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Jetpack Joyride MOD APK v1.75.1 (Unlimited Coins)

Jetpack Joyride
NameJetpack Joyride
DevelopersHalfbrick Studios
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
Updated on March 30, 2023
Jetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack JoyrideJetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride - Powerful Jetpacks, Explosive Vehicles, & Outrageous Costumes. Collect them all!

What's new in latest version 1.75.1

The St. Patrick’s Day event is here! Collect event tokens to unlock your exclusive rewards.

Bring some shamrocks, and join Barry on some chaotic green-y fun today!

• Celtic Lord Garb
• Runestone Jetpack
• Celtic Rune Dragon

Try on and get a chance to unlock some new St Patricks costumes today, limited-time only!

About Jetpack Joyride MOD

Jetpack Joyride belongs to the action genre of Halfbrick Studios – the developer of the fruit slashing game Fruit Ninja mod apk hit on mobile devices. Players participating in Jetpack Joyride will play the role of Barry Steakfries, controlling the unique machines jet to take out dangerous robots and collect countless gold coins.

In this game, the player together with Barry will break into the secret laboratory and retrieve modern missiles and weapons from the evil scientists. However, during the penetration process, unfortunately detecting the little Barry, a series of obstacles were put in place. And Barry had to try very hard to overcome them.

The first element of winning and earning a lot of points in Jetpack Joyride is the player’s reflexes. There are many different obstacles such as laser beams, magnetic fields, and even guided missiles. However, the location in the game is a leading laboratory, so there will be many dangerous devices for you to collect and use along the way.

Jetpack Joyride Background

You play as the adorable Barry Steakfries hero on an exciting adventure. He will break into the secret laboratory of evil scientists, and steal samples of missiles and their modern weapons. Unfortunately, enemies detected you while breaking into the base, and then countless obstacles such as electric spins and rocket-like missiles … will appear. The dangerous pitfalls constantly rushing at you, so you need to be flexible, sharp, and keen to be able to react promptly, or else you will be cooked or cut into small pieces. In addition to dodging pitfalls, you also have to collect gold coins as much as possible. The proceeds will be used to unlock more exciting new weapons in The Stash.

You will start the game with a machine gun in hand and a jet-set behind you, and you can fly like superman. Reflective skills are extremely necessary because you can control the character flying smoothly and avoid pitfalls. You will have to fly and avoid the enemy bullets, and missiles. The longer the distance you travel is, the higher the score you gain. The game has many unique jet models such as Lil ‘Stomper, Profit Bird, and Crazy Freaking Teleporter.

Jetpack Joyride Game modes

The highlight of Jetpack Joyride is the upgrades and items that you can collect during the game. You can control extremely unique jet machines such as machine dragons, motorcycles, robot birds … At the end of each level, you also have the opportunity to participate in the “draw” to receive attractive prizes. You will have to pull the lever of the special machine, it will randomly give you rewards such as gold, items, or skills.

Although the only goal is to earn a high score, the game is still interesting in that you can explore many new weapons, unique jet machines, and diverse challenges.

Jetpack Joyride Features

  • Many unique and diverse jet machines
  • Many funny costumes
  • Unlock achievements and share skills online
  • Armed with modern weapons, unique machines in The Stash
  • Many quests and attractive rewards
  • Unlock achievements and share skills online with friends.

Features of Jetpack Joyride mod apk

Besides the Jetpack Joyride version provided by the publisher Halfbrick Studios, we will bring you the modified version of this game. Jetpack Joyride Mod apk will change a little bit, and players can easily achieve the desired things in the game quickly. You will receive a lot of gold and can use them freely to unlock many items, helping you overcome all obstacles. Jetpack Joyride mod apk will help you reduce a lot of costs and bring a new experience.

Jetpack JoyrideMod is designed in a very simple and neat way. Good game apk file without the OBB file. Therefore, you can install Jetpack Joyridemod easily. You must prepare a good Android 4.1+ phone and follow the steps below:

Download this game using our link below:

Open the download file and click the APK file to start the installation. (Note: You must agree to the installation of files from unknown sources). You can count on the games we offer.

Wait for the installation to complete and enjoy the game.


Jetpack Joyride is an attractive scene-scrolling action playground, belonging to the unique endless runner game genre. The game takes players to explore a deep story mode with dramatic challenges and increasing difficulty. Quickly download the game to your computer to experience and join the Jetpack Joyride community around the world offline. Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and Download games and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.! Have a fun game

Reviews from google users

Danddhamp Studio: I've played this game for a few years and it's still a masterpiece. They have added some cool things like seasons and stuff that help keep one more motivated to play. I also like the SAM daily challenge which is really fun. Some may argue that there's to many ads, but they do give you an option to remove them, and if you can't pay a few dollars to get rid of ads, then either 1, get a job. Or 2, deal with it. I would recommend this game toanyonewhois willingtotryoutsomethingnewandseeiftheylikeit

Benjamin Sexton: Timeless game. The gameplay is enjoyable, there are personal goals you can set such as reaching a level, unlocking certain jetpacks/costumes, or getting higher scores. These keep the game addictive and give a feeling of progress. Although the game doesn't really have any new "content" added to it outside of cosmetic stuff, I do think it's well maintained. My only complaint is that my coin doubler that I purchased years ago isn't active anymore and I can't seem to get it back.

Michael Morris: I've been playing this game on and off for 8 years, and it's always fun to come back to. The addition of the power ups, and watching ads for more.gold or to skip missions is very welcome. Onky issue is when doing a cover a distance on foot mission comes up, it won't register the first time, and you have to play again to get it to count

Blaizerman777: Definitely love this game through and through, and I've gotten back into it recently having played it as a kid. I've been making a lot of progress but recently it's started crashing every time I try to open the app. I get like 3 seconds of loading screen and then it closes. Idk what happened but it's kinda disheartening and I'm afraid to uninstall and lose all my progress when I reinstall to get it to work again. Keep up the good work on this timeless masterpiece tho

Mark Wilcox: This game is simple and fun and I have enjoyed it for a long time. It's a simple dodge game were you see how far you can get past certain obstacles and try to challenge yourself and friends. My biggest grip is how much trouble the game save backup system is it can be rather finicky. It seems to work fine some days and then say "cloud backup failed" the next. The constant addition of new content is great but, if we have to risk losing what we worked I can't give the game a full five stars. Hope that at some point in time they can get that resolved.

A Google user: It's a classic and wonderful game that I believe everyone, with access, should play, if they haven't already. Ads are always a given when it comes to free mobile games. Though, I dont like that fact that you have the choice to watch an ad to double your coins, or similar small boosts, and after refusing or skipping, it plays an ad reguardless. This is the only downside, in my opinion, otherwise great game.

A Google user: I like the game, I think it has a glitch though. It seemed to erase my progress. I signed in on Google play, that was an easy fix. But then I went into the gadgets menu, and I couldn't access the gadgets I'd bought. It was like the time before I'd bought them when the higher levels are dark and you can't tap on them, but it still showed that I own them. I bought some more from level 1 which I hadn't bought yet, hoping it would unlock the next level, and it didn't. Otherwise, no trouble.

A Google user: Honestly, I have been playing this game for many many years, and used to absolutely love it. Recently, it has gone down hill. Since getting more popular, the adds have gotten a bit rediculous, and also more and more missions are starting to glitch. Ex: One mission will be "Fly over 18 zappers in one game", and it won't register or be marked as complete for 2-3 games, regardless to how many you fly over (plus many other issues with other missions).

A Google user: Don't get me wrong, I love this game. The thing that really bothers me is that after an ad pops up, everything in the game gets messed up. The textures are all switched up, everything looks really bad. The dude you play as is just a block of textures that include the "A" from "S.A.M." and some textures from lasers. making the game unplayable. Please fix this

A Google user: My sister got me to play this game years ago and got it again to play with my kids. Lol. Passing on the fun. A silly, enjoyable game that is still fun play. Though, I have to say I don't recall all the adds. Excessive at times and takes away from an otherwise good game. Sucks that so many games seem to be intentionally annoying to get you to spend the money just to get rid of the adds. Sure, only a couple of dollars, but if they just minimized the adds, I might actually pay attention to them instead of getting frustrated and just counting the seconds to be able to skip them. Just saying.

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