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Idle High School Tycoon MOD APK v1.5.0 (Unlimited Money, Cash)

Idle High School Tycoon
NameIdle High School Tycoon
DevelopersKolibri Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money, Cash
Updated on March 30, 2023
Idle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School TycoonIdle High School Tycoon

Idle High School Tycoon - Back to school! Give your classrooms a makeover, manage students and get rich!

What's new in latest version 1.5.0

- Bug fixes

Have an awesome idea? Report it to the school authorities at: [email protected]

About Idle High School Tycoon MOD

Idle High School Tycoon chronicles your old-school journey but as a manager. All regular activities that take place are under your own control.

Idle High School Tycoon allows players to start managing all the affairs of a large school. You will change the school’s facilities, build many new buildings and help students get to school by bus. Your task in the game is to build and create a reputation to attract more students to participate. The number of bonuses you receive will be used to upgrade equipment for each classroom. Ready to become a professional manager!


Your activities taking place in Idle High School Tycoon are recorded. However, to be able to save them to memory, all players will have to run a small backup. Does this cause you inconvenience? Therefore, the system has added a new Cloud Save function to save your actions in the settings. It gives you greater control over the activity in the game space. Many improvements in performance and content quality are also highlighted.


Appearing in Idle High School Tycoon as an exemplary principal will make many important decisions. To get the title of a professional manager, you will have to start small. In the area that contains a house that is slowly decaying to a room that can only fit a study desk, equip them with many other objects. This will be the most modern education when you are run on your own!

Activities related to students and players will prioritize them by creating shuttle bus routes and exciting events for entertainment. The strategy of attracting students from different regions to attend will begin when you use the money to upgrade the school’s equipment. Everything was renewed, including the school grounds, and students will have extra desks to study and different play areas for entertaining.


After completing the daily tasks set out in the mailbox, Idle High School Tycoon players can receive many rewards such as coins or items. They will use them for various purposes to improve the quality of schools. As a talent manager, sign up for some special events each month for various mysterious rewards. The level of quality will judge the school you manage. From the appearance of students, you can also collect thousands of incentives.

Multiple trips will take you to different areas to broaden your horizons with larger schools. That is your goal shortly. For long-term benefits, continue upgrading and opening more classes to welcome the new season. It’s great to have your school on the prestigious rankings!


Idle High School Tycoon will assist you with various tools from the store to start your school building work and manage it most efficiently. Different situations occur that need you to handle; many expenses make you have a headache. This will be an exciting strategy game for players to feel a manager’s job. With the support from the sound system and vivid images, the classes will be depicted most realistically.


  • Enjoy the exciting game that involves building and developing a school under your name, implementing attractive strategies to find students.
  • Improve the quality of classrooms, create a healthy and happy living environment for many students to come to school.
  • Create trust for people from the position on the leaderboard or reputation when winning outstanding seasons and events each month.
  • Rebuild the school and transform the campus with huge expenses, create the school of your dreams and manage them your way.
  • Receive many rewards from improving the quality of lessons and materials, completing the tasks set out in the mailbox.

Reviews from google users

Jermaine Race: This game requires premium currency to progress and while it is fun for a while, the mechanics are a bit too simple to facilitateuch strategy. Also, reinstalled the game and had to go through the whole stupid tutorial again just to find no way of getting my old game back.

David Morrish: The game is fun and addicting, but the prestige goal is virtually impossible, as you would need EVERYTHING maxed (including gem upgrades), just to have RNG screw you over... I would rate higher, but I feel like this has been a problem for a long time...

Devorah M: As far as idle games go, this one is pretty poor. There are only two levels to switch between. Prestiging is stupid difficult because it requires a lot of luck. The prestige system is also either bugged or janky by design. The teacher cards are also random and you may only buy a limited amount per day. Even the teachers you buy with the premium currency, which have a guaranteed high subject skill, can be completely useless because they aren't guaranteed to not make your students miserable.

D Galla: This is probably one of the slowest idle games ever. You earn so slowly, and can barely afford to make a single purchase every time you login. What really got me upset... after 7 days of logging in, I was supposed to be rewarded with a rare teacher... but when I claimed it, it disappeared. Plenty of better idle games out there. Avoid this one.

Brooke Garner: The game is fun but too many adds!! You literally have to watch the adds in order to gain enough credits to upgrade.. surely there is a better way. Also not enough credits when off-line.

Jenette B.: Please update your App!!! I've upgraded everything there is to upgrade, there's nothing to do or buy with the money I earn with both schools! Now the only thing there is to do, is try and get my reputation up above 600 and pick up garbage, it's boring!! I want to be able to do something other than that, I want to be actually playing this game, but since there's nothing left to upgrade, I'm going to uninstall this game and find another one that has more to upgrade, so I can enjoy my free time.

Kyle Ruddiman: The whole happiness and intelligence and money earned system makes no sense. The pacing is incredibly slow and no clear objective. Ads are definitely worth watching for the rewards, but purchases are HORRIBLY inefficient, both with the gems and real money. I really don't see what would draw anyone to want to keep playing the "game".

A Boose: I paid to stop the ads because it was ridiculous. The rooms are exactly the same on each level and you can only upgrade so far. Once you level up each school (2) five levels that it. Nothing past that. Don't waste your time or money honestly it's not worth it.

jenningsdsusan: Been playing for 5 days and can't get my first or second school reputation up to be able to do more. I've leveled everything max, missing 1 janitor and they just don't get happy enough for me to be able to do anything other than watch them switch classes. Wasted money, still can't advance! Had anyone gotten 600 reputation before or even after upgrading EVERYTHING! Even without finding this hidden object I should still Avance just not get 100%. It's idle alright, I'm just idling!!

Allison Barcenas: The gameplay is just fine, if boring, but the revenue from idling is so miniscule, it's hard to see how this is an idle game. You pretty much need to keep the app active constantly for any progress. That would be fine if the gameplay was more exciting.

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