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Indian Train Simulator MOD APK v2023.1.6 (Unlimited Money)

Indian Train Simulator
NameIndian Train Simulator
DevelopersHighbrow Interactive
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Indian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train SimulatorIndian Train Simulator

Indian Train Simulator - Story mode, mini games, exciting train driving! Season 3 is ready to play!

What's new in latest version 2023.1.6

- All new S3 Season of Unity is out now with 14 fantastic story mode milestones!
- Our innovative Trade Mode in Season 3 lets you drive handle Indian Railways' freight business to grow factories.
- Dynamic Camera system!
- New advanced driving features such as brake temperature management and engine temperature management.
- Super fast downloads!
- Redesigned Mumbai to Vadodara route environment!
- Wag12 Added
- Garage Added in Statue Of Unity
- Traffic Bug Fixed
- Throttle Issue Fixed

About Indian Train Simulator MOD

Indian Train Simulator is a game that gives you an impressive simulation experience with train driving. You will choose the game mode that suits you, and each mode has its characteristics. In addition, with the variety of viewing angles, you can see the environments that the train passes through or experience the detail in the compartments. Indeed this is a game that can help you have an amazing experience time.


In the new version of the Indian Train Simulator, users will experience exciting new gameplay, story mode. You will experience the story of Karthik when he comes to take a job at Indian Railways. But things didn’t go smoothly at all as his relationship with Loco Pilot Sathidar soured because he was late on his first day of work. From there, you will experience the character’s story along with impressive train driving gameplay.


You will experience an impressive train driving gameplay in Indian Train Simulator when it brings an entirely detailed feeling and satisfies players’ curiosity. You will see the features that you can use while driving the train, such as adjusting the train’s speed, turning the lights on and off as you like, and many other exciting features. Therefore, you will adapt the way the train controls depending on your environment to achieve the set goal.

The interesting thing about experiencing a simulation game is that you can see the vehicle you control at different angles, which also appears in this game. You can manually select the viewing angle through a selection panel. With this selection, you can safely enjoy the feeling that this game gives you. You can explore the different compartments of the train, the driver’s position, or see your train running on the tracks from an outside perspective.

The gameplay that you experience is straightforward as you focus on controlling the train’s speed and letting it stop at the station correctly. On the right side of the screen is a throttle bar that helps you adjust the train’s speed. When you hear the signal start rolling, you need to increase your speed accordingly and reach the destination at a specific time. You won’t have to worry about the controls because they will follow the predetermined path, and in the meantime, you will explore what you like.


In Indian Train Simulator, you are free to choose gameplay depending on your preferences. The first mode, as mentioned above, is Story Mode. With this mode, you will both explore the story of the character Karthik and complete the assigned trains. You will see the objective you need to achieve on the right side of the screen. From there, you will spend time completing the levels in this game, and each event you choose has a little bit of information for you to know the general content of the story.

Besides story mode, two other modes are challenge and custom. As for challenges, there will be many tasks that you will try to complete in this mode. You will be able to satisfy your curiosity when experiencing the custom mode. For custom, locomotives, compartments, routes will all be decided by you. In other words, you are creating your path and doing whatever you like with various resources.

Reviews from google users

Harish Kadam: Problem remains same even after Update...? "Whenever game load from junction station all the controls are disappear from the screen" I have send screen video of the same issue by mail. Very Sad ? ??very bad

Prabhjot Singh: Tooo many bugs ...the game crashes and moreover the controls (throttle, breaks) went away after the loading from one section to another.....this used to be a very good game but the subsequent updates have ruined it ?

Shaik Asif: All the game was best and excellent Sometimes the throttle was disabling And all gestures were disabling... Any how all the game graphics were superb.And add some new levels on The beginning mode. Add some new horns

Sourav Koley: There are so many bugs ? Sometimes the cabins & controls are not seen ? Game stopped in the middle of a challenge ? Download separate parts one by one & it's too slow ? You should give specific download button from where we can download all parts together.

Sushma Khairnar: This game is wonderful But there are some suggestions 1.increase the number of peoples sitting or standing on the platform,or in the camera mode(sitting) it feels very lonely so please fix the issues 2. Make the enviroment more releastic and the vegetation also 3.improve the graphics 4.improve the train textures 5.increase the number of stations in maharashtra and add new like nashik,manmad,pachora,jalgaon,bhuasaval,nagpur 6.Fix the glitches and bugs 7.increase the distance and rush of the city

Yash raj: The career/story mode is BAD.Firstly the mode contains a lot of bugs and they're not that interesting tbh. Second the latest update caused a lot of bugs to occur, like the break fail in advance setting and the timer is really bad,upon crossin any station it simply shows running late. And PLEASE complete the DELHI-HOWRAH main line by adding one of the busiest stations like KANPUR,PATNA,GAYA. The developers are only focusing in South Indian.And add more routes ?????

Ammar: The game is good in graphic and all... But the problem is their is no traffic in train some of silly bugs like train approaching distance naver decreases and some times train also never approch... Train approaching time on station some times its show train is late... Although my train is on time... There are more many glitches but these are big ones that all are facing.!!

Aditya Joshi: After updating the app the challenge part of the game is not working properly. For e.g. if it shows reach xyz station in 1hr even after reaching within time it shows reached late. The game stuck many time in Challenge section. Many time after completing the challenge game stuck at rewards section and there will be no rewards.

Somnath Banerjee: Game is good but need to add more traffic - more passing trains. What's the point if I push the throttle all the way up and let the train reach to it's own destination (in custome mode). Please add more traffic and more passing trains and add lights in stations because at night the stations are dark lol. I'll start investing in this game once it shows the real value of joy instead a boring trottle up and down system.

Yash Desai: Thankyou for the new update version. I played some different stages but crash bug problems is continue at mathura station. Also in story mode 3 statue of unity i played 1st level then after cash reward seen. So i clicked but not rewarded that cashed also not go out other level. So for this reason I am not able to play the game. So please look into this matter ASAP and come up with proper processing update.

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