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Kegel Trainer - Exercises MOD APK v9.2.14 (Pro Unlocked)

Kegel Trainer - Exercises
NameKegel Trainer - Exercises
DevelopersOlson Applications Ltd
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Updated on March 24, 2023
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Kegel Trainer - Exercises - Kegel exercise plan for an easy way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!

What's new in latest version 9.2.14

Kegel Trainer: Pelvic floor exercises for men and women v 9.2.14

Minor performance improvements

About Kegel Trainer - Exercises MOD

Kegel Trainer – Exercises will be an app that can help you build a daily fitness routine. Effective workouts, fitness workout reminders, and an easy-to-use interface combine to give you the perfect workout experience.

Kegel Trainer – Exercises will be an application that can improve users’ health every day. If you are a very busy person and are looking for an application to help yourself exercise, this will be the perfect name for you. Coming to this application, you will be able to change your bad habits immediately, but instead, the foundation muscle layers and good health will be developed.


Maybe you are a person who did not have a fitness routine from the beginning or lost the habit because of busy work. Everyone who does not build a habit of exercising will lead to extremely bad health effects later on. And Kegel Trainer – Exercises will be a friend to help you start or find your best fitness routine.


Often people who do not have the basics for exercise will need to have their own personal trainers. But often, to be able to work out with a personal trainer, you will need to go to professional and expensive gyms to be able to work out. Instead, the application will be an extremely professional coach that will support you in a very convenient way for free.


Are you afraid to exercise because your movements will not be performed correctly? And difficult movements will often not be performed correctly by practitioners and can most likely cause unwanted injuries. The application will give its users elementary movements in a training session but will be the best support exercise for your muscles.


For users who choose support applications on mobile devices to be able to exercise, they usually will not have too much time to practice. And the user’s target will always be the exercises that do not take too much time but will bring the highest efficiency. Therefore, the exercises that the application has designed for users will usually range from 30 seconds to 3 minutes for an active session.


There will always be cases of forgetting to practice for those who use exercise apps on mobile devices because they are too busy with their work. Or it is also possible that users often have a lazy mentality when they do not want to do their exercises. To be able to overcome this, the application has also provided its users with a time setting feature that can notify you when it is time to practice for the day.


An application will often possess exciting and useful features, but the application interface will be one of the factors to enhance the user experience. That’s why Kegel Trainer – Exercises has also built for itself a straightforward, beautiful, and easy interface that can be used skillfully. In addition, users can also fully edit the customization features related to color or sound to enhance their experience.


– Start building yourself a regular exercise routine with the app.
– The application will be an exceptional trainer with professional exercises brought to you.
– These exercises will usually not take too much time to practice but will still have a high level of effectiveness.
– Set a time to be able to remind each day through the device’s notification to start exercising.
– The interface is designed in a friendly, simple way, easy to use for all users.

Reviews from google users

Sharice Butts: This app is very efficient... i believe there is a difference already. I am combating stress incontinence

Lesley Wyatt: Easy to follow instructions and exercises can be done at your pace with options for increasing the level of your workouts when you are ready to.

Dragan Popov: Excellent app... First I paid for 1 month to try the PRO version and after amazing experience I bought LIFE TIME subscription. Worthy to mantion that I don't like to waste my money just like that... I hope that developers will continue to develop and support this amazing app...

Alisa Litzenberger: I love this app!! ? They make it easy to follow the kegal exercises, so I can stick to making it a daily habit. Thank you very much!! ?????

Caroline Amiel: I so needed you! After 2 kids I need to reinforce my pelvic floor and this app is helping me big time. It is easier with the exercices than it would be by myself.

Tuukka Jääskeläinen: Otherwise brilliant app, but relentless spam for upgrading to their subscription based pro-account. Also 5-star begging, so no stars from me. Edit: Another minus, despite having a pro subscription, they spam you with cross-promotion of their other apps.

Mateus Verde: Really decent information and makes what could be a boring exercise into something much more engaging. I call say after using this app for a while I feel quite a bit of difference. Recommend 100% Cons: The app could use some updates.

Odell Davis: Great app and easy to use. Only thing its missing is to be able to use it in dark mode as its a vwry bright app when going into itnat night. There is appearance with different colors to choose but its missing the dark one. Also maybe making 1 or 2 discreet app icons to choose from. Gives person using it a lil more privacy if they wished to change icon. Other then that have not had any issues with it. More then happy to help you with any icon ideas, etc. Thanks

Michael Alexander: Excellent app for strengthening the floor. I use it to help support my blatter. I thought the time had come to start wearing adult diapers. Not a concern anymore. I highly recommend this for many reasons although I only mentioned one. This app offers many benefits to both men and women.

kristina Tucker: I've had this app before I really enjoy it. It's actually highly effective I like that the workouts vary and the length of the time of the holds as well as the frequency. There's no way you don't make progress if you do the workouts correctly

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