy with the languages available and the format is easy on the eyes. I appreciate the different categories and that I can skip around to those I want to focus on the most if needed. As far as language apps go this is definitely one of the better I've tried. Highly recommended!

A Google user: Note: I was given a premium account for the purpose of this review, but will try to remain totally unbiased I have been a French student for more than a few years now and WOW, this app does an awesome job at presenting things well for beginners. As you get to higher levels the app grows with you. It isn't perfect, and especially the AI has its flaws, but would pay for it if I was a new or returning language learner. Can't vouch for other languages, but French was awesome.

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