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Evochron Mobile MOD APK v1.0198 (No ADS)

Evochron Mobile
NameEvochron Mobile
DevelopersStarWraith 3D Games LLC
MOD FeaturesNo ADS
Updated on March 24, 2023
Evochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron MobileEvochron Mobile

Evochron Mobile - Freeform Space Flight Combat and Trading Simulation

What's new in latest version 1.0198

Update 1.0878:

- Added framerate limit to Options menu.
- Added anti-aliasing mode to Options menu.
- Added ability to sort items for sale list alphabetically or by price.
- Added atmospheric burning effect to high density areas of gas giants.
- Added ability to map axis inputs to button controls.

About Evochron Mobile MOD

Evochron Mobile is a spaceship fighting game in the vast universe. Your mission is to find space resources, trade for profit, and reach new planets.

A brand new version of the spaceship for phones has been designed, Evochron Mobile. Transform into a jet pilot and pilot your spaceship to explore the vast extraterrestrial world. The images that simulate the planets you have never known are the attraction of the players. Decide your own role in this game through your choices and tactics.


This is an opportunity for you to experience flying a spaceship. There are 6 DOF axes for you to control. Simply put, there are six control keys: left, right, tilt, scroll, forward, backward. You will be able to take part in a pilot training course before the test. Control your spaceship into extraterrestrial multi-dimensional space—Dodge the rocks and asteroids before it collides with your ship. Descend to new planets to explore nature there. Be careful when driving the spacecraft through the tunnel terrain,…with vibration mode. It is possible to choose different difficulty levels depending on the location points on the map.


The universe in Evochron Mobile is modeled after artificial intelligence. Specially designed planets. Maybe you’ve heard of it but never seen it. Perhaps you will be surprised and delighted by the landscape on this planet. There will be many minerals, minerals, or valuable items on planets. Drive your warship to find and collect them to trade in the commerce of the planets.


On your spaceship, there is a lot of equipment. During the move, it can be damaged, and you need to replace it immediately. Or players can also upgrade the spaceship equipment to own the best ship. You can manually adjust the figures for the ship so that it is reasonable; if it is wrong, it can be damaged. Use the money earned from trading in the planets to upgrade your warship!


In this vast universe, humans are so small. Facing the mysterious space, there are many possible dangers. Three types of weapons can be used: particle cannons, cluster weapons, and rockets to protect the ship. You can also use weapons to destroy obstacles along the way. Each weapon has its own power and characteristics. Cluster weapons don’t need a guide but are reflected off the hull; particle cannons do the opposite. The rocket again needs to be attached to an extra hard object. Choose the weapon that suits your goals.

This is an accessible and quite exciting development point of Evochron Mobile. The game has no plot or characters, and that’s why you can create your own story of exploring the universe. The spaceship’s pilot is you; the choice of the planet to land is also you. Every choice you make will change your path to conquering the universe.

With meticulously designed 3D graphics, the fantasy setting of planets and universes will be the ultimate experience. Become an explorer and conquer the newest planets!


  • Become a space explorer and travel with special spaceships. Fiction space simulates the universe in detail and mystery
  • Control a spaceship with 6 DOF axes, land on planets in search of valuable items, and sell them at the mall
  • From that money, buy new equipment to repair and upgrade your spaceship. Optimize its features
  • Use weapons to protect the ship from dangers. Destroy the obstacles on the way to conquer the universe
  • No plot and character limit. Create your own story through your choices and determine your role in the universe

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