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Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger MOD APK v1.25.0 (Free Shopping)

Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger
NameGold & Goblins: Idle Merger
MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Updated on March 24, 2023
Gold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle MergerGold & Goblins: Idle Merger

Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger - Merge Goblins Diggers, Upgrade Goldmine and Make Gold in Idle Mining Game

What's new in latest version 1.25.0

- New job to do for your workers! Mines 101 to 107 are open!
- Various corrections and upgrades to improve the game’s stability.

About Gold & Goblins: Idle Merger MOD

Gold and Goblins Mod APK is a familiar destination that future explorers always come to explore the value of the mysterious gold mine.

The tale of the elves as explorers is built on gold and goblins. They have enticing picks and shovels for digging lengthy caverns. Traverse different terrains and unearth mysteries from diverse places, continue your favorite task, and develop the finest mining army. Command a goblin army to perform objectives and earn worthy prizes.


Gold and Goblins players have left the necessary reviews for the game’s trust and support to develop an updated version that includes something new. Welcoming the festive atmosphere of Christmas, your elves have a new task every day: rescue Santa in the ice tunnel. In addition, the presence of some new mines will provide more space and treasure for you. Keep playing and solve challenging puzzles at new levels.

Significant system changes to the axes that represent the operation’s progress are also noted. Forged shafts and mine shafts are color changed, so they don’t affect your vision. Now you can see the goblin growth level so you can know when is the right time to upgrade the squad. Issues related to participating in purchases in the item store and some language symbols will be fixed.


To prepare for the upcoming challenges that Gold and Goblins posed, players need to complete the elves squad. In it, the presence of warships is necessary. Ships carrying explosives will soon dock when receiving your signal. Different types of explosives are used in mines that are frozen by ice and rock to explode. The discovered treasure will be used to improve the life of the army.

The goblin army gets more robust when the level thresholds are reached, where the player needs to use coins for this to happen. The higher the level, the more their power increases, and you will mine more in a short time. Power potions are expensive items in the shop, but you can get them while mining. Let’s start your work and create an independent army.


In addition to dynamite, the elves will go deeper into the pit and my Gold and Goblins with hammers or pickaxes. Besides upgrading the goblin squad, players can also upgrade their items, and level it up from an old item and complete the collection with the broadest range of tool models. With 3D graphics technology, you can admire the shimmering beauty of the mines and the dynamic goblins.

Ice islands are waiting for you to explore; each island will be a level. They have different difficulty levels and also have different treasure chests. Experience this extraordinary journey unlocking all the levels we have to offer. During your journey, don’t forget to collect power cards to pass other stories such as transporter upgrades, ability upgrades over time, and increased luck for treasure chests.


Gold and Goblinscompletes the story of the exciting mining journey of the dynamic elves. From a few, the number of this particular squad has increased to a more significant number and mined more treasures. Lead them through all the levels we open. In addition, the implementation of the assigned tasks in the mailbox also needs attention. Experience the elves mining story and leave your review.


– Build a squad of mining workers who are mischievous goblins.
– Equip the necessary items for the trip, such as a dynamite cart, hammer, and mining pickaxe.
– Participate in special events opened by the system during festivals and seasons of the year.
– Collect booster cards, magic cards to increase the strength of squads and tools.
– Get mysterious chests and huge rewards like energy potions, level stars, and bonuses.

Reviews from google users

Michael Little: Because of their recent forced updates the app is now unplayable. Progress in the game is driven by watching ads. Well trying to watch those ads either freezes or closed the app. PATHETIC!!! UPDATE: The app has the same exact issues but now there's more! Now the app won't even open. If it does and you try to watch an ad for something it freezes. It will offer to watch an ad for a goblin, not let you watch an ad and then take the goblin away. It even switched the reward from a goblin to elixir

R.J. Guyer: Finally uninstalling. Initially a fun game, but the amount of ads is EXHAUSTING. I am 100% for ads as the developers have to make money, but they are non-stop and ruin any flow of the game. Add in the fact that some you have to click out 4-5 times with every time you try to click out having it open up your browsers or Amazon app account and some take 45 seconds or longer to play. Absolutely exhausting.

Casey Stafford: Would like to give 5stars, as it's an enjoyable game. But, when in a phone call or Facebook messenger call, roughly half the ads for rewards don't even play, and you can't back out without completely restarting the game. With as SIMPLE as the game is, there is literally no excuse for this! Especially when, in order to get ANYWHERE In the events, you literally NEED those video ad rewards to get anywhere.

RipRizzle: I want to give this game more stars, but I simply can't due to the ad bug they haven't fixed yet. After watching some ads they will simply lock up. I then have to close the app and watch the same ad lock up over and over. It makes it so I am unable to receive rewards. Terrible ad system. Fix it and I may give a new review.

Michael Morales: Ads for wheels spins and bonus time crash the game constantly. EDIT: I already contacted support and have seen no response. Crashes have stopped, but the ads are doubling up now, and often no ads are available. Ads are the worst part of this game. I don't mind them when they work and are targeted to my interests, but these are spotty and random.

Emilio Chavarria: Not worth your time, or your money. I have given this game a good chance, but it is honestly not worth the effort or time invested. The fun goes away fairly quickly, plus the ads are overwhelming. They want you to pay 14.99, in order to permanently remove them. Events are impossible to progress far, without paying for 'boost'. For the amount of time you spend trying to get anywhere in this game, you could actually be having fun playing something else. This game sucks.

Benjamin D: I bought this game after seeing an ad for it. It shows you driving around destroying rocks, selling stuff and upgrading. It is nothing like that. I did end up playing the game as is, even paid to remove ads, I found it fun for a bit, but it's very repetitive and it doesn't really feel like you gain much. You keep upgrading the same stuff over and over and over and over and over. And nothing about the game feels like you're working towards anything that gets better. The depth just isn't there.

Justin L: It would be far better if when you report an issue, the developer actually tried to fix the problem instead of saying that it will be reviewed and nothing being fixed. For 3 weeks I have been struggling to view ads and been limited on regular rewards because of it. I would give it less stars but when gameplay is moving as designed it is a very fun (albeit, relatively mindless) game.

Cameron Coffman: This can be a fun idle, puzzle game. But as someone who spends on mobile games consistently, and this is only the 2nd time I felt the need to leave a review; the value isn't there. I enjoy the game but when you buy every "special" pack during an 11 day event and still can't meet the minimum requirement on the last level; what's the point? And to be clear, every pack is equal to several hundred dollars...for 1 event. Also note, the main game ends at mine 100 which took me about 3 months.

Jeff R: Very Fun Game, but OMG the Ads. The ads are extremely long, after watching the ad you have to hit a little button in the upper right corner of the screen. And if you touch it anywhere else or slightly off the icon, it takes you to the Google play store. Then after you successfully hit that little button in the upper right corner, it takes you to another screen with.... you guessed it. A single icon to install the advertised app, which you have to wait about 5 seconds so you can continue.

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