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Head Soccer MOD APK v6.17.2 (Unlimited Money)

Head Soccer
NameHead Soccer
DevelopersD&D Dream
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Head SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead SoccerHead Soccer

Head Soccer - A free-for-all soccer with unique characters! Take my lethal shot!

What's new in latest version 6.17.2

+ fixed bug ( run crash )

About Head Soccer MOD

Head Soccer for Android is one of the football games which has the most players on Google Play, no less than Dream League Soccer, FIFA 16 Ultimate, or New Star Soccer. Download Head Soccer immediately to start playing right now.

Head Soccer is a product of the D&D Dream, completely different from the most familiar football games today like FIFA or World Cup. Head Soccer will let you experience the football game in a whole new way and super fun. Everything in the game is simple to the maximum, so players can focus and control the ball as easily as possible.

Game modes

The game interface consists of two goalkeepers, two super cute chibi characters standing on the field, trying to shoot the ball towards the opponent’s goal, and at the same time defending the opponent to score.

At the top of the screen will be a table of goals scored for each side, and match time. Usually, the match lasts only 1 minute, and the party that scores the most goals will win. If time runs out and the score stays the same, the game will continue until someone has scored the first goal to win.

The game control system is very easy, with only 4 buttons, two buttons left Left / Right to back the defense or forward attack. The two buttons on the right are Kick for kicking or Jump for jumping and catching the ball.

How to play

In particular, every time the Power bar is full, your character will have superior power. Use that opportunity to unleash powerful Power Shot shots that concede the opponent. In contrast, when the opponent’s Power bar is full, you also need to get ready to stop the ball.

It’s easy to say but must play Head Soccer to see the complexity, fun, and humor of the game. If playing for the first time, players will need a lot of time to master the controls, adjust the strategy, and draw the smartest gameplay for themselves.

The game has all 7 game modes including Tournament, League, Survival, Head Cup, Arcade, Fight, and Death. Each mode will bring different interests.

Defeat the enemy with dangerous shots such as shooting dragons, shooting ice, shooting light, and winning the tournament. You can also pair matches with friends or global users through GameCenter.

During the game, you will have the opportunity to receive valuable assistance to increase the movement speed of the character, bonuses to buy customized costumes for players, and unlock new game modes with lots of other valuable gifts. Of course, Head Soccer is also indispensable for online stores, with many IAP packages costing money for “giants” gamers to shop with real money. However, you can completely conquer this game without spending a penny at all.


  •  Simple gameplay but difficult to conquer.
  •  Defeat opponents with powerful kicks, such as a kick that carries the power of a dragon, kicks into an ice-cold or glowing ball …
  •  64 unique avatars and lots of special shots.
  •  6 attractive game modes: Arcade, Tournament, Survival, League, Head Cup, Death Mode.
  •  Online multiplayer mode via Google Play Services.
  •  Connect with friends or other gamers around the world via the Game Center, so as to enter exciting challenges.
  •  Gameplay based on typical physical mechanics.
  •  Game with high entertainment, play anytime, anywhere.

Most players will know the original APK Head Soccer with the experience the developer brings. But Head Soccer Mod Apk is a great thing you should try, with the following notable advantages.  Normally, you will have to overcome many stages to get more money. Instead, in Head Soccer Mod Apk, you will be given a lot of money, so you can spend as much as you like. With this version, you can buy everything in the shop, as well as use the features in the game without thinking about the price. Along Head Soccer to customize for players, beat all opponents with super-strong shots.


The graphics of the game are very cute and funny, thanks to the players drawn in a chibi cartoon style. The more players play on the next level, the more points they will gain, and use that to unlock new players. Download Head Soccer for Mac for free and experience super exciting matches now! Currently, you can play fun football anytime and anywhere.


Overall, Head Soccer is a game that stands out primarily because of the cute chibi image, as well as the control system that is perfectly tuned for the touch screen. Currently Head Soccer game is available for both mobile platforms to download and play. Do not hesitate anymore because Head Soccer is completely free. Thanks for visiting maxdroid.

Reviews from google users

Shah Farhan: Not fair at all. Start of the game should be at least easy or mediocre. The power and the gadgets that the opponents have are way too powerful. And to get powerful characters and gadgets must finish ridiculous and hard task. Terrible game.

Kul StarSCREM: I cannot save or load my data on any device due to "head soccer requires one or more google play services that are not currently available." Please fix.

Haris Jusufi: I installed it because of nostalgia, but i will deinstall it because im not willing to let it access my photo gallery and private stuff in my phone.

kiwi yoto: It's one of the soccer games I enjoy the most but A have a new idea for you it's a mode called champion mode it's basically rigular scorer but but in addition to your powers you find random powers that are dropping on the field and there are missions in playing with this characters in that mode only and there is another idea which is you can create a character and play with it use hair style and mouth expresion and face the color of the eyes

Suiryu: I've been playing this game and I actually love it. But the newer updates are just raging me off. I really hate these damn pets because it's harder to goal and very annoying. The countries/non-countries are random generated so that means if you play the weakest character ever, you could possibly play against one of the strongest opponents, which makes it impossible to win a match.

GMLM2349: I've been playing this game since its earliest stages. When I started playing, the zombie was the last character. It has always been fun to play this game, and the new characters are fun, too. However, I must agree with other reviews. The game hasn't improved at al when it comes to bugs and glitches, the newest characters are absolutely broken and nearly impossible to get. There should be an option to disable some characters, or go back to older versions of the game. Please keep the game simple.

Lorenzo Torri: The game mechanics and concept are so cool it is incredibly sad to see what's become of this game. Except for the pay2win (understandable, as there are no ads), the power creep is so annoying most of the time you have no clue what's going on on screen. Wonderful graphics but really it is not what the game is supposed to be. I'm only sticking to the older opponents with simpler mechanic because between pets, power creep, suits and all that it looks more like a DBZ fighting game than a soccer one

Noor Paraiso: This game has gotten really out of hand. What used to be a very simple game has now become just a grindfest for points and characters, which can get practically impossible. Old characters without the diverse ground, air, and counter specials feel out of place and would get destroyed unless their abilities are maxed out and are wearing hats. Overall, this game really is out of date.

A Google user: I came back to this game after like 6 years, and I'm really disappointed in how crazy this game has become. The new characters are almost impossible to counter, which makes every game mode pretty much a loss if they are in the match. Though the game modes are great (if the op characters aren't involved).

A Google user: I just started playing this game again after a few years and I gotta say I'm really disappointed. The overall concept of the game is amazing and 5-star worthy, but now they have stretched it too far with these new characters. Some have ridiculous superpowers that are impossible to counteract with average players and you find yourself passively watching literally the chaos happening in the arena. It took all the fun away from the game, they could and should have kept it simple.

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