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Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G MOD APK v2.2.3 (Unlimited Money)

Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G
NameHappy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G
DevelopersHappy Labs
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023
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Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G - Raise your own virtual pet in your pocket! 200+ outfits & 300+ decos to collect!

What's new in latest version 2.2.3

Bug fixes and general improvements

About Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G MOD

Happy Pet Story is a virtual raising pet simulations game, in the style of Sim which is new and extremely interesting. The game is released for free on both Android and Ios platforms.

Discover interesting stories about cute and funny pets. In the game, you not only have the task of taking care of virtual pets, decorating your home but also entertaining with many attractive mini-games. What is more interesting than being immersed in a city full of the joy of happy pets. You will create unique dream homes only in your imagination.

Build a perfect dream town

The task of the player is to raise and take care of the pet that you created in the game. You can adjust, and design the color, and the appearance of the pet. Don’t forget to name it! Take care of your lovely baby and play mini-games with it. The game consists of hundreds of items for you to collect, accompanied by hundreds of thousands of cute costumes. Besides, there are fashion accessories for you to choose from.

Walk along the streets to discover super cute and colorful shops. You can also relax in the cafe. Invite friends to visit your town, and show off your design and creative talent to them. Cultivate affection for friends, and interact with your neighbors through hilarious conversations. Do not forget to help them in daily tasks to receive attractive rewards.

You can leave personal contact information at the pet’s house. See how your house grows over time!

Experience happy times together with Happy Pet Story. Give your home a special impression with funny pets. Happy Pet Story supports offline gaming. Besides, there are hundreds of items to collect. Don’t forget to invite your friends to visit your town. You show them your superior home decoration skills. You can also go to their house for more ideas.

Some tips when playing games

 Complete common tasks:

Click on the avatar of any pet to see the tasks that you need to complete. You can accept or reject tasks. When completing the mission, you have the opportunity to receive XP, clover, decorations, and costumes. Click the Giftbox icon to receive the reward. You can receive up to 2 missions from any town, and 1 mission from the special mayor.

 Theme Quest types by theme:

There are 2 types of Theme Quest missions: Fashion and Home. Fashion quests require you to change pet clothes into a fashion theme. Similarly, players can decorate the main room according to the theme.

 Points to decorate the house:

The Home Points are used to rank players in the Happy Homes rankings. The more Home points, the higher the chance of standing at the top. To get more Home points, place a lot of furniture in the pet room. Besides, when placing items in sets, you will receive bonus points.

 Activities in the town:

You must use the money to see the fish album in the Fishes of the Hour section. This means you can watch different types of fish during certain hours. Each season also appears its type of fish. You will receive a special fishing reward.

Harvest valuable crops and experience trees to make progress in the game. You can move the farmland. Plots planted are unlocked based on the player’s level, but some levels do not allow unlocking any more lots.

Play games with balloons: smash balloons to score. Occasionally, random outfits and furniture will fall from the balloon to the ground, you can collect it.

 How to earn diamonds and gold coins for free:

Sometimes, just randomly chatting with neighbors or touching Critter monsters, you have the opportunity to receive diamonds.

To earn gold coins, collect clover in town to activate Fever mode and get money. Share screenshots when visiting friends, and unlock new neighbors. Completing a neighbor’s task is also the fastest way to make money. Besides, you can choose the way to go fishing, and sell fish to make money.


  1.  Free download and free updates
  2.  Simple, intuitive, and easy to play
  3.  Unique, and vibrant are two accurate adjectives to describe the cute pet town you created.
  4.  Happy every day with animal-loving neighbors.
  5.  200 unique costumes, more than 300 furniture, and decorations, and more than 200 customizable looks for the character. You can join with more than 10 neighbors in the same town.
  6.  Multiplayer mode! Visit friends and compete in the world rankings.
  7.  Or play in Offline mode, no internet connection required. Breed pets for life.
  8.  Suitable for everyone including the elderly or children.
  9.  Available for mobile devices and optimized for large-screen tablets.

What’s in Happy Pet Story mod apk

Most players will know the original Happy Pet Story APK with the experience the developer brings. But Happy Pet Story Mod Apk is a great thing you should try, with the following notable advantages. MOD, Unlimited Money: Normally, you will have to overcome many stages to get more money. Instead, in Happy Pet StoryMod Apk, you will be given a lot of money, so you can spend as much as you like. With this version, you can buy everything in the shop, as well as use the features in the game without thinking about the price. Together with Happy Pet Story build a town in your style.

The installation requirements 

Since its launch, Happy Pet Story has been offered free to all players. The game’s original APK file is shared a lot on the web. Moreover, many people also love the modified version of this game. Happy Pet Story mod apk is designed to give players a lot of coins and keys, so you can enjoy shopping for items, costumes, and much more in the game. Of course, the Happy Pet Story mod apk will not support your play process, you will still have to compete and show off your ability to get good results.

To install the Happy Pet mod apk on mobile devices is also quite simple. Please follow these steps below:

1, Download the game from the links at the bottom of the article.

2, Open the download directory and click to install. (Note: You need to accept the installation term from an unknown source). You can believe in our link because the file is completely free of malware.

3, Wait until the installation process is completed and enjoy the game.


You are a person who loves animals, especially pets. If you like social simulation games, then you have to try Happ Pet Story. It is glad to tell you that, you can download Happ Pet Story for free to play, and the game also supports playing in offline mode. Download and enjoy right now! Thanks for visiting maxdroid, and have a nice day.

Reviews from google users

Saraswathy Suppiah: This is a learning game for children to understandthe educations more in a fun way.The controls are not that bad but I'm sad because there's no jump button and the quality is meh to me it could use some improvements but I hope it gets better updates by months. I give it a little bit of suggestion to improve the game better. You could make it more cute more cartoonish or realistic make more choice options. Make more educational questions I the trivia time game add more cool fun games

harehaz lim: I love it! It is offline, simple and cute game also it doesn't have any ads! But, it kind of bored when you do the same mission like trivia game, dance, fishing etc. Plus, I can't find online friends. It would be more fun if it have daily sign-in or challenge task or watch ads to get extra money. However, my conclusion is this game is fun and relaxing for everyone who play this ?.

say what: I love this game. My comfort game, I just wish there was the option to put stuff on a wishlist, as well as more storage space and to be able to follow more than 50 people. The game is fun, and I love the minigames. The quests are fun and I like the rooms. Also, I completely adore the animation, whether it be the butterflies, chicks and ladybugs, the ballons, the reactions of the characters during a minigane, everything is so nicely put together and well-done. The sounds are crisp and clean

Shirina Mishra: If you haven't played the game yet, hear me out! If you like the Animal Crossing franchise (especially City Folk) you will start falling love with this game, you'll go through a phase to log in everyday to get townies, unlock cool stuff, level up and grind. But after finishing up, you'll feel very bored! You won't love the game like you used to and when you unlock a new townie, you won't feel excited like you used to, it's a game that's easy to get burnt out of. Remember that before you play.

????????: Really not a bad game. Style is cute, gameplay is cute. Love it. But a little thing that bothers me is when you have this quest to go and buy food from the cafe. Its SO hard to find that specific food. Maybe add that little machine and add all the foods and drinks there are there. Like the other shops, you have to buy the item before you can buy it with the machine. That will be helpful. But love this game, love the customization options and decor too. 9/10!

Kayleigh: I LOVE this game! It's fun, cute and quite pleasing. Please update more often, more content + bug fixes are always good! NOTE TO OTHER PLAYERS: as well syncing the game with your email, you need to go in settings, scroll to the bottom and click the ''save to server" icon. This will save your game data securely. Seems like a lot just too save a game progress, but it does work, I promise. Hope my review was helpful ?

Mary Winter: Super recommend this app. I've been addicted for years. Customer service is very helpful and friendly. Game has basically no bugs or glitches. Devs are constantly making new items and hosting themed holidays. Graphics are simple, creative and entertaining. Absolutely fantastic gameplay for a free game. You can purchase items if you wish, but it's easy to play for free.

bw0mny: It's pretty cute, it's kinda like animal crossing but for mobile and in 2D, speaking of which, its obvious that the game took inspo from AC without completely ripping it off, which I applaud you all for. My suggestion however is to add more minigames perhaps, and maybe some other activities like bug catching. Overall it's a cute game and good for wasting time.

A Google user: this game is so fun and great for those missing pet society from the good old facebook days 10 years ago. but it's kind of glitchy. some times when you go to tap on something you accidentally tap on something else like the butterflies. i try and tap on the butterflies and then enter a store or same with the balloons. but fun game though. also the magic mirror is such a rip off, you litterly have to spend so much money to change your appearance. and then spend even more to make it permanent.

A Google user: A really cute game overall but i have some issues: 1.) the music mini game does not move at times so i'm forced to exit the game. 2.) constant wrong pop ups at shops. I click on an item but the item next to it appears or the previous item i last clicked in that shop pops up instead. It takes me about 6 to 9 tries before the correct item appears.

Download Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet G MOD APK for Android

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