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Fine Ski Jumping MOD APK v0.826 (Unlimited Money)

Fine Ski Jumping
NameFine Ski Jumping
DevelopersFine Glass Digital
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
Updated on March 25, 2023
Fine Ski JumpingFine Ski JumpingFine Ski JumpingFine Ski JumpingFine Ski JumpingFine Ski JumpingFine Ski Jumping

Fine Ski Jumping - Ski jumping sport 3d game

What's new in latest version 0.826

Lomnice nad Popelkou HS:77m

About Fine Ski Jumping MOD

Fine Ski Jumping simulates an exciting game on snow, allowing players to participate in tournaments with content about ski jumping. You will be able to choose the character and equipment then bounce as far as you can.

Fine Ski Jumping develops slides made of ice and snow; in cold weather, players will take the role of a professional athlete and perform their challenges. The basic skills will be guided to you by the system before the game begins. However, please note that this is a long jump game, with no speed is required. In the preparation round, make the necessary changes to the costumes and equipment. We will continue to improve your features to have the best fun.


A list of Fine Ski Jumping celebrities will be provided to help you find a suitable face and register for the tournament. Athletes who have competed on many charts will have a large fan base. Learn your skills and perform well in your exam. Necessary gear such as goggles, protective gear, and a skateboard will be organized into categories in the inventory. Some items require you to pay coins to own, collect enough coins to buy them from the shop!


Players will have to wait for the signal to start from Fine Ski Jumping, wait for the results, or watch the performances of others. You will have to get used to balancing on the snow. To start, click your finger on the virtual circle on the screen, then use it to control the character. When clicking twice on the process, the character will perform a jump. Around the time you have to throw yourself in the air, the wheels start to act to smooth the landing.


The hills and slopes developed by Fine Ski Jumping all have their own heights. With the number of 31 ski hills, players will experience jumping at different heights. To conquer them, you have to get used to the tempo of the game. Landings are tough decisions, and sometimes, problems come up that will cause your score to drop. The condition for excellent performance and an impressive landing is the correct use of the control wheel.


Fine Ski Jumping and impressive snow activities such as sliding and finding jumping points and then landing will continue to accompany players shortly. When choosing characters, equipment, and participating locations, different requirements will be accepted. Many leagues are looking for championships; conquer them. Experience the ideal heights for jumping, and we look forward to your performance!


– Ski to the tipping point, then take a classic long jump, landing safely to a standing ovation from raving fans.
– Participate in groups taking place in many locations around the world, conquer the championship and win the prestigious trophy for an impressive performance.
– Fully equipped with protective gear, choose a favorite character and begin the journey to battle in more than 31 snow-covered hills.
– Learn the skills needed for a spectacular jump, practice to have an impressive landing, and play the role of a circle controller.
– Get many special rewards for your position, collect enough coins needed to unlock new characters, buy more ski gear from the shop.

Reviews from google users

shayne hildebrand: Not in English. Can't find a way to change it. No way to figure out how to even play the game.

humbbo: Very good game very entertaining but the loading is too slow and when I play the tournament it glitches so can u fix the tournament.

Gordon York: Looks brilliant. From the little I saw, I liked. Training would not go past choosing a hill. I was disheartened. I want to play this.

Daniel Zielinski: You schould put snow in this game Or rain i think it would be nice if you can. and in the 2nd round would be nice if you would make the day dark that would also make the game more cool put lights where the ramp is.

Kacper Dopieralski: This is a very good and fun game. The only thing i would reccomend adding is like a tutorial and like a slowed down training so you can just get used to jumping. Apart from that it is a fun game

Krzysztof Rogalski: I'd like to play this game, it looks like it's great one BUT yeah.. Game crashes every time I try to open it, once I was able to open game but at tournament loading screen I get crash again.

Anton Körbchen: Fail the very first jump badly (there is no tutorial, apparently) - and you immediately get to enjoy an ad.

Oliver: Great game, is there a tutorial? One thing, TOO MANY ADS ! I did turn off my internet and I'm still getting ads, also with internet turned off you can't get coins.

bioLarzen: Nice and all... But in well over a hundred tries I was not able to make ONE telemark landing. And I don't think I' m that bad at this... To developer' s response: this is what Im trying, exactly - as it is explained in the game ;)

Cooper Lee: Very realistic and fun. Great alternate to dsj4! Please make more historical hills!

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