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Extra Volume Booster Equalizer MOD APK v5.0.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Extra Volume Booster Equalizer
NameExtra Volume Booster Equalizer
DevelopersMagic Mobile Studio
MOD FeaturesPro Unlocked
Updated on March 25, 2023
Extra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster EqualizerExtra Volume Booster Equalizer

Extra Volume Booster Equalizer - Open the volume booster, equalizer, speaker-booster and enjoy extra loud sound

What's new in latest version 5.0.1

🎻⭐️Volume booster equalizer for all scenarios
A music booster that supports Android 12🎻⭐️

About Extra Volume Booster Equalizer MOD

Extra Volume Booster increases the device’s volume higher than the device’s default. Get a better experience when watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

Extra Volume Booster is a valuable tool that will help you get the best experience every time you use any application on your phone. People often use their mobile devices to make calls and watch movies, listen to music, or play games, but the sound is too low to make them feel very uncomfortable. So this will be a perfect choice for you and create more excitement every time you use the phone.


Sometimes you want to play a game or watch a movie on your phone, and even though you have turned the volume up to the maximum, you still can’t hear it. Sometimes it’s too small to be heard, and it’s going to be annoying all the time, so you need an optimal solution. And Extra Volume Booster will be what you need because it uses advanced amplification technology that will increase the volume or sound of mobile devices higher than the original default device.


If you are a music connoisseur, you probably know well that bass plays a critical role in showing how good that sound is. Usually, the default equalizer on your phone’s music player app is barely good enough to give you bass. Then don’t worry because the application will also help balance and enhance the bass effect so you can immerse yourself in exciting genres like EDM, hip hop, pop, and even rock and roll.


With today’s very high entertainment needs, audio applications will need to own the most modern features. Especially with today’s digital music and audio entertainment fields, users have even higher requirements for themselves from the supplier. Therefore, leading audio technology applications such as stereo effects have also been carefully researched and developed. Users will quickly feel the same unique sounds coming from many different directions, evident and accurate with this feature.


When you use the default music player applications on the device, it is undoubtedly impossible to customize or improve the sound in the best way. But if you still want to listen to your favorite music with better sound, Extra Volume Booster is always ready to help. In addition to the sound booster feature, the application also provides a music player so you can enjoy and immerse yourself in vibrant music.


You just received a call, but you can’t hear what the other end is saying because the sound is too low to reach your ears. Not only do you miss out on some critical information, but it also takes a lot of time for a conversation. This is when you use Extra Volume Booster for innovative volume adjustment when making voice calls. From now on, you can freely exchange work with colleagues or chat with your friends without having to worry about anything.


Next will be the feature that any audio application needs to equip to best optimize the experience for its users. Users who have their requirements for high sound quality must be able to customize the sound themselves. The Equalizer feature developed inside this application will allow its users to customize and experience the best sound quality. Different key metrics will be reviewed and customized to suit your personal preferences.


The application is designed with a straightforward interface and is suitable for everyone because everything is displayed in great detail right on the screen. You don’t have to be as proficient as a professional audio technician to use it because there is only one round button to adjust. To increase the sound to a higher level, you need to rotate the knob clockwise and vice versa if you want to reduce it. You need to adjust it to suit your needs and let the application handle everything.


  • The app was built to give its users a top-notch audio experience through their devices.
  • The ability to maximize the device’s volume through a unique app customizer is tuned through a particular system.
  • The music played through the application will have the ability to increase the Bass sound extremely strong, catch the ear, the best experience.
  • Exceptional support for customizing the sound will bring users the best musical possibilities through the controller.
  • The user interface is designed with many specific features, easy to get used to and control.

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