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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints MOD APK v1.2.2b (Unlimited Money)

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
NameGangstar Rio: City of Saints
DevelopersGameloft SE
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 30, 2023
Gangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of SaintsGangstar Rio: City of Saints

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints - Mafia 3D game to complete missions and unlock prizes

What's new in latest version 1.2.2b

Various game performance improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.

About Gangstar Rio: City of Saints MOD

Among the current games, it is certainly said that there are very few games with action and gangster genres that are interesting and attractive. One of them is Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Coming to this game, you will be able to choose any gang, and must perform the tasks set by the gang. It is interesting, isn’t it? You can use your skills expertly only in the first stages. Because essentially, the game has extremely simple gameplay.

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints developed by Gameloft. This is both a manufacturer and a publisher. Some long-time game players, probably are not too strange with this game company. Gameloft has a very long development platform. It has been at the forefront of popular game studios since smartphones weren’t popular yet.

Gangstar Rio: the City of Saints was first released in 2011, and has received a lot of support from users. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is currently being widely released on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and Java.

How to play 

By entering the game, you are entering a virtual world that simulates the city of Rio Brazil. Here, you get different tasks for each level. There are more than 60 different missions for you to explore and experience. Sometimes, tasks are often simple, and sometimes very complex. It is safe to say that the more you perform tasks at a higher level, the more difficulties you’ll encounter.

To play Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, you must first understand the scroll keys in the game. To move simply like walking or jogging, you can move with the virtual key combination on the screen. Depending on the action, you need to do it to select the keys up, down, left, or right.

After grasping the moves, you need to understand your tasks and goals. As mentioned above, each level will have different tasks for you to perform. This task could be anything. For example, in killing people, kidnapping hostages, terrorist attacks, … You need to follow the instructions necessary to meet some important characters, as well as some necessary items along the way.

Types of vehicles and how to use them

You can have many different types of vehicles to control. You can equip vehicles and other modern vehicles in the shop section. Besides, you can also rob them right in the levels to complete the task.

The vehicles used in the game can be named as. Four-wheel vehicles such as trucks, taxis, conventional cars, or police cars. Two-wheel vehicles include motorcycles or motorbikes. Besides, the game has several special vehicles you can use aircraft, helicopters, and tanks. In each category, the game has dozens of different models for you to freely choose.

To control these vehicles, you can use the following method. Hold down the top key (or number 2) to advance. Hold down (or 8) to brake. Hold the side keys (or 4 and 6) to turn in the directions. And finally, you can use the 0 key to exit the controlled vehicle.

You can easily rob vehicles by running into empty vehicles on the road and pressing the 5 keys to get in the car.

The different weapons 

The first weapon equipped in the game is bare-handed fighting. To do bare-handed combat, you first need to approach and come close to the enemy. Then, hold down 5 to attack. Keep pressing these 5 keys until you defeat the opponent. There is a trick here. That is, you should keep the tempo of the key steadily and continuously. If you do so, you will have more powerful attacks on the opponent. This helps you increase the damage and shorten the battle time.

Besides, you can own yourself the more powerful weapons along the way. The game integrates you with guns like pistols, rifles, and grenades. You can pick up guns easily by paying close attention to the road map. To pick up weapons, you just need to run through them.

Features of Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Changing characters in the game: For Gangstar Rio: City of Saints, you can make changes easily. Make lots of money to equip items such as clothes, hats, and glasses, …

Change different map locations: You can explore all the views of the city of Rio in the game. You will be at many different locations such as streets, business areas, resorts, resorts, beaches, and forests.

Graphic design

The game is designed with a modern and sophisticated 3D style. The motion in the game is quite smooth without any lag phenomenon.

The images simulating the cityscape are very honest and meticulous. Besides, the characters in the game are also pretty much cared for in terms of graphics.


Overall, Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is a very attractive action game, very worth playing. The game may be limited in terms of an audience like children. But also because of that, mature players get excited. And that is one of the differences that makes Gangstar Rio: City of Saints different.

You can immediately download Gangstar Rio: City of Saints to experience and make your comments. Thanks for visiting Wbc2020, and have a nice day.

Reviews from google users

Brandon Scott: Love, love, LOVE THIS GAME! I think the whole Gangstar games are so much fun to play. The cutscenes in this are funny and really do got a good storyline to them. Lots of things you can do in the game and that's amazing. Reminds me of GTA vice city, but gotta say this is more fun! Worth the money one hundred percent!

Joe: I have been a fan of this game ever since my childhood and I remember starting off at the beach at level one, everything has changed so far now after playing San Andreas and others, I think this new version stands for itself no need comparing to others..

Sohail Lahiji: I like how well detailed the game is makes it more interesting when driving hearing different things at once like as if you hit somebody on accident they react like how someone would do. That's Kool it's like building your own friend like kinda things. It compeats with other games or even graffics when sunsets it's clear you know what time of day it is with. I like how it's made out.

shalom theboss: I bought this game to have a change from gangster vegas and new Orleans in some sense gangster Rio has better details then gangster veges like the slo mo's when you jump off a high cliff ramp and better parkour with roof jumps but overal this game was designed verry poorly with a lack of vehicles like in the airport there's no airplanes only in the army base . The map is super small I was verry unhappy about that especally when I purchased the app . Please expand the map and add more vehicles

James Van cliff: So just started the game i like the cartoon style defo like GTA and love the graphics are great like how random stuff goes on love how you have to train your driving shotting and strenth my only problem is that when your being shot out you die quick but then again like i said im only at the beginning but loads to do and find and raceing and other stuff hope there be updates such a great game and for the price i have no problems thanks for making a game like this same as Vegas.

Arjay Sumpay: I put 3 star beacuse of the story and graphics character skin and clothes and weapons vehicles good but I have 1 problem the control how to fly up and down is so hard the control need more choice to set.. and skin from gang face not clear and clothes they wear is not clear and the characters walking is not good only run is good and claim..but so far is good....I complete all mession and the story and now Im my own. ..play

Beingarka: Far superior than vegas & new Orleans ! Only problem is with the bike control , it tends to be a helicopter everytime you ride it ! Anyways the story & emotions, you can easily connect with that ,. similar to GTA San&Reas but obviously inferior to that. Besides story missions, you have various other jobs to perform,which are entertaining. Worth the money. Addictive. Overall, GREAT !

A Google user: I am given a star cos after purchasing it I cant have it running on my honor 8x. So I do wonder what else you guys want from me to use the app on my device. Check up my device and you'll see it has all the requirements. So why on Earth can't I get it working on my phone? I had it on an old device sometime in 2012. I wonder what is different now. It will download the app and start with the resources and then stop Midway after almost exhausting my hard earned data.

A Google user: 1: It's hard to control a helicopter 2: It's laggy,every time im shooting an enemy,it will lag badly.I don't know if it's just my phone or what 3:It will sometime crash Pls fix this game,paid $10 to get a better experience not this.Overall,the game is kinda fun tho

A Google user: It would be awesome if american music was incorporated into the game it's like nobody in Rio listens to hip hop. And the steerin takes some real getting use to no matter the setting, but overall Good Job as with most games that come from this company.

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