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Highway Drifter MOD APK v4.2.36 (Unlimited Money/All Cars Unlocked)

Highway Drifter
NameHighway Drifter
DevelopersMad Hook
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money/All Cars Unlocked
Updated on March 30, 2023
Highway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway DrifterHighway Drifter

Highway Drifter - The Best Online Multiplayer Drifting Game Of 2022 🎉🎉🎉

What's new in latest version 4.2.36

- Bug Fixes

About Highway Drifter MOD

Highway Drifter Mod APK brings drifters to the ultimate car races in single-player and team mode. Not only that, the physical models recreate the top-notch, true-to-life incident.

How can players ignore the excitement and thrill of a four-wheeled vehicle battle as a legendary racer? When you set foot on Highway Drifter, you will have the opportunity to challenge and fight racers from different parts of the world. The race will officially take place when you choose your favorite racing car and match the location system on the map you have chosen before. Not only that, but the opponent’s strength is also what causes pressure on you.


The car collection comes from various genres, from legendary classic muscle cars to cutting-edge modern genres. They are real cars that are judged to be perfect and unique. Not only that, when stepping into the world of warriors, you will have the opportunity to change the entire appearance and parameters of the cars, making it carry in it a unique, bold color of the car. In addition, here, you can use real money to own a few unique items to decorate and upgrade the car.


Not stopping there, the attraction of many games that must stop with Highway Drifter is the graphics that get the maximum score. The realistic physics described in the cars makes you fall in love with them. In addition, the most modern graphics simulate the race in the sharpest detail. Players who own high-end devices can choose HD mode to enjoy this unlimited and colorful battle.


During the entire race on the racing journey, players may have encountered unexpected incidents besides fluttering, feeling extremely impressed jogging. Specifically, you can stumble across different animals that cross the freeway or even large rocks. Besides, there are muddy sand dunes that cannot continue to move forward, causing many difficulties. Not stopping there, you can also rush into the crowd with trucks operating on busy streets, causing unwanted accidents.


Highway Drifter is considered the largest heavyweight racing community in the world. Here, you have the opportunity to demonstrate your ability and strategy to the racing community around the world. Now, the battle of burning tires is ready with you to conquer the most arduous race tracks with attractive online players until every moment is like a breathless waiting for who will be at the top of the leaderboard.


At Highway Drifter, players will receive a dangerous map system with many roads on different terrains. It can be the small roads right next to the cliff, just a little flaw that the player can roll down the abyss with his car without hesitation. Or it could be a hot sandy beach that is difficult to drive. Not stopping there, the difficulty can come from the road users if you choose the street to carry out the fight.

Highway Drifter offers players a colorful environment representing different cultures suitable for most players. Not only that, you can choose from single-player mode or multiplayer mode to challenge. With each mode, you get to experience the unique car-warriors and maps that bring the ultimate feeling of surprise, suspense, and tension. Let’s fight for first place in this race.

– Drift on different map terrains from sand dunes to steep hills, from fields to mountains.
– Simulate magical characters and cars to realism, recreating the scene like in the field.
– Compete against many legendary racers in the exciting and breathtaking multiplayer mode.
– Own and customize four-wheeled warriors with bold color and personal style.
– Overcome obstacles to climb to the championship in the expert rankings.

Reviews from google users

Tray Skunk: Arab4ever and would be great if u add eurodance music to fit the theme My fav is ameno and be my lover and add first person View and add so people can get in others car to make it feel better

Nady Z: This game sucks I've been waiting for so long on the loading screen please delete this game this game sucks and it is stupid please fix it and I don't like this app I download this for nothing

Ogwuda Favour: It is a really good game though I rated it 4 star because it doesn't have an aim all you do is to drift to earn money to buy car to drift to buy car.So if they can change it to a game that has levels either endless or not it would be nice.

Victor Kataluk: not bad game but the police car are ridiculous fast n so weak just a small scratch can destroy the police car n the nitro turbo is useless against the police car if u fixed the editing I'll increase just a Star

Balagomathi Govindarajan: I rated 4 stars because there are to many ads that's the only problem please fix it. and overall I like the game and my favorite mode is the police mode. if the ads little I would rate 5 stars so please fix it thank you.

Richard Graham: I love this game. can you please make a five and make sure you can make it where you can make the tires bigger or small that's the only problem I don't like but it's fun. best highway game ever. I enjoy it.

Connor Hammontree: Good game but I you can scratch a car and you would lose health but you can run into a cop and you doesn't lose health. Another thing you can completely stop and there would be one cop that always run into you. I would buy the game but you will probably won't.

The Bird: Getting pretty boring can't do any upgrades ive got all the cars can upgrade bigger wheels or suspension nor can you upgrade the engine once you buy al the vehicles it's nothing else to do online rooms keeps crashing and way too many ads time to make the game a lot interesting

Julian Paßmann: I really enjoy this game, it's very fun. I can only recommend it. One thing that bugs me a lot is the Police AI. You could be the best driver in the world and you'd still get hit by almost every single police car that's trying to ram you. Plus, when I slow down since one of them rammed you, the other 5 cars ram you one by one as well until the car is almost stationary. Besides, those SUVs coming in to ram you are almost unavoidable. So overall, it's a great game IMO but it needs better AI.

Jess Moff: Ok, so this game is bad but good. First of all this game has ads like every 10 seconds but, i have seen game with much more ads. The pictures you see are FAKE! Some of them are from a game called Foriza 4. The graphics.. They are bad but... I found out if you go the settings in the home menu it will say "Improved graphics". Click on it. It will make your car shinier. (Just a tip ;) ) this is a bad but good game. Enjoy!

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