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Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK v1.9.20 (Unlimited Money)

Human Evolution Clicker
NameHuman Evolution Clicker
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 29, 2023
Human Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution ClickerHuman Evolution Clicker

Human Evolution Clicker - Merge life forms to discover evolution. Develop life across different worlds!

What's new in latest version 1.9.20

About Human Evolution Clicker MOD

Let’s step into the world of creatures found in nature, and explore their lives to see what’s interesting right in Human Evolution Clicker. The evolution of animals, plants, flowers, animals, etc… will give you a sense of curiosity and desire to discover mysterious things. Even human evolution is included in this game. Let’s check out this interesting game through the post below of Wbc2020!

About Human Evolution Clicker

If you don’t want to click too much, you can use the Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK version and then use the available money to buy living creatures and proceed with the evolution.

Nowadays there are many people who love idle games. Its gameplay is very simple, players just need to click and click to continuously develop resources and money in the game. In previous posts, I introduced you to Idle Transformation: An Evolution – an evolutionary creature-themed idle game. Today I would like to introduce to you another similar game that is Human Evolution Clicker.

Human Evolution Clicker is inspired by the life of all things. Your clicks form primordial cells of human civilization. Let’s find out what this game has to offer!

Merge to evolve

As we all know, DNA is a very small molecule that creates the life of all things, it carries the genetic information that defines all living activities and it is also the starting point of this game.

It is you who will continue to pair these DNA cells to form new, larger, and more evolved life. In particular, it is the chloroplast DNA. These chloroplasts are the building blocks of algae and other plants. You must create and combine them to keep taking life to the next level.

As animals have evolved, habitats will expand from underwater to urban areas and more. These evolutions, although unspecified, allow you to review the evolutionary history that has been achieved. 

Click and click more

Before, when I didn’t know about idle games like Human Evolution Clicker, I always thought, what’s so fun about just clicking at all times? And until I played this game, I was really “addicted”. I spend a lot of time playing Human Evolution Clicker, mainly to make money. I can use this money to buy new creatures and then transplant them to match each other and grow to a higher level. So I get more money per click.

When you try to click to make money, the game will offer hints about the best-priced creatures you can buy. However, these are usually not closely related to higher beings. Therefore, you can visit the “Creatures” category in Human Evolution Clicker to find what you are looking for.

Human Evolution Clicker gives you 1 Lucky Box every 24 hours. These boxes provide plenty of resources to speed up your evolution.

Upgrade your creature

A good player is not a player who clicks a lot or fast, a good player is someone who knows how to use all the resources the game offers to make as much money as possible. Upgrade work will help you achieve this.

Human Evolution Clicker has a lot of things to update. If you want to increase the actual amount of money per click, you should focus on Click Boost development. This attribute has four levels, corresponding to the amount x2, x3, x4, and x5. For example, in Office Bot you can get 11.29k coins, but if you upgrade to Click Boost you can get multiples of that amount.

Increases Critical Click increases the level of special rewards received. Meanwhile, Critical Click Chance increases your chances of getting a special click reward.

Evolve the way you want

There are some special evolution stages in Human Evolution Clicker. At this point, you can choose the branch to evolve. For example, at the end of the Modern Man’s era, one can quickly decide between cyborg, super, or hybrid. The evolutionary branches then depend on your choices.

Human Evolution Clicker does not reveal in advance what will evolve in the future, so it stimulates the curiosity of each player and whether they have an idea of ​​evolving humans into semi-robots, artificial intelligence, or demons. All of these things can come true in this game. 

Vivid graphics and sound

10 points for the graphics quality of Human Evolution Clicker Mod. The image of the creature is very good and extremely realistic. They stimulate and create a sense of curiosity for players who want to discover the mysteries behind them. You dive into the world of real animals.

To achieve such perfection, the presence of the sound element is essential. I am sure that the sounds of creatures evolving to new levels will stimulate the player’s curiosity, even more. Instrumental music without lyrics helps players relax and extremely comfortable.

MOD APK version of Human Evolution Clicker

MOD feature

Unlimited Money: The MOD APK version of Human Evolution Clicker provided by the website will help players’ Gold and gems increase when used.

Download MOD APK version of Human Evolution Clicker for Android

Human Evolution Clicker is a very interesting idle game about human evolution. Despite the simple gameplay, only click to earn money and buy creatures to evolve, but you are “addicted” to this mechanism. I and millions of other players have downloaded and installed Human Evolution Clicker. Install, experience the game and share your feedback via the comments section below.

Reviews from google users

A Google user: This is a genius idea with great execution. The ads don't bother me because the creators of the game deserve the money. Yeah sure it may be repetitive, but you have to add in there is 56 creatures, and after the four main planets there are 3 nebulas. It is playable offline and it is not pay to win because even without money you can still get the value of $100.

A Google user: very fun and addictive. i enjoy the game, but i think more upgrades should be available as you progress. for example if you reach lvl 15 you can get a magnet for the next area up from the pond and an instant bubble pop upgrade available to buy in the store and this goes on and on. i think that would make it alot less repetitive and way more fun.

A Google user: Fun, but monotonous early. once you complete the four paths, you are basically done. the fifth world is just one of the original four redone. Then, once you complete the fifth, the last three are still locked and been that way for a long time. There is a point in the game where coins and diamonds become worthless cause you are swimming in them.

A Google user: It's fun, but they throw ads at you unfairly. If you choose not to view an ad for reward, they'll throw one at you anyway when you go to another screen in the game like the upgrades screen. Also, there's a bug where you can get stuck with lower beings on the screen with no way to merge them or throw them away. That affects game play and is annoying.

A Google user: It is a fun and potentially addictive game. way too many ads to get into the game though. Every time I switched screens I had to sit through an ad. Take into account that you have to switch screens fairly frequently which leads to 3 or 4 ads in a 5 minute window very easily.

A Google user: It was fun at first. Like they said, you combine two things to get the next progression of life...But this gets to be an exponential thing. Here's the problem i have with the mechanics: you are limited to a certain amount of bubbles, so even when you log off and come back on and have some you can only have so many. You do get money from when you are off, which becomes close to useless later except to buy some creatures (which the price will grow for each creature you purchased).

A Google user: Ads randomly pop-up when you open a menu screen.... Huge turn off. It's a cute game, but my biggest peeve is SUDDEN advertisement video/demo without any sort of in-game reward like a couple extra coins or a speed boost. I'm not gonna be one of those ppl who just gives games a one star over nothing, but I ain't giving it anything higher than three till they update the ads to be more strategically placed. Ads feels less like an annoyingly extra long TV commercial if it gives the impression that it has a purpose other than easy ad revenue.

A Google user: Game is basic, but in a good way. However, the Ads! Way too many! Every few navigation pages is a full page ad. Some you can close right away, while others you have to wait 4-6 seconds to close. I get the need for income, but come on. This is a bit over kill!

A Google user: 1 star review because the game completely crashed as i was moving towards getting to the second planet. I restarted my phone and even that didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled at the risk of losing all my data just so i could keep playing and the game still wouldn't move forward off of the starting screen. Thanks for getting my hopes up to have a nice relaxing time waster to lean on in stressful times and instead here i am writing the type of review i never write. Booooo.

A Google user: This game takes painfully long to make any headway. This is the sort of game that you get 2/3 of the way through only to realize that the ladt 3rd will take 10x or more longer than the first 2/3. Then, they added new planets further exacerbating this issue, so it repeats on each planet. This game is either poorly designed for higher levels, or an attempt to get you to pay tons of cash to progress.

Download Human Evolution Clicker MOD APK for Android

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