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Let's Create! Pottery 2 MOD APK v1.94 (Unlimited Money)

Let's Create! Pottery 2
NameLet's Create! Pottery 2
DevelopersInfinite Dreams
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 24, 2023
Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2Let's Create! Pottery 2

Let's Create! Pottery 2 - Get relief from Stress!

What's new in latest version 1.94

Hey Pottery enthusiasts!
Get ready for an exciting features with our latest update!

- Show off your pottery skills by creating and sharing a unique collection of 3 pieces
- Experiment with new textures using the added Crackle Glaze clay
- Enjoy a smoother gameplay experience with optimizations and bug fixes

We can't wait to see the amazing and unique pieces you come up with after this update.

About Let's Create! Pottery 2 MOD

Let’s Create! Pottery 2 will let you be immersed in the stillness of art. Here, you will craft pottery and shape it to get a finished product that matches your own expectations.

Let’s Create! Pottery 2 will give you a quiet space from which to form unique thoughts. This is a new artistic game, and players will have the opportunity to become special ceramic artists. These famous works will be created by you and have more harmonious shapes from there. Players will be able to create valuable items themselves and from there can develop their own thoughts. Your work is an art, and you are a true artist.


With this game, creativity and skill are put on top. We often think that creating a piece of pottery on a turntable is just too ordinary. But it is tough to move that block of the earth to create a shape. Luckily, Let’s Create! Pottery 2 will always support you to the fullest in shaping your work. The game will ask you to make something exactly according to the available model.

After you finish creating the stroke, you should also scale and align that object’s origin. Each look has its own character, and you also need to capture those proportions correctly. The game will check to see if your work is as per the requirements and point out mistakes for you. You will be tasked with making mistakes and always appreciate the creative element in this game.


The difficult stages of shaping and finishing objects are over; we continue to face the next challenge. Let’s Create! Pottery 2 will force you to complete the creation of the artwork that includes it. The shaping can also be sculpting, or it can also be the selection of harmonious colors to make the work beautiful. The game always has unique suggestions for us to learn and follow if we have no ideas.

A variety of unique patterns always appear randomly in the game, and we have the right to choose. See if your pottery will have a modern or classic touch to choose the most suitable color tone. Players can choose various textures and graft them into the ceramic object to see how much compatibility is. Each color represents a meaning, and you also need to understand to make the decoration more vivid.


After our work is completed both in shape and decoration, we have the right to participate in large exhibitions. Maybe your work is displayed in a small or large gallery, or it could be at the national level. Each work has its own pride, and that is the part that you enjoy. In addition, you can also put it to sell at very high prices in the market.

Over here, Let’s Create! Pottery 2 seems to attract all eyes because of its uniqueness as well as creativity. You are an artist, and creating beautiful ceramic products is an art, and you should be creative in the game and make a breakthrough in the decoration to make the work more unique. Conquer every gallery and exhibition area and become a favorite.

  • Immerse yourself in the stillness, and from there, you have more new creations for the world’s ceramics.
  • Become a skilled potter and produce valuable finished products for everyone to admire.
  • Participate in significant competitions and contests from which to develop their own pottery-making profession.
  • Draw and shape your ceramic works to have a more modern look at those ceramics.
  • Combine with small decorative objects to create the attraction of the work itself and have the opportunity to display it in large exhibitions.

Reviews from google users

Angi Hillin: So, I had the first one and loved it. Then I saw the subscription, then I saw the responses to all the people objecting to the price...eeww. For $50 I can buy Assassin's Creed Valhalla .. The whole game, and replay it whenever I want. It has hours of content and a one time payment. For $2.99, one time, I can turn off the ads in my mobile games. And in both those instances they don't change the price and remove stuff. :( I would pay a reasonable one time price, even $20. Won't be subscribing.

Realcottoncat: Fun, but it gets boring with so few colors for free. Wish it was like the patterns where you could get quite a few without premium. Am only level three, but was disappointed to see every color except orange in the shop locked behind a paywall. Would be less of an issue if premium was 1 time payment but it's monthly. I like the way you can comment and like others art. I also like that you don't have to publish yours for others to see if that makes you uncomfortable.

Carrie Dedmon: It's a fun game for sure but after a certain point, you have to pay to continue. I had a great time for about a week but now, I don't really play and am concidering deleting the app. You cant complete any more quests so it's super hard to level up and unlock things that may or may not be a premium item. I don't mind paying for an artists work but you should at least make the quests refresh so that people who can not afford the premium can still enjoy and support you in some way!

Runex: The app itself is great. I used to play the original pottery game, and this one is so much nicer to look at! However, there's only so many things you can unlock without paying $8.99 a month. Not even s one time purchase like the original. It's just not worth that for a mobile game. I wish they'd either make it a one time purchase, or unlock more for the free players who can't afford that much every month.

Lee Stephens (Piper): It's fun, but I wish there were more colors for free players. There's all sorts of things you can do with the free patterns, but the colors are limited and it's difficult to mix the ones that are there to make new ones. I also wish that you would make back at least what you spent on the extras (stones and jewels) when you sell a Pot. It's frustrating to spend a lot of money on extras and then it's sells for barely 200.

dewayne merkel: A little disappointed... the platforms of this version are great. Graphics, galleries, challenges, etc... all are great just like the 1st version. I know it takes a lot to produce & keep up with in real time. My concern: There are patterns & colors in this version that I previously had in the 1st version. Now those same patterns & colors have to be purchased. I understand in-app purchases are needed to keep the app running. I'm just disappointed the ones I previously had weren't carried over.

Brandi: Love this game, would probably pay for it if it was a one time buy but there's no way it's worth $100 a year regardless of the "quality content" included. Edit: I kept the game to see if they would fix some of the issues; only being able to do a few challenges without paying, being to expensive, etc. The last update did change the challenges so you could continue, but only a few, then you're stuck again. And the attitude of devs when responding to negative reviews just makes them seem like jerks

David Shumaker: Extremely disappointing app. You get to a point where you have to pay real money to get access to unlocking things in game with in game funds, but you never own them. You have to keep paying every month for access to those unlocks.. Lets creat pottery the original is far superior to the 2nd one, it has no ads once you buy it once. This app is a money sink nightmare.

Kim: I loved it at first but was extremely disappointed when I bought some patterns that were available for the free version soon changed to the premium version. I couldn't use them unless I paid real money, even if they were needed for the challenges. The price for premium isn't even reasonable! $15/month? That's more than I even pay for Netflix.

Bryn Ruiz: A genuinely lovely game that I enjoyed for the short time I played. However, the reason I'm not giving 5 stars is due to the fact that the subscription is stupidly expensive. $15 a month on a pottery app? Or $100 for a year?! Absolutely bonkers. After you hit level 3 all of the colors are locked behind that paywall. If there were still more free options or if the premium was cheaper, I would consider it.

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