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Fancy Pants Adventures MOD APK v1.0.22 (Unlocked Skins)

Fancy Pants Adventures
NameFancy Pants Adventures
DevelopersOver the Top Games
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Skins
Updated on March 30, 2023
Fancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants AdventuresFancy Pants Adventures

Fancy Pants Adventures - Run fast! Run Fancy!

What's new in latest version 1.0.22

Updated developer libraries.

About Fancy Pants Adventures MOD

Fancy Pants Adventures is an adventure game that gives you new and exciting experiences. Go on a quest to find your kidnapped sister and defeat the enemy.

Almost the action-adventure game is no longer strange to you, and it is always popular in the game market today. However, Fancy Pants Adventures has made a unique impression with a completely new gameplay that promises to give you a dramatic play space. Uncover the mysteries in this game and conquer the milestones to win.


You will be surprised by the fierce races that the game brings and continuously receive different tasks to win. Starting with a dense forest and mysterious water caves, your task is to track down your sister, who the enemy has kidnaped quickly. The evil bandit will always be lurking and trying to prevent you from reaching the location where your sister is locked, so find ways to move as fast as you can. Remember, it only takes a moment of distraction, and you will miss the track, so use your skills to complete the task excellently.


Although it is still a game with the same theme as previous games, the manufacturer has created entirely new gameplay to give players a unique experience. You must have heard of the concept of Parkour – a street sport that is quite popular among young people today. The characteristic of this sport is that players will take advantage of jumping skills combined with acrobatics over obstacles. Obstacles will be arranged everywhere, and you need to make precisely the jumps to be able to overcome them. Inspired by this subject, the manufacturer has applied it to the game so that players can feel it most authentically.


With simple operation, you can quickly get used to playing and controlling proficiently. You will experience the game screen as super attractive but equally challenging. To be able to complete the mission to save your sister from dangerous pirates, you will face countless enemies in the process of your battle. Jumping, sliding, and sprinting to the finish line is all you need to do in this game, but you have to know when to jump and when to stop, or the obstacles will knock you down quickly. Not only the experience, but you also learn more flexible and intelligent fighting ways.


One of the critical factors to defeat the enemy is the use of weapons with significant damage. Enemies will be terrified of the weapons you hold in your hand, so use them to destroy those annoying people who stand in your way. Especially when you level up, you will unlock more weapons along with pants and hats to decorate your character. Quickly complete missions in the early stages to advance to worlds and open up more exciting adventures. Use all your mastery skills and agile play to get the highest score in this game.


  • Embark on challenging adventures with a series of traps waiting for you, quickly find where your sister is locked up, and find a way to escape the evil pirates
  • Go on missions with simple gameplay and a series of obstacles arranged on the track, find your way through them, and defeat the enemies that stand in your way
  • Inspired by the popular and attractive Parkour sport to build a unique game and give players the most authentic experience.
  • The challenges will increase; in the process of fighting, you will have to use high jumping and acrobatic skills to conquer the game’s goals.
  • Use weapons as companions and quickly complete quests to unlock new levels and collect character decorations

Reviews from google users

Kai Asanuma: I love the pencil movesets Tip : if you jump while doing a heavy attack you can fly like a helicopter First animation is the wheel spin cut And second animation is the helicopter cut LOL

Maria herradi: I could draw anything that I want to do and it's very fun I love you the Creator that made it ?? and you can give your I'm not sure but you can draw anything from anime or from cartoons and they will just boom it's done and I love it so much that can you make a game that is called get your iPhone 14 and this app is beautiful to use and have a happy Jolly Christmas??

Brayden Gray: Exellent game, the story has an amazing plotline, and it includes the first and second worlds for more content apart from the story. The cobtrolls are very good, 5 star for sure.

Great Ewomazino: I love this game, it has one of the most smoothest animation this game is worth downloading. Nice job?, but pls reduce the ads.

BloxxedSage: The game is good, but I lost my progress even though it clearly said saved. And I spent like an hour getting from the forest to the ship. Please fix this.

Sirena Snorten: This Game Was Very Annoying At Times. Where A Enemy Would Not Want To Die. And Some Places Where I Couldnt Beat A Level. Levels 8 9 And Mostly 10 Were Just Bad. From Where Bad Guys Where At To A Poor Level Design. Without These Problems I Would Of Gave It 4 Stars But Its Just Annoying For A Mobile Game

Tijmen Herdink: Great platformer, just as fun as the Flash version I remember from ages ago. Controls are a bit janky at times but are servicable. You are unable to angle certain wall jumps like you are able to do on console/PC, but it doesn't prevent you from reaching any areas or collectibles.

JJ: I love this game! Storyline, art style, fun game, only problem is the ads. Initially it never had any ad system but too many ads now. World 1 and 2 were difficult to unlock (which was a good thing) but sadly you can unlock them by watching ads which destroys the sense of accomplishment. Please remove ads from there

Doby: This game is my damn childhood. The creators of this game have no clue what "fancy pants" as a whole means to me. I remember being like 6 or maybe 7 years old and playing fancy pants with my sister. She of course was way better then me but it was so much fun. Memories I'm never gonna lose. Fancy pants is absolutely a fantastic game, that has fantastic story, fantastic graphics and fantastic controls but most importantly. You'll make fantastic memories playing it.

A Google user: Great game, very nice mechanics and all, but when I reach the temple on the Forgotten island I fail, then I have to redo the whole level. From the very beginning, and it's frustrating that the game saves only when you complete a level. Overall, the game is very good, but please do something about the save.

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