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FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK v3.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

FRAG Pro Shooter
NameFRAG Pro Shooter
DevelopersOh BiBi
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
FRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro ShooterFRAG Pro Shooter

FRAG Pro Shooter - Fun and Friendly PvP game

What's new in latest version 3.6.0

What's new?

- 3.6: Women in FRAG
- New Character: Meet Cheryl!
- New FRAG pass with the amazing 'Rockabilly' skin collection
- Gameplay Adjustments: Nerfs, buffs, and bugfixes

About FRAG Pro Shooter MOD

FRAG Pro Shooter is an FPS game combined with the very best MOBA game, bringing the perfect shooting experience to your mobile device. FRAG Pro Shooter shooter has an attractive team gameplay, commented as a copy of the popular MOBA game Overwatch. Join this playground, you play as a good gunner, enter the chaotic battlefield with up to 10 heroes, divided equally between the two teams. Each team can choose specific generals to defeat the opponent.

Virtual arena

Each match in FRAG Pro Shooter includes 10 players, divided equally between the two teams, and you must defeat all opponents to win. This is a great combination of different genres such as shooting, MOBA, role-playing, and strategy as well. If you are a person who is afraid of shooting games, do not worry, this game supports players a lot in the control system, you can turn on the “automatic firing” feature in the Settings. After just a few matches, you can already run flexibly, climbing over the highest roofs in the game.

To play this game well, you need to have speed, reflex, and high accuracy. Besides, tactical factors are also important, directly determining the outcome of the match. You must learn how to coordinate and communicate well with your teammates, occupy important positions on the map, and rob the opponent of great goals. Organize enemy ambushes, trick the enemy into your trap, and take death. Attacking the enemy shield will bring a lot of points to your team, but be careful because the enemy can attack you at any time. Meanwhile, you can use the first aid kit to heal after fighting.

FRAG Pro Shooter matches are quite fast and chaotic, so you need to quickly destroy the enemy’s targets, and kill as many kills as possible to get a high score. After the time is up, the team with the higher score wins. If you unfortunately die, it’s okay, you will quickly revive at the base and continue to participate in the battle. Be a first-person shooter game, but the gameplay is quite similar to League of Legends, many interesting things are waiting for you.

Besides, you need to build Deck Battle to attack, defend, or balance, depending on the playing style and your teammates.


The FRAG Pro Shooter collection has several characters up to 40, and the number has not stopped there. The game development team promises to update more characters for upcoming versions. Each character has a unique weapon and a different role in your squad. So your choices will change the way you approach the game, and also affect the tactics of the team. For example, a character with a lot of damage combined with a character with the ability to heal will be hegemony.

Also, don’t forget to upgrade your character to unlock more awesome skills. After having a collection like that, join the real-time PvP arena to show off your shooting skills, defeat them all, and become a legend.


FRAG Pro Shooter is a great game that includes excellent gameplay, colorful images, and plenty of eye-catching actions. Design in-game based on a 3D platform combined with many effects, giving you a great visual experience. The operation of the characters is quite flexible. The interface is scientifically designed to help you control it easily without any difficulties. Besides, the sound is very lively and interesting.

You will experience many different maps that vary from match to match. Therefore, I recommend you remember these maps to find places to hide, defend, and avoid enemy attacks.

Advantages of FRAG Pro Shooter mod apk

Most players will know the APK FRAG Pro Shoot original with the experience that the developer brings. But FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk is a great thing you should try, with the remarkable advantages as below:

Normally, you will have to attack and fight a lot to get more money. Instead, in FRAG Pro Shooter Mod Apk, you will be given a lot of money. So you can spend as much as you like. With this version, you can upgrade characters and equip yourself with the most advanced weapons without thinking about the price.

The installation requirements of FRAG Pro Shoot 

Since its launch, FRAG Pro Shoot has been offered free to all players. The game’s original APK file is shared a lot on the web. Moreover, many people also love the modified version of this game. FRAG Pro Shoot mod apk is designed to give players a lot of coins and keys, so you can enjoy shopping for items, costumes, and much more in the game. Of course, FRAG Pro Shoot mod apk will not support your play process, you will still have to compete and show off your ability to get good results.

To install FRAG Pro Shoot mod apk on mobile devices is also quite simple. Please follow these steps below:

1, Download the game from the links at the bottom of the article.

2, Open the download directory and click to install. (Note: You need to accept the installation term from an unknown source). You can believe in our link because the file is completely free of malware.

3, Wait until the installation process is completed and enjoy the game.


Overall, FRAG Pro Shooter is an online shooting game. It is very attractive and has many interesting things for you to explore. Do not forget to complete the missions every day, you will get more rewards after each game. The game is available for Android devices, you can download it via the links below this article. Visit our Wbc2020 regularly to discover more cool games and download games and apps for android now!  Thanks, have a nice day.! Have a fun game.

Reviews from google users

Jingles Comet: It's an interesting game. And I'd probably still be playing it but the amount of ads you have to go through is beyond any game I've ever played. Almost anything you click warrants an ad break. Sure you can make a purchase to remove ads, but that's kind of sad to be put in. Game wise it was fun, but too much lol time with ads, and having to log out and wait for the chests to unlock so you can't progress. It's a shame.

Chris Sneed: This game is far more impressive than I had initially imagined. It has controller support, so hook up your Razer Kishi or similar controller and get out there. That's the first thing I try when getting a new mobile game. Once I found that out I had no problem throwing down $10 for the battle pass. Another reviewer posted that you have to watch an ad per item on the free battle pass, this is true and only on the free version, in the paid version there isn't that ad there. Honestly, I wish there was less clutter in the menus, a lot of which are obviously designed to get you to spend more money, which I don't really have a problem with actually, the devs need to be paid too. I'm just thrilled to have a battle pass system in place where I feel like I can get a good value in return for a small investment. I'd definitely try this out if you're looking for a good time. The only reason it's not 5 stars is the cluttered menus and I don't really see an incredibly diverse game here, it seems like a one trick pony.

Jeffrey Koskey: I really enjoyed this game for about a week with no issue whatsoever ... But now It freezes up while playing an ad to open anything (which happens constantly). It freezes up during battle. It freezes up on the card menu screen. It freezes up switching any screen at all. I've tried messing with the graphics quality and fps, with some "results" here and there, but I'm sure they're in my head.... Because after two weeks off from playing, I re downloaded it froze on the first chest

Caleb Tomisser: Other than the lag, some of the matches seemingly rigged against you, the fact that you can be put against the same person, often that just beat you, a second, third, or even forth time in a row, and the constant bombardment of offers, it's a pretty fun game with easy to understand, smooth controls, pretty good graphics , for a cartoony game, and characters that are, for the most part, well balanced.

James Roldan: I don't write many reviews, but this game deserves one simply because it is kind of addicting and very fun! The gameplay is simple and easy to understand, and hardly any frustrating matches, yet. I can't give it all 5 stars because there are some flaws. Especially with ads exiting the game immediately and the shooting/aiming could use a tweak or a customizable placing of the player's choosing. I'd love that very much and thank you for this hidden gem of a game!

Zarvan Siavashee: This would have been a really fun game, but there's so many extremely annoying issues that needs to get fixed immediately! Almost half of the time I play a match it says I left the game and then I lose trophies. This is ridiculous, and so many times the matches are extremely laggy and characters freeze & teleport all the time. Sometimes when I try to start a match it just freezes and the only way to get out is to restart the game. This is so frustrating to deal with all the time. FIX YOUR GAME!!

Renato Reyna: Absolutely love this game. So many characters all with unique abilities and the gameplay is very smooth but....please for the love of God make the movement wheel unlocked as an option. My finger runs off the wheel so many times and I just dead stop in the middle of shooting. Please make it so that the wheel is in position wherever we touch the screen. Would make it much easier.

Dominick Combs: The game is great overall but needs fixing. A lot of the missions won't complete even after doing the task in game. Sometimes in the loading screen for a starting of a match, it won't let you cancel out of it and you will need to close the app and open it again for it to work. And for me personally, I have amazing connection and have no problems at all with any other app but will say I have bad connection and say I left the game. Also believe some characters should be nerfed or buffed.

A Google user: Fun games, very addicting, but I do reccomend some additional graphics. first, I'd like you to take down some inappropriate videos from the fan base. I was scrolling through the fan base and found a video containing the lower region of cyber girl... Next I'd like you to add an " add friend button on another player's profile. I've been trying to friend one of my friends, but the only buttons are "message", "send duel request", and "invite to club". But even without that, it's still a good game.

A Google user: The gameplay is good. The amount of characters to choose from is staggering. Each character has something unique about them. Very fun to play and the ability to swap between characters is great. The only problem I have with the game is that there are many instances in which my controls get randomly stuck, so I'm either walking right and stuck walking right until I fall off the map, and/or the camera is stuck and I am unable to move it and I have to fight it to regain control. It ruins the game.

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