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Hitman Sniper MOD APK v1.7.276729 (Unlimited money)

Hitman Sniper
NameHitman Sniper
DevelopersCDE Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
Updated on March 29, 2023
Hitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman SniperHitman Sniper


What's new in latest version 1.7.276729

Minor fixes & improvements

About Hitman Sniper MOD

In the game Hitman sniper, on the mountainside where you can see your enemies, you will have to rely on a sniper team to not harm your body. However, there will be more ways to get rid of your nasty enemies than just staying in your base and shooting them. Let’s learn more about this when downloading Hitman sniper mod apk to experience!

Some tips and strategies when playing the game

It’s not easy to become a super-assassin in the game Hitman: Sniper. But don’t worry, let’s destroy the target with your own style in this game. Besides, we can help you out by following our Sniper Strategies and Tips. Surely you will improve your score and position on the leaderboard. At the same time make your mark as a master assassin in this game. Download Hitman sniper mod apk for your android right now, and play with the following strategy to become the best assassin.

Pay attention to observing and reading the situation in the game

Here is the best general advice that we recommend. Because in this game, the guards and targets will work in predictable patterns. But that’s only useful if you’ve actually taken the time to study them. Also, you get more points if you complete the contract faster. But in the first few levels, you will have plenty of time. Use some of them to see what your enemy is up to.

Know your mission goal

There are many different goals in the game, and they can vary significantly from this contract to the next contract. A high score is always what you want, but a good score is not everything. You need to know your mission goals at each stage of the game. Usually, your main goal will be indicated by a red cross. Therefore, when you kill that person, the level will end automatically and you will complete your quest.

However, keep in mind that killing insight is almost always impossible. Since the guards will broadcast warnings to the others in the base, then the targets will be directed toward safety. Even when civilians see bodies starting to fall to the floor, they will try to report what they have just seen. Take care not to shoot people outside unless absolutely necessary. During a mining operation, for example, when there isn’t enough time for anyone to sound an alarm.

Skilfully handle the body of the enemy

The correct disposition of the enemy’s body should also be considered. Because even if people don’t see you killing, they’ll still be nervous when seeing a dead guard lying around. Therefore, find ways to hide the deceased from passers-by. Bodies of water are a good choice, or hidden corners of buildings are the best place to avoid detection of enemy bodies. Also, if you have a gun that can kill, you can even “push” the bodies into the pool.

The sentinels have three different levels of vigilance

Three levels of sentinels include: curious sentinel, suspicious sentinel, and alerted sentinel. To the “curious sentinels”, they were just trying to see what was going on. For example, they find out what one of the vehicles you shoot and set an alarm for it. The “Suspicious sentinels” are usually those who have found a dead body. Finally, “Alarmed sentinels” usually appear when you’ve shot someone right in front of them, or hit them with a non-lethal shot.

Pay attention when a radio icon appears above their head, you will have a few seconds to get them out before they call for help, so that everyone knows the building is under attack.

In fact, the “curious and suspicious sentinels” are not always bad. For example, you can lure them out by firing off the electrical box outside the ground-floor guard building. They will be curious, but will not sound the alarm. Luring sentinels in this way not only can maneuver them where you want them but also gives you bonus points for when you finally get rid of them.

Always keep an eye on your bullets

These are all snipers, not machine guns. When you have a chance to take down a target within range, you will feel bad if you run out of ammo. And it will also put you in danger when you discover that there are no bullets to attack the enemy. Therefore, always check your ammo to make sure your gun is always in the best condition.

Not everything in the environment is destroyed

There are many things in the environment that you can destroy, but not all of them. Shooting inanimate objects may only get you points or distract you. One of the player’s favorite parts in this game is to shoot at the electric board or large fan to summon a curious guard. Then hit it with one more hit while he was there.

Sometimes, you will be able to spot targets through windows, but you won’t have enough power to destroy them through glass or brick walls. Look for a weapon with higher penetration if you have a contract that requires indoor shooting.

Features of Hitman sniper mod version apk

To easily defeat targets at many different positions or distances, you will have to use a variety of sniper rifles with different features in the arsenal. But so as to unlock the arsenal, you’ll need money. This will cost you real money to buy weapons, or you have to fight very hard to earn bonuses.

To solve this problem for players, we bring to you the Hitman sniper mod version with unlimited money. With this version, you no longer need to think about buying your weapons. Download the Hitman sniper mod apk and play this extremely interesting sniper game right now!

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Reviews from google users

Billy Rybka: Played it twice. Was great. Logged in and it asked me to enable notifications. I said no, it wouldn't go away. I said yes. It wouldn't go away. Pops up every time I log in and can't get past it. The one time I did some how get past it. I couldn't click anywhere on the screen. So I'm currently unable to play and it kinda sucks. Reinstalled also, still happens.

James Babbitt: Even tho there is only one general area and repetitive it still is great to be able to go back and re-do the missions. I had this game for over two years and played it off and on when I wanted something different, I had deleted it long ago and reloaded it. BIG MISTAKE, not only could not reload previous purchases but all levels accomplished were gone, and after trying to connect to get my account via FB I was told that its not possible...

A Google user: Its later missions are ridiculously hard. For example: objective is to get a domino kill and kill the target. But though I cant find any ways to get domino kills. Also you can't play the previous levels. Otherwise this isn't to bad. Not sure it's worth the cost of it though, only one place for the targets. And almost forgot; its sometimes weird to control the sniper, sometimes I accidentally hit the special button(s).

A Google user: The game is awesome one of the best sniper games out there the graphics are really good I would give it 5 stars if the game didn't freeze like every once in a while the game would freeze up and i would lose my progress?. and also you should really put in more levels cuz playing on the same level is so frigging annoying. So if you could just fix those two things I'd give you five stars thank you.

A Google user: Really fun game. Doesn't require you to spend thousands of dollars to be worth playing (I'm looking at you, Marvel Strike Force, you suck!). Money that is spent has value, but you can certainly have fun without it. Graphics are decent as is the AI and interface. Headshots are SUPER satisfying. Controls can be a bit finicky at times. Wish the S-Pen worked for this, but for some reason it won't register.

A Google user: I really enjoy the game for what it is, its a mobile game at that graphics are amazing and the gameplay requires thought. The only problem i have is the map there is only one. I rarely play the zombie mode so i never use any of the token things. even if they use the same layout change it so it looks a little diffrent. maybe add a beach or a race track like the PC versions of Hitman.

A Google user: The weapon mechanics are fantastic and figuring out how to complete missions is very fun. It seems silly to only have one map with nearly the exact same paths for all the targets and guards. The newer zombie mode is fun, but also falls prey to the same grindy, game prolonging mechanics that we see in the primary mode. Of course, there's no way that any huge updates will be coming to this game but some variety would rocket this app to 5 stars for nearly every reviewer.

A Google user: Good Game. Easy to learn, semi-difficult to master. Gets reasonably harder as you go. So far most of it seems like one map. A bit repetitive, but with increaseing difficulty is still fun. If you switch up with zombies once in a while it changes up the gameplay and map to avoid some of the repetivity. But the various weapons and objectives certainly switch things up.

A Google user: This is about as good as mobile gaming gets right now. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, punchy sound, and best of all, no "action points" needed to play or mandatory ads to suffer through (although voluntarily watching earns modest in-game resources). Performance is rewarded and ranked, and the alternating objectives generally offer an appropriate level of challenge. The one big downside is that there are as yet only two in-game environments, the primary sporting no real variation between plays.

A Google user: Amazing graphics and a good game overall. The challenges get more difficult each mission, but I got bored with it by the sixth one. There are other modes to unlock, but one of them requires about a 85mb download. If you like sniper style games I recommend this game. The disappointing feature for me was that the Google play achievements are based on leaderboard scores only.

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