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Legendary Fighter: Battle of G MOD APK v2.9.5 (Unlimited Money)

Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
NameLegendary Fighter: Battle of G
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023
Legendary Fighter: Battle of GLegendary Fighter: Battle of GLegendary Fighter: Battle of GLegendary Fighter: Battle of GLegendary Fighter: Battle of G

Legendary Fighter: Battle of G - The classic DB fighting game!

What's new in latest version 2.9.5

✅ 4 Character: Mecha Frieza, Cell Jr, Basil, Lavender...
✅ Improve Warriors: Buu, Cell, Gotenks...
✅ Fixed Bugs.
We are working hard to bring regular updates.

About Legendary Fighter: Battle of G MOD

Legendary Fighter promises to bring players many classic battles with unique game modes and great opponents. Moreover, you will have a lot of fun experience moments with friends.

You will meet and fight on all fronts at this game and enjoy a great entertainment space. Moreover, you will meet many opponents and learn many attractive defeating strategies from them. What are you waiting for? Try to show your talent through all the most creative gameplay and plans?


Coming to Legendary Fighter, you will be able to enjoy many unique and new effects, giving players a feeling of joy and comfort. Moreover, every image appearing in this game is presented realistically and vividly, making players enjoy and have a deep impression of this game. Every hero character is also specially sketched with the most beautiful and easy-to-see shapes. In addition, the sound in this game is also energetic and bustling, providing inspiration and helping players focus more on every battle.


If you have a map in each battle, it will be easier for you to control and distribute combat forces. Moreover, you have the right to choose for yourself a good and easy-to-view map to rely on and monitor your team’s battle progress. Whether the battle is won depends on your creativity and command, you know when to attack at the right time, everything will go as you want. If you do not know how to choose the right time to defend and strengthen your forces, victory won’t be easy.


Legendary Fighter will allow you to show your level, and you will have to face many challenges and dangerous enemies. Your task is to complete those complex challenges. Experiencing a difficulty, you will accumulate more experience and draw many new lessons to apply in the following games. Each enemy is powerful and has a lot of energy that can destroy you at any time, so you need to be careful in all situations, don’t be subjective, but always be on the lookout for all enemies anytime, anywhere.


Coming to Legendary Fighter, players will have the opportunity to receive many great rewards after each battle. You can recover all weapons or armor sets, and you will even receive many other meaningful tips that can help you in every match. What could be more extraordinary if you are a person who always knows how to handle any unexpected danger flexibly and powerfully. Be decisive in all actions to perform well the role of a hero.


You will be surprised to receive many great stories with the most unique and novel content at this game. More specifically, you will have the opportunity to become brave warriors who know how to endure all pressures to regain victory and freedom for the people here. They consider all enemies trash and are always looking for ways to defeat and destroy the enemies in the fastest time. Be the strongest and have the talent to conquer all opponents.


  • Enjoy a variety of fascinating storylines with hundreds of great content.
  • You can transform into a hero to join the fight on all fronts and win.
  • Please invite more friends and relatives to join to enjoy an attractive relaxing space.
  • Face a lot of different enemies and think to find the richest and most novel strategies to apply.
  • Get a variety of model-specific maps and effortlessly follow the gameplay of the entire war.

Reviews from google users

Macanthony Sule: The game is very good and I like the awesome fighting experience but after the boss battle with zamasu the game seems to end there so why not create a story mode and add that jiren boss battle finally with the other iconic characters in the franchise like royal blue vegeta (and finally ultra instinct goku in both forms ? ? ) with ssj blue +kk it seems more relevant but more still needs to be done I trust you guys with whatever you have waiting

Parker Oquinn: Nice game alot of options for characters but there way to high priced you have to save up at least 2000 coins to get a decent character. but its not that hard to get there's alot of good characters the bosses are way too over powered but a really good game plus you can play it offline ? awesome time killer love it

Ezra M: Well in almost every way it's awesome but it's a bit repetitive with the ads and all, but It's a great way to entertain yourself when your bored. I also want to know if that broly in the first image is a special attack.

Mekus Nwude: This game is good and fun to play but I have a few recommendations. 1) There should be a button for instant boost so that a player can level up to his/her maximum state when battling a powerful foe 2) When a character has reached a powerful state like super Saiyan god his base form should be increased because the form has already fused with his body making him powerful. That's how it is in the anime. I trust there will be more characters and transformations. Thanks.

Second Wind: It's very annoying to fight the bots. They have like no stun time. They get to use their beam attack instantly while you have to wait 2 whole seconds. They also never back up. They just keep moving forward. They keep using the impossible to block rush. Easy mode isn't easy. The boss health is way too big. A few added characters that look like they don't belong. Tournament rewards need to be bigger. It's the same reward as beating 3 hard enemies. Blah blah blah.

Holy E boi: I like this game so much. I have had it for a long time and I really recommend it to anyone. That being said there are some things that could be included/fixed in order to make the game have the best experience. One thing that I would like to see in the game is like a multiplayer system where you can invite your friends to a battle. Another thing I would like added are more forms for both Broly's, and ssj2 for Goku, and ssj Gohan (both kid and adult). (I mainly want super saiyan Broly from dbs)

raphy f: It is a fun game,but It is really hard to earn coins at first unless you get a higher tier character,This game would be even better if you add multiplayer system. and also there are no higher tier character in tournament mode you are battling the same characters again and again

Minecraft_ fanoy: It's a pretty decent game, it just gets too repetitive after some time, and you can't level up characters to get stronger so you have to kill lots of enemies and bosses to get new characters. But even with all of that, the logo of the game (at least in my device) has MUI Goku and Jiren, but the game doesn't have either of those characters. I know the devs are working very hard to improve the game, but I just can't wait for at least UI Goku

Kevin Hanna: The fighting system would be OK if there was something else to focus on but you can't level up, make anyone stronger, or do anything to any character. So all the game actually has is fighting which is subpar compared to other mobile games, and characters to unlock. Some of which were dobe well in the 16 bit style, some that just have messy pixels for a face but hey its super saiyan god vegeta, guys. What a waste of potential.

Not Swapnaneel: Have been playing for about a year and the game is fantastic. I would like some more boss fights tough. Like after zamasu, it can be tournament of power characters then dragon ball super heros characters. Cause I have already defeated the bosses and it has become kind of boring to play after that. :)

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